Awaken Your Inner Temple

A journey to your inner sanctuary


“Remember, the entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you.” ~ Rumi




Come with me and immerse yourself in 9 deep meditative sessions. As we travel, I will guide you to Awaken PPSC 4Your Inner Temple.
This is a powerful chance to go inside and recognize that deepening your  Presence and cultivating a sacred inner temple space is the most powerful way that you can begin your journey to meet the Divine Feminine as She lives in you.
Awaken Your Inner Temple is all about creating a place of refuge, deep soul beauty, and connection within  own being … an inner temple where you can:
  • Access a powerful transformational space within your being.
  • Train yourself to “tune in” to your intuition and start decoding the unique metaphors, imagery, and symbols that are potent medicine for you.
  • Deepen into specific meditations and journeys designed to access and heal at an unconscious level.
  • Remember the power of your inner healer who is here, ready to guide you at every moment.
  • Receive great healing and inspiration for your life.



As you travel this path, you will be empowered to translate the inner transformation experienced in the Awaken Your Inner Temple into your everyday life.




“The Inner Temple Meditation Series” is the highlight of my day. I have listened to the series at least 10 times and every time I listen, I hear a new bit of genius that sparks a deeper knowing about myself. This is the best meditation series I have ever experienced, and I have experienced a myriad of offerings over decades of listening. Elayne Kalila, I am so grateful for how wonderful you make the beginning of my day!
Marilyn Hager Adleman





In these 9 sessions, I will be your guide to:

  • Detoxify your soul from old limiting beliefs that cloud your innate brilliance so that you can shine more fully in the world.
  • Cleanse your soul so that you can create the space to allow new growth to emerge in your life.
  • Exfoliate your soul so that you can release stagnant, toxic blockages within you and feel refreshed.
  • Nourish your soul so that you can feel alive, vibrant, de-stressed, and relaxed.
  • Awaken your inner capacity to heal, transform, create, and generate from a place of full responsibility for yourself and the world.
  • Activate your soul’s encoded blueprint so that you can live a life of passionate service and meaning connected to your deepest purpose.


Yes, I am ready to Awaken My Inner Temple!

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The Inner Temple Meditation Series has served as a great source of healing, inspiration, reflection, and deep personal growth for me. It is the best meditation series I have ever utilized. The series has served to deepen my meditation practice and has been the catalyst for diving deeper into the Divine Feminine. It is how I start my day. The vibration, frequency, and imagery are incredible, not to mention the soothing and supportive voice of Elayne Kalila which all take me into a very deep inner space, embracing breakthroughs and realignment. Thank You Elayne for sharing such a beautiful gift!

Patricia Benavidez







Elayne’s voice shimmers with unconditional love as she expertly guides you on a journey to the beauty of your soul’s own “inner temple.” She then gently leads you through a unique transformational experience. I find I want to listen to the meditations again and again, returning each time to that inner place where deep healing occurs.

Laurissa Wieler Artist, Coach


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