About The Temple

Temple 5

The Priestess Presence Temple is a dedicated temple of the

13 Moon Mystery School Lineage™


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This temple is a powerful and potent space

in which you are held in a sacred intentional crucible.



We hold a space that is dedicated to loving you unconditionally – exactly as you are in this very moment – in the powerful knowing that when we are deeply loved, we can transform.

We hold a sacred space where you can drop the veils and defenses of separation. It is a space of great depth and beauty where you can be exactly who are you, without hiding any of it.

This sisterhood receives you in love no matter what. You are held no matter what. You are free to experience the power of being us, knowing when you face a demon, tell the truth, open your ecstasy, yell no, scream yes, and let your fire burn brightly, you are truly doing this for all beings.

This is a space of deep heart alchemy. Where you can bring all of your self – the light and the shadow to be held in the frequency of unconditional love- a love that can transform all things.

This Temple space is potent because it creates a collective field of resonance. When you enter the Temple, your personal journey is amplified, supported and empowered by all those Sisters with whom you are in circle.

This temple is a space where you are invited to amplify your own healing and remembrance of who you are as an essence being, beyond your Ego personality.



By taking refuge in this Temple, you can bring to your daily life an intensified awareness of your own evolution, of how you are being guided, supported, and empowered to step more fully into the essence of who you are … including the bigger story of why you are here at this time.

There is such incredible power in this
The time has come to let the knowing of our Oneness live in us.




Why we need a Sisterhood Temple

The Challenge of Being Present…

I know in my heart that unless we are being held, none of us can truly deepen our service in the world.
Who is doing that for you?
Who knows the innermost workings of your being?
Who sees you?
Who holds you?
In the light and in the shadow of who you are?
Walking our talk as healers, wise women, coaches, Priestesses is the most important gift that we can offer.
In the Temple of Priestess Presence, we create the conditions necessary for your greatest gifts, talents, and potential to emerge in service to your own evolution. And that is the same as being in service to our collective evolution.




Two Women



What is done for one of us is done for all of us.



Find out how you can discover your Divine Feminine gifts through accessing the Divine Feminine Archetypes…


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