The 13 Moon Mystery School Lineage


The 13 Moon Mystery School™ lineage is a vehicle to come into connection to and remembrance of lineage gifts and talents that we are here to bring forward as an embodied, pure frequency in the world.


The 13 Moon Mystery School is a lineage that offers a structure for us to come more fully into Essence so that we can express the gifts that we innately are.


In the process, we remember what we have “forgotten” and then demonstrate that remembrance in our offerings to the world.


What is a lineage?
A lineage is a thread that flows throughout a particular lifetime – one that we selected – because it brings us immense joy; because it brings us such joy, we can choose to amplify it, offering it others, enjoying the fruits of that Priest/ess path … whatever the lineage.
Lineage, as it is held in the 13 Moon Mystery, is looked at as evolutionary lines of flow as a soul.
Star lineages are seen as gifts, talents, and abilities that you developed in other lifetimes that you presently bring to a higher coherency, attunement and ability to demonstrate in this lifetime.
We are aware that the gift – or talent – is something that we have known before or else we would not be able to demonstrate it with such ease and effortlessness.
As you become aware of these remembered lineages, you create pathways that allow you to express the gifts in the world through your unique creativity.



The 13 Moon Lineage™ is a timeless sacred technology.

Love is the central organizing principle of the 13 Moon Path.


This lineage recognizes:
  • being able to walk in the world as a vessel of Empty Presence in open eyed meditation, as heart centered awareness.
  • humor as a sign of Higher Consciousness and so chooses not to take the spiritual journey so seriously.
  • that all of life is Sacred Theater. We are on the stage of life as conscious beings, so why not make it sacred, so that each action that we take, sanctifies life in a song, a dance, a prayer, mudra, poem etc.
  • that we exist in the etheric as well as on Earth. This lineage has existed etherically throughout time. It is a frequency, more than a place. Whether you call it Avalon, Ashtara, Astera. It is the same etheric lineage frequency that we are tapping into and are vessel bearers for on the Earth plane.
  • that all lineages are frequencies of different harmonics. The recognition of this path – and your choosing to enter into it – has everything to do with whether it “rings a bell” in you. When you feel or read or participate with various offerings within this lineage, do you get tingles, shivers of recognition, ecstatic remembrance?
This Lineage holds:
  • a frequency of rarified energy that has been and always will be an etheric priest/esshood, that exists and has always existed. There are other Priestess traditions that are more oriented to earth. Our focus includes the Earth in in its full spectrum frequency.
  • the frequency of Avalon, Astara, Astarte, Astera—all coming from the same root that Avalon is coming from. It is an etheric Pries/esshood that touched down most recently in a physical place called Avalon, but primarily it is etheric.
 What defines this lineage as an energetic thumbprint … the frequency band that it represents feels coherent, rarefied, and crystalline.
Our intention is to work with the Earth frequency of ego mind, but to also exist beyond it.
It is our intention to hold this lineage more like a harmonic frequency of light and sound.


 Does this resonate with you at a deeper soul level?

Does this bell in you that rings as a resonant sounding again, feel like a remembrance

of “home”?


If you are called to this lineage, you will feel its resonance coming alive in you.
You will feel a resonant sounding like a recognition of coming home to something essential and of inestimable value within you.
You will recognize that each of us a tuning fork.
There are different tones and paths to resonate with different frequencies. This is not a better than or a less than perception. It is simply a different tuning fork. The 13 Moon Mystery School ™ Lineage works full spectrum, subtle frequencies of light.
In the 13 Moon Lineage, we recognize that both personal and collective issues can be lifted and transmuted through the skillful use of a unified alchemical field on the etheric plane as well as through Earth activism. We learn to transmute through the process of how light evolves itself at the level of sound and light, as well as physical levels of transmutation.


Holographically speaking, what the 13 Moon Lineage embodies is quintessentially laid out on the Lunar Cycle Moon Board in the 13 Moon Oracle set. Everything that the 13 Moon lineage stands for in embodiment is symbolically represented on that one field. It holds all the stated qualities of the Divine Feminine archetypes, the sacred tools, the elements, the geometries, all of the color frequencies, etc. It is a hologram that demonstrates the connections between the many expressions of the Divine Feminine that are fractally embedded and holographically held. The Moon Board is also a hologram of the whole of the etheric temple, with which we are associated on the etheric.


