Welcome to the Mysterium

Awakening the Mystery of the Sovereign Queen:

Opening to the Heart of the Magdalene

The Sacred Rites of the Return of the Inner Beloved

October 16th – December 18th

Rosa Mystica
Open the petals of your heart;
Feel them unfurl,
a precious gift,
scribed across your fingertips.
With your touch, with your grace, with your tender wisdom,
the awakening begins.
Oh, Rosa Mystica:
The Sacred Union of One!
You intoxicate us with your Love.
You alchemize the elixir of forgiveness,
joining us in the forever-song.
Hear us sing across the sky-starred night.
Drink of the rose gold union,
the fortuitous merge:
The reunification of Us.

The Invitation:

Beloved, you are invited to join us for a powerful 10 week, deep-dive journey into the Magdalene Mysteries where we will create a potent, alchemical temple and begin healing the wounds that separate us from Love.

Sister, we are being challenged to come into a new form of intimacy with ourselves, our sisters, and our world.

During the Mysterium, we awaken the presence of the Sovereign Queen — a new archetype being birthed in our collective — and receive Her sacred tools in preparation to step into Heart of the Magdalene, while entering sacred rites to welcome the return of the Inner Beloved.

Are you ready to heal the wounds of separation from love?

Are you ready to surrender to the intimacy of being here now with yourself, with our sisterhood, and with the masculine?

Our world is in urgent need of this cohesion. Through this alchemy, the possibilities of a new earth await us.

This is the way of the Magdalene, sister.

This is the way of the Queen.

This is the Sisterhood of the Rose.

We are being asked to receive the initiation into the Heart of the Magdalene so we may embody Divine Love.

…And, beloved, the Mysterium places you on the path of being a Priestess Initiate – if you are called to do so.

Enter the Magdalene Mysteries

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

Beloved sister, today is the day…

We are being summoned, called to remember that it is only through opening and healing our hearts that we will enter the majesty of our inner Queen Temple. When we do, we will be available to more fully heal the pain and suffering that exists on our planet.

During the 10 week online Mysterium, we will create a potent, alchemical temple where we each begin healing the wounds that separate us from Love.

It is time to unfurl the sacred rose of our hearts in a way that we have not been able to … until now.

We are being powerfully called to heal the wounds of abuse and abandonment of the feminine by the masculine … and vice versa. This will bring us into a new, whole relationship between the Sacred Mother and Noble Father so that we may amplify Love on the planet.

Given the state of our world and the pain that exists between the feminine and masculine, this work is urgent.

Sister, we are opening the mystery teachings of the Magdalene by fulfilling the rites of Inner Sacred Union a foundation for being and belonging in the world.

We are here to remember that we belong.
We have never been abandoned.
We have never been separated … neither from ourselves, our sisters, or the Divine Masculine.

Mysterium Details:

The Mysterium will last for ten weeks and begin on Sunday, October 16th and ends December 18th.

It includes:

  • 3 live Gateway Temples to prepare us for the Magdalene rites – replays available the next day
  • 6 live Temple Initiations – replays available the next day
  • 3 recorded Deepening Practices Temples with amazing guest sisters
  • A potent and private, live Facebook Temple Community (where I will be present with you throughout the journey).
  • Beautiful supporting handouts and videos for Deepening Practices.

Each week, we will:

  • Dive into a specific sacred tool of the Sovereign Queen, through the Magdalene, and activate its remembrance in us.
  • Meet live, online, via webinar (generally on Wednesdays at noon, PST USA).
  • Recordings will be made available for each temple the following day.
  • Be in temple for 90 minutes.
  • Receive deepening practices to utilize throughout the week.
  • Use the Webinarjam platform.
  • Receive emails the day before and the day of our live temples with the Webinarjam links so you can join us.

Other Priestess sisters – like Ariel Spilsbury, Diana Dubrow, Lisa Schrader, Shiloh Sophia, and Sarah Drew – will join some of the temple sessions with us, deepening us into practices to activate our remembrance even further.

