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How Are You Leaking Your Power?

Hello beloved sister.

What a beautiful time of year it is here. The flowers in my garden are in their first blooms; the roses outside the temple doorway are outrageous in their fertile, fecund beauty.

I am in awe of the coming of Beltane – a sacred high holy day that is dear and close to my heart. With its approach, I feel the wheel of the year move as we ready ourselves to enter the Lady of Communion: Inner Sovereign Queen’s temple.

The Sovereign Queen is the glorious face of the Divine Feminine that invites us to live in our authentic power, knowing what is true for us in each moment. This aspect of our divinity holds the keys to the gnosis of what it means to stand in nobility and honor.

It is in my awareness that we will be feeling and embodying much more of Her this year than ever before.

The message I keep receiving is that we are being called out of hiding to step onto the path of our Inner Sovereign Queen.

This archetype – more than any other – calls us to deepen into the question of what it means to walk in our center and deepen into our authentic power.

She asks:

Beloved, how are you leaking your power?
How will you reclaim the power that is unaligned with any situation, person, feeling, or belief?

If you want to know more, feel more or remember Her, then read on here, beloved.

The Initiation Gateway of The Lady of Communion: Sovereign Queen of Our Inner lands

Hail, sister. I see you.

I see your beauty, your grace, your power. I see the Essence of who you are.

I live in you. I sit in the glorious center of your resplendent, golden heart temple.

I am the aspect of you that knows true power is something we have been missing in our culture for a very long time.

I have been hidden for thousands of years under the rubble and debris.

I was claimed as a power that only a select few could access. My sacred communion power was misappropriated.

And in this moment, I am awakening within the heart and wombs of many thousands of sisters.

I am the aspect of you that is yearning to be expressed. I am here to honor you as you step into the gnosis of your divine humanity.

I am here to honor you, beloved, and all the responsibility that comes with walking a path of remembrance and awakening.

I am calling to you now.
I am the protectress of all things.

I am in concert and communion with the light that dances on the flowers and the wind that shakes her leaves.

I feel it all because I am all of it.

There is no separation. From this perspective, all things lie within the queendom of my heart: I am responsible for it all.
For everything.

And in that knowing, I ask that you be willing to enter into this enquiry with me.

What is your innermost intention?
The one that is your medicine?

Allow the Lady of Communion into your heart. Feel into these questions:

  • Where and what are your biggest power leaks?
  • In what ways are you out of alignment? (You know where they are; look to where you keep breaking agreements, feel really distracted, or procrastinate.)
  • Which situations are you creating and experiencing that you KNOW are not filling you, but draining you? (The things you avoid or feel sick thinking about.)

Beloved, BE HONEST.

Take some time with these questions.

The first thing that needs to shift when we become aware of a power leak is to CLEAN IT UP.

So for me, this looked like seeing every place in my life where I was running the story of “I am not supported,” then consciously choosing something different.

Your life can truly change when you take the time to:

  • Be honest about your power leaks
  • Be willing to clean them up
  • Choose real-life actions that are in alignment with your heartfelt intentions

So, beloved, here is a challenge this moon:

What real world action you will take to clean up your power leaks, sister?

Take a moment to get real with this.

I would love to hear about your power leaks and what your intentions are. You can post them here.

And, my love, if it is in your joy, we would love for you to be with us during our free, online sacred Beltane ritual, dedicated to your Inner Sovereign Queen! (We will even be making ceremonial circlets – but more about that when you join us.)

Beltane: May 1st, 12 p.m. PST.
(replay available the next day)

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