Embody the Temple: The Third Gateway

Artful Priestess Rose Circle

 Imagine a sacred bathhouse — a priestess spa — where you retreat, rejuvenate, and nourish your Essence within the loving bosom of your sisters.
Here, you surrender, luxuriate in the beauty of your heart, and slip into the languid waters of unconditional Love.
Anoint yourself — and your sisters — with your honey-nectar presence.
Receive the generous gift of sisters’ practical tools to help you live a sacred, whole life.
Welcome the abundance of intimacy and harmony through this holy connection.

Have you been yearning for a space to go to every moon and be connected to a nourishing hive of sisters?
During times like this, we all truly need a sanctuary … a graceful, easeful central hive where we can drink the nectar of our love and receive the wisdom of our collective hearts and womb. 
You are the flower of life,
a lotus of love.
Open your petals.
Feel the nectar tasting your lips.

Beloved we are so excited to welcome you to our Rose Circle!!

This sacred temple truly holds the vibrancy of all our priestess gifts, of all that we are being called to vision – to birth – so we can be part of the great network of wondrous creativity that abounds.
The hive of our sisterhood is powerful. Through our feeling senses, we recognize one another. The more intimate – the closer- we become, the more we remember and transmit our sacred gifts and honeyed-treasures with one another. 
Just like a colony in a beehive, we rely upon our heart-to-heart contact to feel nourished, rejuvenated, connected. We remember we belong. 
What a glorious pollination of sweet nectar! 
Through our presence, we share our practices and gifts with one another; this carries exquisite vibrations of love out into the world. The soft buzzing connection amongst sister honeybees allows for hearts to blossom wide.
As we spread our beauty, others open to theirs … and so it grows and grows and grows.

We would be honored by our presence with us in this wonderful circle…

I signed up for the Rose circle because your circle reminded me of the love and support that was all around me. There have been some tough times to navigate occasionally and your circle has been deeply helpful and supportive in this way, for which I thank you very much.

Thank you for this beautiful temple, it has helped me over the last few months to have the sacred centering influence of you and the sisters who contribute. It has been very beneficial for me to have spent this time with you and the community that you have created and to feel and be reminded of the nurturing love of the Great Mother.

Thank you for all that you do, it has made a difference for me. ~ Robyn Stewart