Being a part of the Priestess Presence Mysterium has been a life changing experience for me. Under the guidance of Elayne Kalila and the witnessing of a new global sisterhood, I have remembered my inherent gifts as woman and Priestess.
The journey into the Divine Feminine archetypes has helped me to embrace my light, love my shadow, and truly embody how powerful the Goddess within me is. My passion for feminine spirituality and a gentle, loving and compassionate way of being for myself, those around me, and our world as a whole has been ignited. There is no turning back for me from this path now. I am home.
Julie Parker, www.juliesuzanneparker.com


Who is the Sovereign Queen?

She is the reframing of an older archetype. She is being birthed collectively through us so that we can usher in a new way of being in relationship with ourselves, our sisters, and the masculine.

From this place of alignment, we can be of impeccable, devoted service in the world and establish revolutionary ways of being in collaborative leadership with one another.

…But we must balance and heal the masculine and feminine within us and with one another!

The Queen is a solar androgyne, fully balanced and aligned in Her masculine and feminine. From this harmonious place within Her, She is sovereign and whole unto Herself … but not alone.

The Sovereign Queen is asking us to remember and reclaim Her sacred tools – light codes etched within our bodies – awakening and being activated as we sit upon our thrones of self-worth, dignity, and authentic, noble power.


Why the Magdalene?

The Magdalene Mysteries have been held by the Sisterhood of the Rose across all time and space.

We have held these treasures, these light rays and gems within our bodies, safe, igniting them during times of global strife by coming together in sacred Council.

She (the Magdalene) is rising within the collective.

You are here because you have been hearing Her.

You may have felt Her in your dreams or meditations.

Perhaps She is awakening within your heart to heal the ways you feel separated, unworthy, hurt, abandoned … the ways you so deeply shield your heart from Love.

Your relationship to the Divine Feminine, to the Mother, your sisters, and the men (and male aspect) in your life is of paramount importance.

She is rising within us …  a sacred and powerful flame of Love, passionately alive and fiercely tender.

Her voice is unmistakable.

Her frequency is deeply intimate.

She is the Lover: wild and free. She is the noble, regal divinity within us. She is the aspect of us that has never been less than or more than.

She is the calling us to our holy sacred, sovereign throne. She is speaking to us:

“Beloved One,

We cannot expect to see a healing of the rape and massacre of the feminine – nor the dishonor of the masculine! – if we do not first heal this within.

Come, sister. Come to the holy, sacred rosa mystica of your heart temple.

Awaken the flame of Love within you.

Let it be lit in divine awakening…”

She, the Magdalene, calls us to heal our hearts, our sisterhood wounds, our internal Christ and Magdalene, and finally, the Global Beloved.

Will you awaken, sister?
Awaken to the rose-gold heart within you.
Activate the ancient rites of Sacred Union.
Hear the call of what is needed now.

Why is She Arising Now?

…Because it is time to remember the alchemy of Love as an embodied practice in each of us.

It is time, sister, to bring harmony and ecstatic union to the polarities that have been at war for thousands of years…

We need this leadership and we are yearning to be together in ways we never dreamt possible.

Feel the wonderment with the tips of your fingers.
See its rosy mist from behind the veils of chaotic restlessness,
behind the fire of this world,
behind the burning hearts.
Can you taste the possibility of new birth, new relationships?
We yearn for intimate connection.
We yearn for the vulnerable flame of unconditional Love.
Open, open, open to the Heart of Him and Her…
Open, open, open to the reunification that has always lived within you:
The alchemical marriage of Oneness,
encoded in the palms of your hands and the soles of your feet.
Open, open, open your tender heart to the possibility of One.

The Possibilities for Our Future

It is a time of wonderment.
I know it doesn’t feel that way.
I know that the world feels as though it’s hurling, spinning out of control. I know it looks like it’s on fire.

And yet, therein lies the possibility of intimacy with self, our sisters, and the masculine; because the truth is, we are aching to remember the Inner Beloved and be reunited with that which has never left us.

…We have never been alone, my love.

