Enter The Mystery: The Fourth Gateway

The Path of The Alchemical Priestess

 13 Moon Mystery School™ Initiate Circle


Begins February 2017





Are you ready for this hunger?
Are you ready to set fire to your profound inner remembrance
and bring out who you really are so you can be of service to Her?
Are you ready to answer Her call and become a13 Moon Initiate?
Are you willing to deeply and intimately commit to Her for one year in a closed circle?

– Coming March 2017 –

We are so excited to offering this full 13 Moon Mystery™ School Initiate Circle.
Commit to a full year of powerful alchemical work in one of two ways:

Online Only
Online + Live Retreats

We have been waiting for you. Oh, we have been waiting…


This is a 13 Moon Mystery School ™ initiate Cirlce with the added depth of calling all sisters who choose to step in – to more deeply serve the world in their chosen work.
This Initiate Circle  is designed for women who are ready to step on to a dedicated Divine Feminine Mystery School path. Ready to dive deeply into this alchemical work and to stand as resonant vessels of love on the planet.


The Divine Feminine lives within you.

Are you ready to embrace Her?


06nisha-moodleyOur work together has been one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever given myself, and it’s a gift that     keeps giving, through the women I serve; I’m a more aligned leader, a more present and grounded coach, and a more peaceful and joyful woman. Through our work, I’ve found access to greater comfort with my emotional range, and thereby more able to hold space for my clients and friends in their emotions. I could go on and on, but in truth, the impact has been immeasurable. If you’re curious about this work, trust your heart and jump. Nisha Moodley,




If you feel the deep pull to embrace Her, and to sit in this circle of Sisters,
Reflect on these questions:

  • At this very potent time, are you willing to be Her eyes, Her hands, Her heart, and Her being in loving ecstatic action in every moment of your day? (Even when you are cranky and out of sorts!)
  • Do you know that it is time to ‘attune yourself’ in service to your deeper essence being?
  • Can you hear the voice that would have you take a long, hard look at what’s real?
  • Are you called to deepen your alignment, coherency, and integrity in service to your deeper work in the world?
  • Are you willing to get uncomfortable and be confronted?
  • Are you open to remembering a love that flows within you that is so deep, so full, so unconditional … a love that has been waiting to flood into your being in service to your deepest mission and purpose on this planet?
  • Are you prepared to undergo a powerful initiation that will ask you to deal with all aspects of your Self that have been in the way of your being of service?
  • Are you willing to be held accountable to who you are being inside your soul-crafted business, to be asked difficult questions, and to be held to your own sacred commitments even when it’s hard?
  • Are you ready to step forward as a Priestess within your own realm of service and be a courageous, bold, innovative vessel for the healing of our world?
  • In short, will you show up?




If this feels resonant within you, you are invited to come and sit in the mystery of love, as She awakens within you.