Divine Feminine Archetypal Mentoring

 “How did the rose
Ever open its heart and give to this world all its beauty?
It felt the encouragement of light against its being,
Otherwise, we all remain too frightened”
~ Hafiz



This one on one mentoring journey is an intimate and powerful way for us to partner together for you to awaken and activate the Divine Feminine as She lives within you.





How are you being called to show up more fully in all aspects of your life?
What do you need to let go of that is no longer serving you?
What do you need to embrace in order to stand in your authenticity, integrity, and power?
How are you being called to step in the bigger story of who you came here to BE?




The Divine Feminine lives with in you – Who is She?

feathersShe is the Divine force of love, light, and energy that streams through every single one of us. She goes by thousands of different names and is found in every culture across all of history. She is found in the living beauty of every single one of us.
And She is waking up.
We are remembering how to embody Her.
You are here because you feel a calling from your deeper essence being, and She has much higher ideas of how you are being called to serve!
You are here to dive deep.
You are here to tune in.
You are here to awaken your own inner wisdom, to remember that you are both Divine and human, to step into a life where you get to be both.
You are here because it feels right.
Because you know in your bones.
Because you are ready to step into a bigger story for your life and purpose. And because you are called to step into your sovereignty and authentic power.

As your soul midwife, I will walk beside you as you step out of the smaller story of your life into your essence being.
I am here to hold your heart and your being as you enter the call to dive deep as we clear old stories, old contracts, and old energies that have been keeping you stuck.
I am here to be your deep soul ally as you prepare to become a clearer channel for the Divine Feminine to be expressed in all aspects of your life.



Click here to apply for an Introductory Coaching Session

The Intensive Package includes:

  • Initial archetypal assessment before our first session to use as a guide into the archetypes that you are called to more deeply embody
  • First session intensive dive (two hours via Skype or in person)
  • Two ongoing coaching sessions per month (for total of eight sessions)
  • Individualized deepening practices
  • Between session email check-ins
  • Personalized meditation filled with your own imagery and healing metaphors
  • Personalized anointing oil blend designed especially for you to support your journey

When you enter this one-to-one Intensive Package,
you receive the Diamond Membership in the Priestess Presence Temple.


The Diamond Membership includes:

  • Four months’ membership to the Priestess Presence Sister Circle. For full details click here.
  • Membership to The Priestess Presence Online Mysterium, a global convergence of Priestess’s joining together to deepen their practice and Presence to passionately serve the world. For full description please click here.
The live Mysterium program is offered once per year. If you sign-up for coaching outside of this window, you will be provided with the recorded version of the course, and be invited as a guest to the next live transmission.

  • Walking as the Divine Feminine: over 26 meditations and devotional practices to awaken and nurture the archetypes of the Divine Feminine that live within you. For full description, please click here.
    • The Great Mother: “The Path of Presence and Unconditional Love”
    • The Goddess of Compassion: “The Path of Forgiveness and Compassion”
    • The Priestess: “The Path of Stillness and Remembrance”
    • The Creator Destroyer: “The Path of Liberation”
    • The Lady of Communion: “The Path of Impeccability, Manifestation and Abundance”
    • The Muse: “The Path of Play, Inspiration and Spontaneity”
    • The Goddess of Love: “The Path of Beauty, Expansion and Unconditional Love”
    • The Primal Goddess: “The Path of Radical Aliveness, Passion and Freedom”
    • The Initiator: “The Path of Truth and Initiation”
    • The Wise Woman: “The Path of Simplicity and Resonance
    • The Dreamer Weaver: “The Path of Conscious Dreaming”
    • The Queen of Death: “The Path of Trust and Release”
    • The Alchemical Goddess: “The Path of Union, Freedom and Grace”


Click here to apply for an Introductory Coaching Session






Disclaimer: It is important for us to be clear that this program is designed as an education in the Divine Feminine Archetypes. There is an emphasis on meditation, visualization and guided practices for the purposes of self-development. This program is not designed to treat or diagnose any psychological disorders. If you have any mental health issues, please consult with your medical practitioner before joining the program.