The Moon Board is there as a template for you to become a temple of this hologram in your own being. It exists within you as much as outside of you. You activate and remember the holographic part that is encoded in you. By stepping on this 13 Moon Path, you remember the holographic clues that are encoded for you to be the fullness of who you are as Soul Essence, therefore there is nothing to be “taught.”
One thing that genuinely makes this lineage unique is that there is someone to guide,  to hold a container and shepherd you, but there is no one “teaching” you something.
This work is about direct experience of the Mystery. Each person receives wisdom directly from their own Source!
Initiations come through the lens of 13 specific archetypes of the Divine Feminine as a portal for transmutation; each archetype gifts an initiation. What each being receives is unique to them.
Every time you enter the gateway of each temple, you hologaphically and archetypally receive – through your own being – the energetic patterning of the archetypal face associated with that temple. You are simply charged with opening fully to receive these gifts that are offered as Divine Grace.



 What does it mean to be an ordained Priest/ess of the 13 Moon lineage?

It means you can demonstrate that you walk as a vessel of Empty Presence and thus can alchemize and transmute through your presence and love alone.



What is the Ordination Path?

This is different for each being who steps on this path. As you step into the feeling harmonic of this path, the frequency is unassailable. Like sitting in the presence of Amma, you know you are in the presence of Divine Love: That is what we are holding for this 13 Moon lineage … that you walk as a vessel of Divine Love.
This is demonstrable in so far as everyone else around you can feel it. It is palpably felt because much time has been given to having worked through alchemical processes of clearing negredo/wounding/reactions/ shadow that would have obscured that Divine Love being felt through you.
We wish we could make a neat, linear list of all the qualifiers of what would assist you in being an ordained 13 Moon Priest/ess such as being an adept with symbols or seeing clairvoyantly. There are specific ways to get there; however, every single person has different gifts to bring into being an ordained 13 Moon Priest/ess.
It is not a lightweight commitment with a rubber-stamp completion. It is an open-system pathway without rigid linear rules and regulations that you can check off a list. We try to offer a general direction toward the goal of ordination, but in the end, it comes down to embodying the ability to be an alchemist who alchemizes through love by simply interacting with life.


To learn more, you may go here, beloved.



Each person’s path to embodying their gift is unique and thus takes a unique amount of time to achieve. What is clear is that those receiving the gifting of this pathway simply know they are in the presence of its transforming embrace.



As ordained 13 Moon Priest/esses, we are in devotion and commitment to standing as an Alchemist to the best of our ability in every moment. As an ordained Priest/ess we take that as a vow of who and how we are showing up in the world. There must be an embodied willingness for that to be a real vow of who you stand as.
As you take this on in this lifetime, you are in service to the greater whole of which you are a part. Through that vow you are choosing to walk in the level of coherency that asks you to see life itself as the initiation. There is a complete commitment to being devoted to this knowing and this path.
The path of the ordained 13 Moon Priest/ess is to be in Remembrance and demonstration through being a living embodiment of joy and ecstasy. It is our intention to journey with this Priest/ess path in celebration of our Essence and the embodiment of the gifts of who we are, in open-eyed mediation and full presence.



 When you step in as an initiate of the 13 Moon Mystery School™, you step into a new agreement field that is organized around seeing your life as the initiation.


As an initiate, you see that you are indeed here (fully present), devoted, and that everything in your life is now seen through this lens. When we see our lives in this way, every initiation we face in life is a challenge to step deeper into the healing and alchemizing of our shadow reactions in service to being a vessel for clearer and clearer expressions of awareness and transmission of light and love.
Another unique aspect of this 13 Moon pathwork is the embodied perception that we are already whole, that there is nothing that needs to be fixed or changed. We simply witness each other’s inner transformation. This path is one that gives us a direct experience of our wholeness and works from that perception backwards to encompass what appears as yet, not to BE whole.



Core Skills and Practices of the Lineage


Empty Presence – to sustain a state of Emptiness, allowing us to be conduits for Divine emanation to move through us as we live our life.

Honoring silence as the medium that everything moves through: starting and ending with silence.

There is a conscious intentional shift out of mind into heart and belly, bringing awareness and focus to heart and womb and out of ego mind.

There is a focus on the mythic, archetypal, and soul directed aspects of being.

There is a shift to viewing life itself as an initiation.

There is a focus on remembrance – activating invisible light codes in our being that have been encoded before and some which we are newly imprinting.

There is a deep surrendering to Love.

This is a path of beauty and sensual awakening.

Sacred Witnessing.

Self Authority.

Speaking From the Womb of Silence.



There is a strong intention to transmute shadow material through joy, humor and ecstatic process, rather than suffering.

We focus the energy that is raised in this work so that it meets our common purpose … which is to awaken the Divine Feminine in the hearts of all beings and restore it to its natural place so the planet can come into balance…




 If you feel called to walk this path find out more here…