Awaken The Temple: The Second Gateway


At this gateway of the Temple, you will find different offerings designed to guide you to awaken your inner temple and enter into remembrance.



 Walking As the Divine Feminine

26 Meditations, Guided Journeys and Devotional Practices
Are you ready, beloved sister, to step into the world of the Divine Feminine Archetypes and see how they may deepen and evolve your journey at this time?
Immerse yourself in 13 different temples devoted to the Divine Feminine.
This experience is for you if you are being called to awaken the Goddess as she lives within you.
Choose to enter the 13 Temples to receive the initiations, challenges, and gifts of each face of the Divine Feminine while experiencing Her directly.

She lives in you…Remember her…

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Awaken Your Inner Temple

A Nine Session Audio Journey to access and awaken the Essence Temple that lives within you
Do you feel called to awaken and deeper your connection to your own inner sight, intuition, and wisdom?
Come with me and gift yourself this powerful and transformational journey into your inner sanctuary.
Together we will create a sacred space where you can awaken your inner healer, deepen your Presence, and cultivate a sacred inner temple space.
This is the most powerful way that you can begin your own journey to meet the Divine Feminine as She lives in you.

Awaken Your Inner Temple –Enter Here


Getting Here Now

Seven Meditations to support you deepen your Empty Presence mediations
Are you looking for a way to deepen your Presence?
This series is perfect if you are being called to deepen your inward journey and commit to a practice of coming to the present moment and becoming empty.
I will guide you through seven practices that together form the basis of our seminal practice of Empty Presence.
Each meditation is short and to the point so you can use them every day to support you!

Ready to Get Here Now!- Enter Here