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It’s Time to Stop Hiding!


Enter the temple of red, white, and black.
Liberate yourself.
Unleash your penetrating power to
create, to destroy, to preserve.
Burn and slice off what you no longer need.
Hear my call.
Come to Me.
Ready for
the creative chaotic force
of wild abandon and love.
Ready to
focus on cutting off what no longer serves you.
Meet Me: Kalia Ma,
Eshwari Swaha!


Over the past few weeks, I have been in a hermitude, sitting in the sanctuary of my temple.

During this time, I have received sister after sister, supported them in unearthing what is real so they may step out from behind the habitual masks they have been wearing.

As we sat between the veils, the same old story was uttered … the details were different, but the core story the same. It is the story of our collective hiding. Our story of the fear of coming out into the light and being seen, of standing for who we truly are at essence.

I listened to sisters struggling to find their voice; others have been so caught up in the world of achievement, that they forgot who they were … hidden behind their degrees, fancy job titles, and houses.

I have cried hot tears of frustration with those who are scared to show their power for fear of being judged, reviled, humiliated, and shamed. I have yelled at the sky with others who have been hidden under the rubble of childhood abuse and the lies they were told that took hold in their cells and have lived there like a cancerous growth, obscuring the truth of their essence.

We are suffering at the hands of a great and long epidemic of fear. We have been hiding … and I get why.

I have hidden, too.
I have been scared, too.

I understand the attempts to bargain with our soul: “I will show up this much, but no more. Leave me with some sense of safety, some cloak to wear to protect me from being really here!”

The Creator Destroyer (Kali Ma) wants to be heard. She has something to say through you and with you.

She is here in a fierce bid for your life … for our life.

This week, I watched the movie The Suffragette. I cried and rallied; I yelled and felt the deep fear that we have been living in. I saw my sisters there on hunger strike … my grandmother and her mother before her. Our Grandmothers.

I saw how they had to shed the masks of a Victorian Era that had them belong to their fathers, husbands, and brothers. I saw them get thrown from their homes and lose their children in order to stay true to what they knew to be right in their hearts. I saw them grow weary and desolate, yet continue ripping the mask of hypocrisy and oppression from the faces of those who would seek to silence them.

I saw them literally throw themselves under the pounding hooves of horses … all in bid to come out of hiding.

I saw Kali Ma raging with the willingness to cut through everything that stood in the way of women remaining hidden behind the cloak of silence.

I am in utter disbelief of the struggle that we are still in for women to be seen as equal to men and have the right to a voice.

Yes, there are many countries where our sisters have gained the right to vote, but don’t dare to exercise it in fear of retribution. So they remain hidden. There are two countries in the world where women cannot vote whatsoever: Saudi Arabia and the Vatican City.

Kali Eshwari Swaha!

I am here, in you, sister. Feel me rise.
I am that fierce power in you that will not allow you to stay hidden
behind the old worn out masks that no longer serve you or the world.
I am the willingness to cut off the head of illusion,
to show what is REAL!
I am here to do some house clearing,
some de-cluttering of you inner space
Moving you to the amazing rebirth of your creativity
That reveals the brilliance of your Essence.
Are you ready to look me in the eye and deepen here?

How are you still hiding out sister?

That’s it.

Simple, really.

How do you keep convincing yourself that if you stay small, don’t rock the boat, don’t speak your truth that you will somehow escape the great clearing that is happening right now?

We are moving into a solar eclipse – a total reset button, a chance to set the course in the direction that you intend. A chance to step out from behind what has been and create a new reality from here.

So, this next moon, we are here to dance with the black, red, and white of the Creator/Destroyer/Preserver. This is a powerful opportunity to find your Essence-self who is just dying to be reborn in this moment.

listen, i am not someone who
is easy to love. i am not
someone who is to be taken lightly
and most of all, i am not someone
to burn.

for i am the fire, my soul is on
fire and everything i live to
touch becomes one with the fire.

so ask yourself if you are willing
to burn. because the moment you
open yourself to me, i will have
no choice but to scorch everything
that defines you. and without
regret, i will devour and i will
leave nothing behind.
-r.m. drake

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