Meet Elayne Kalila



Temple 11
I’m Elayne Kalila, ordained Priestess, Gatekeeper and Focalizer of the  13 Moon Mystery School lineage
I know that who you are is a miracle.
We are living in the most exciting and challenging time of our human history.
Each one of us is being called to step into our greater potential. We are all part of co-creating a new collective story for our planet … one that begins with our personal healing and transformation.
 You, like me, want to move the world by creating a business and lifestyle that allows you to grow, stretch, inspire.
You, like me, are multi-passionate and multi-faceted.
And you, like me, desire deep connection, seek intimate awareness, and pursue beautiful results in your life and work, in service to the good of the planet.
As an ordained Priestess, archetypal mentor, soul midwife, and Focalizer and Gatekeeper of the Priestess Presence Temple, the essence and foundation of my work is to walk beside you as you find your way to the breathtaking bigger story of your life …  the one that resides within you.


-So let’s begin inside-

Your past is just a story.

See, our old stories and imprinted experiences create a lot of internal noise. We all need to find ways to turn down the volume so we can activate our “inner healer,” the part of us encoded for health, well-being and creative genius.

We activate our inner healer by turning the light of loving compassion on ourselves. As you come home to yourself and embrace greater-than-imagined possibilities, you show up more fully in passionate service to what is right and good in the world.

For over two decades, I’ve helped thousands of women create a life of possibility, pleasure, and peace by acting as their soul midwife.

Creating rapport and trust allows me to deeply challenge you to step beyond the beliefs that keep you stuck in unnecessary suffering. Journeying inside, beyond the defenses and masks you’ve been wearing to protect yourself all these years, I see – I really see – the beautiful you that you are. The brilliance. The truth. The worth. The love.

And I can show her to you. By holding up the mirror.

You move me. And so does your awakening. I can guide this awakening and teach you how to walk in full awareness, leaving a legendary footprint wherever you go.

Together, we will change the world, each one of us a ripple of transformation, impacting the world now and for generations to come.


Who am I to walk by your side?

Following degrees in anthropology, theatre, drama therapy, and counseling psychology, I delved into this spiritual path and became an ordained Priestess, Gatekeeper and Focalizer of 13 Moon Mystery School™ Lineage.

Vast professional and personal global experiences

have called me to deepen into the work I offer as a Priestess.









Flavors, layers, evolutionary experiences & credentials too.

  • At the discerning age of 13, I started my work life. I’ve held many “careers” of sorts – mainly self-created and self-motivated.
  • One of those experiences – where I learned to bathe and care for the elderly and hear their wisdom stories – gave me the basis for empathy. In another, I pulled pints of beer at the local country pubs.
  • I picked oranges and cooked for 1,500 people in Israel on a kibbutz. I worked in prisons in my home country of England where I helped inmates heal through art by writing theater scripts to perform.
  • Lived in India and studied shiatsu massage so I could use my hands to treat kids with cerebral palsy. I even strutted the London catwalk as a model in my early years.
  • Became a professional sacred belly dancer to gain a connection with self-intimacy. I traveled to Germany, Poland, and Italy as part of a European Theatre ensemble whose main goal was to redefine cultural identity through the art of dance.
  • Trained as a doula where as a “Sacred Space Holder” I had the privilege to attend to glorious mommies who delivered new life into our world.
  • I hold degrees in anthropology and theatre and masters degrees in drama therapy and counseling psychology.  I delved into the path of the ancient mystery school and became an ordained priestess (of the 13 Moon Mystery School™), spiritual coach and mentor (certified, I might add).
  • In partnership with The Shift Network, I co-created The Feminine Alchemy Immersion Program where we create retreats and programs for women with the intention to give you resources for claiming your gifts and magnificence so you can share them with the world in the biggest way you are called to do.  Mentorship and a loving community of support for you to truly live as an inspiring woman is one of our specialties.
  • Steeped in the teachings of the Divine Feminine through my deep practice in the 13 Moon Mystery School™, I have brought priestessing to some of the most dangerous and violent areas of the world where I support women to activate and remember their truth and power.
  • One of the greatest privileges has been creating the Safe Embrace Trauma Healing™ (SETH) program on my pilgrimage to the Congo where I worked with survivors of genocide to heal women and communities affected by the atrocities. (You can learn more about the SETH program here.)
  • For my  full bio please go here

temple 13

The Priestess Presence Path has profoundly changed my life. It gave me a way to remember my gifts. It gave me a way to come home to my heart and know that each one of us a unique and divine presence on this planet.



Sister, it’s time to remember your gifts.

It’s your beautiful presence we’ve been waiting for.
And our radiant presence is how we can come together to change the world.


But Why a Priestess?

Has there ever been a greater time of need for remembering the Priestess archetype?
Has there ever been a better moment to create sacred ritual spaces where deep transformation is possible?
That is why now.

Because it is time – Really Time

The Divine Feminine has been at rest for thousands of years. Now is the time for us – women with a voice, women with the great privilege of being in a world of choices – to come back.
The Priestess says it is time for us to rebalance this wildly unbalanced world, where the patriarchal system has failed to serve men, women, and children.
The principles of the Divine Feminine are starting to proliferate in our culture. We are coming back to life and the archetype of the Priestess is standing right here to greet us as we open our eyes and hearts.
I have no doubt that She is here.
She is you, willing to walk in this world knowing you are Divine and human.
She is you, embodying life and love, being willingly outrageously alive.
She is you, waking up to your sensuality, sexuality, lusciousness, fluidity.
She is you in dance, song, brightness, beauty, joy, as well as in human pain.
She is you purposefully showing up in the world.
She lives within every one of us.
She lives within you.


As you take a clear and empowered look at who you are being in your life, your courage rises to embrace who you called to be.
Then you flourish.
You radiate a positive magnetic force.
Your relationships become deeper, more connected.
You take on work of deep meaning where you offer up huge impact in the world.




From my evolutionary experiences to the current day, I have recognized I am here to walk the Priestess Path. I am here to serve, celebrate, and nurture your greatness.

Be with me, Beloved Sister.

To awaken.

To Remember.

To make a difference in our world.

Take the first step on the path