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Are You Allergic To Play?

Hello, beautiful sister!

Welcome, wild, unpredictable, innocent, divine play!

In June, we welcome the energy of the Muse’s creative magic, wild inspiration, and spontaneity!

She loves innovation and co-creation of all flavors.

So unbuckle your oh-so-serious seat belts and get ready to throw things upside down and all around! You might even want to bring some confetti. Or glitter!

The Muse brings with Her the frequency of hummingbird flight and spontaneous inspiration that flies in the face of any kind of fuddy-duddy limitation or excuse of “I can’t play. I have too much to do.”

As we approach the Muse’s gateway into the temple, I have to be honest: I have been a little allergic to play  … even though I trained as an actor and drama therapist. (Isn’t that funny?)

So, I had a chat with the Muse and it seems I’ve forgotten how to play.

I mean, I can kinda do it. I even love to play … but play, like magic, requires a complete suspension of disbelief and a willingness to enter into the open-ended moment of the never-ending NOW … with no agenda!


I have become startlingly aware of a habitual pattern within myself. I have turned work into play. Clever, right? I convinced myself this lets me off the hook. I say, “I LOVE my work so much that I don’t even call it work!” …Yet this is not the kind of play the Muse is going on about.

She wants to PLAY! Like swim with friends and dolphins in the ocean, drive a motorboat, dance the limbo, or sail a catamaran – just for the fun of it!

Recently, my trust Muse conspired to have me take my first real vacation in a lonnnng time. I slowly began to remember that I love to play, I love being immersed in the open ended loving of life that spawns acts of great spontaneity.

What if I told you that PLAY is the point … that we are here to play!

So, yes, you got it: The Muse is ardent in Her invitation for us to wiggle our consciousness just a little bit.

You can’t play, create, and BE magic inside the limitation of what is it that you are telling yourself you can’t do, be, create, or manifest.

…Imagine that circling around you are the indivisible forces of magic.

Yes. Right now.

Even when you’re wearing your most sensible shoes, magic is right there spraying sparkles of glitter all over them.

Who is your divine innocent Muse?

  • Can you feel Her sparkling Her way into your awareness right now?
  • What stops you from listening to Her or giving way to Her spontaneous delight?

I am beginning to get the glimpse at that forgotten part of me.

…She is a wild, spontaneous, flower girl. She lives in a gypsy wagon making potions and lotions then rolls in the grass. She talks to the fairies and is inspired to offer whimsical oracles to random passers bys. She definitely loves freedom and listening to the moment, responding in interpretative dance and sometimes even spoken word jazz, depending on Her flight of fancy!

When we try to control everything, we limit our self-expression and kill the playfulness and magic of our divine inner child.

So what is in the way of your creative expression of spontaneous play!?

Are you:

  • Afraid to be seen as silly, or you write things off because they are somehow shallow or not deep enough?
  • So busy that play is simply not productive enough?
  • Disbelieving that you are creative, playful, or funny?
  • Afraid that you will get hurt, rejected, disappointed if you step out of the familiar routine of your life?
  • Scared of change and all the instability that it can bring?

Whatever version of play and giggle avoidance is currently running you, take a moment to feel that part of you who is holding that stance. And go a step further. Embrace her. Love her in all her attempts to control, make safe, or protect.

Our limitations are usually simply ways we have shut down our life force because somewhere along the line, someone or something made us feel silly, scared, judged, or belittled. That’s why we limit who we think we can be.

This is the Muse medicine: She is the sparkly – somewhat flighty – and always an inventive co-creator of all kinds of new possibilities. She sees that everything is possible when we are willing to throw things up in the air and let them magically rearrange themselves!

Ready for some Muse interventions in your life?

  • Be willing to break your predictable routine. If you always do the same thing every morning when you wake up, shift it up. If you always brush your teeth using your right and use your left. Yes, it can be that simple.
  • What is PLAY for you?
  • What gives you great delight? Awe?
  • Say “Yes!” to something outside your comfort zone. For me this was singing with my beloved on the microphone just for the fun of it.
  • Be aware of anytime you think “I would never do that, say that, eat that wear that” and be willing to throw it in the air and ask “What if…?”
  • Choose one thing that you have set an arbitrary limitation with and break it in a glorious way. (“Oh, I never do that on a Tuesday! Then do it!)
  • Deliberately do something because it have nothing to do with “work.”

I would love to hear how the Muse is taking you on Her wild ride on our FB page. You can join here if you have not already: Priestess Presence Facebook Group

This moon we will be deepening into this divine energy in our Priestess Presence Sister Circle. If you would love to join us you can do that here.

I bow to the magical Muse within you and can’t wait to dream into the all the possibilities of how She wants us to play more in our lives.

In such love and glittery, outrageous devotion,

Elayne Kalila

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