Embody the Temple: The Third Gateway

Priestess Presence Sister Circle:


At this gateway of the Temple you will find a circle of sisters from all over the world who are here to welcome you with a deep embrace,as you choose to enter into  remembrance.




Have you been yearning for a space to go to every moon and be connected to a global sisterhood?


Perhaps you have been looking for real-time support to deepen your Priestess Presence so that you can more fully serve in the world?

Beloved we are so excited to welcome you to our Sister Circle!!

After 2,000 years of patriarchy, the Priestess archetype is re-emerging.
She is asking to be embodied in our hearts, our hands and our actions as Presence.
She is a new face of feminine leadership that leads from within…
By being Presence itself.


We are being asked to step forward and speak aloud our wisdom. This wisdom is held deep within our female bodies and is rooted in the principles of caring, humanity, collaboration, intuition, nurturance, sustainability, magnetism, unity, collective vision, inclusion, beauty, love, joy, pleasure, time, spaciousness, silence, and the ever-evolving cycle of life.

We would be honored by our presence with us in this wonderful circle…

I signed up for the Priestess Presence Sister Circle because your circle reminded me of the love and support that was all around me. There have been some tough times to navigate occasionally and your circle has been deeply helpful and supportive in this way, for which I thank you very much.

Thank you for this beautiful temple, it has helped me over the last few months to have the sacred centering influence of you and the sisters who contribute. It has been very beneficial for me to have spent this time with you and the community that you have created and to feel and be reminded of the nurturing love of the Great Mother.

Thank you for all that you do, it has made a difference for me. ~ Robyn Stewart

 Embody the Temple- Enter the Sisterhood