Deep Dive Mentorship – 1:1 Support



 Beloved, are you ready to open to receiving the next level of your own evolution?

Do you feel that you would be deeply supported by clear seeing and mirroring of your essence being and the gift of who you are?




Seed Activation

A deep-dive session to access and activate the seed of who you came here to be.
Like a seed syllable in a mantra, there is a sacred sound that lives within us, a seed that yearns to be expressed.
It is the potency of your gorgeous divinity, your unmistakable being-ness.
It is who you are with no effort, with no trying. It is what simply exudes from you when you are in alignment with it.

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Divine Feminine Archetypal Coaching

This mentoring journey is an intimate and powerful way for us to partner together for you to awaken and activate the Divine Feminine as She lives within you.
How are you being called to show up more fully in all aspects of your life?
What do you need to let go of that is no longer serving you?
What do you need to embrace in order to stand in your authenticity, integrity, and power
Are you ready to step into a bigger story for your life and purpose?
Is it time for you to step into your sovereignty and authentic power?

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