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 A Note about Compassionate Action & Passionate Service

I believe in walking my talk.



I feel so blessed to let you all know about the work I do that is so close to my heart. As a co-founder of the Gratitude Alliance, inaugural member of the SETH Program, and promoter of Love In Action, we are co-creating incredible projects all over the world.
Whenever you sign-up to work with me in any way, you are also signing up as an Ambassador of Gratitude. By stepping into any of my offerings, you are already offering yourself in passionate service. Together we send ripples out across this beloved planet.



Why women and children?

Empowerment of women isn’t just an issue of human rights. It’s the key to creating positive, sustainable benefits.

Today, there is overwhelming evidence that aid programs investing in opportunities for women and girls yield higher returns in terms of economic productivity, lower maternal and infant mortality rates, improved health and nutrition, increased literacy and prolonged education of children.*

We believe that by focusing on women, children, and young adults (both girls and boys), we can maximize our impact in local communities now, while demonstrating values of equality and peace that will cascade to families, communities, and generations to come.

Specialists working in trauma recovery for women and girls (such as coaches, psychologists, healers) can join us in making a difference by training with the SETH Program.




Safe Embrace Trauma Healing Program:

In 2008 I went on my first visit to the DR Congo. This began a life changing and deeply heart opening shift in my life. Between 2008 and 2013 I traveled to DRC over four times partnering with the City of Joy to develop a trauma healing modality for women survivors of genocide.

The Safe Embrace Trauma Healing Program is the result of 20 years of work with women and girl survivors of sexual abuse, sex trafficking, and war crimes. It is a grassroots train-the-trainer program for psychologists, social workers, bodyworkers, massage therapists, physical therapists, nurses, physicians, chiropractors, and clergy working in the field of trauma recovery for women and girls.


Our most recent SETH training at the Bright Horizons Children’s Home in Nepal Jan 2015





Women and children all over the world are in need of grassroots methods for healing the effects of trauma. They need the basic skills to recover from institutionalized violence, poverty, homelessness, degradation, sexual abuse, and torture that they have survived. They need to recover their sense of safety, dignity, and worth so that they can start to rebuild their own lives, the lives of their families, and their communities. Studies show that when women and children find their voice and power, illness and poverty decreases and the overall health of the community begins to improve and thrive.

The SETH Program is a grassroots train-the-trainer program offering a basic, simple, and effective curriculum that can be specifically tailored to culturally diverse communities of women and children. The focus is developing core skills of resourcefulness, resiliency and dignity, while developing leadership skills.


Are you ready for an initiation

into the next level of compassionate service in the world?



Temple 14


The SETH  program is a partner with the Global Gratitude Alliance (GGA). In this fertile alchemy we have created an amazing program for Psychotherapists, Social Workers and Psychologists (or other licensed professionals with Trauma Healing Training and expertise).

We believe healing starts within and that everyone has access to their own inner healing. This is our birthright. We believe it is our role to support the healing that emerges from within every being that we touch.

Gratitude is the fuel that powers our compassionate action in the world. When we deepen our gratitude for all aspects of life, then we are able to extend this out to the world that was gifted to us.







We are so proud to announce that this coming Feb 19 – 22, 2016 we will offer the

Compassionate Action & Passionate Service

Trauma Healing Training Level 1


In this incredible grassroots curriculum training, you will be guided through what it means to move your healing practice out of your office and into the global arena. As a participant trainer, you will learn:
  • The Core Principles of the Safe Embrace Trauma Healing theory and philosophy
  • The Feminine Spiral Model of Recovery from trauma
  • An overview of the 10 modules of the SETH Program
  • The Breathe Life core skills and competencies
  • A grassroots teaching module on understanding trauma and PTSD
  • Practical grassroots methods to increase resiliency, resourcing, and the capacity for play, creativity and joy
  • How to create a culture of safety (especially in unsafe places)
  • Core experiential processes to create connection, safety, and a sense of belonging, sisterhood, support and trust
  • Innovative ways to access the innate healing modalities of diverse cultures all over the world (including the diverse populations here in the USA!)



We know that service is not a transaction: it is a relationship.

And activism is not saving another: it is about a powerful partnership.




The SETH Foundation Level 1 Program is available only once a year and is the prerequisite to the
Facilitators Training Program.

To register and reserve your place for this training please click here.

(Note: Training group size is limited.)


Note: All applicants must understand that this training is designed to train professionals in helping clients deal with traumas versus being a personal self-help course. However, due to the depth of the work, we do advise participants that personal traumas may be triggered during the training.