The Heart of the Beloved, the Flame of the One, has never left. It has lived within us across the eons, across the mountains of time, across the expansion of the universe.

It is time to open your tender, vulnerable heart to the possibility of Oneness.

And you are needed.

“When she introduced me to the world of the goddess, a whole new way of being and experiencing my life opened up for me.
When I moved to San Francisco from NYC, I was completely lost. My business was stagnant. My relationship wasn’t flowing. I felt insecure and lonely. Kalila was the light that helped me to climb out of that hole and create an amazing life, marriage and relationship with myself.
When she introduced me to the world of the goddess, a whole new way of being and experiencing my life opened up for me. For the first time, my spiritual practice felt complete. I have cleared so many obstacles, reached so much clarity and have had the coolest psychic experiences since being in this work.
Kalila is equal parts wise and witty, loving and blunt. Truly, the perfect guide to journey through our inner world.”
Sarah Jenks, www.sarahjenks.com

What is an Online Mysterium?

An online Mysterium is an online mystery school.

It is a potent retreat space where we unlock the keys of remembrance as held by the Temple of the Sisterhood of the Rose and The 13 Moon Mystery School™ lineage.

In sisterhood, we create a powerful temple field that allows us to transmute and transform ourselves in quantum leaps so that we can step into deeper devoted service in the world.

You will be held in unconditional love inside this powerful etheric space … a space that will permeate every level of your daily life while awakening the Magdalene Mysteries within you.

This online Mysterium is also the third gateway onto the path of Priestess Initiation. So if you feel the call to be an ordained priestess in the world, to hold safe and sacred space for others, and to truly live who you are, then this school will help you step onto that path.

“When I first heard of the Priestess Presence Mysterium, I had an immediate full-self reaction of “YES! I am so in!” I had little idea what it really even was, I just knew I needed to be part of it, so I dove in. Immediately upon signing up, the initiations began. I mean hold-on-Honey, intense, deep-to-my-core, life-changing initiations. It was mind blowing, but wonderful as well … I was ecstatic to have the opportunity to process and release lifetimes’ worth of initiations in just weeks, and with so much more ease and grace; it was a such an amazing gift. …Being held in such a loving and supportive sacred crucible made all the difference.
I am absolutely a different person after participating in the Mysterium than I was before. Stepping in, is by far one of the most positive, life-changing gifts I have ever given myself, my loved ones, and my world. The changes in me have allowed me to walk more authentically in alignment with my true essence and what I am here to do. If you are feeling the call, I strongly urge you to follow it!”
J. Ari Fendt

Because you found your way here, I know in my heart that you are responding to Her call.

When you hear the words nobility, sacred union, ecstatic wholeness, Sovereign Queen, Sisterhood of the Rose, the Magdalene, holy, you feel a resonance, recognition, or remembrance within your being.

Maybe you simply know that the Path of the Magdalene, the Sisterhood of the Rose, or the Sovereign Queen is calling you.


Each one of us is carrying a sacred ray of light
to be woven into the collective Sisterhood.
Not just one of us.
All of us.
And it is time.

Treasures of the Mysterium

During this Online Mysterium you will:

  • Prepare yourself for the Sacred Union Rites through entering the first 3 Gates of the Magdalene Mysteries.
  • Awaken the Sisterhood of the Rose within you, lighting the candles of remembrance.
  • Explore what it means to stand as a Sovereign Queen.
  • Awaken your body as the throne – be guided into feeling your power as sourced from within.
  • Embrace presence, emptiness, and resonance as words that create an opening for you to embody the Divine Feminine.
  • Deepen your connection to your Priestess lineage.
  • Open the portal to receive wisdom and support from your Essence self.
  • Access the connection between sovereignty and nobility as a new paradigm for Divine Feminine Leadership on the planet.
  • Deepen with the Path of Courage.
  • Begin to deeply heal the wounds of separation within self, our sisterhood, and the masculine.
  • Begin to polish your inner jewels.
  • Claim the Scepter of Your Aligned Impeccability.
  • Hold the Sphere (Orb) of your Magnetic Sovereignty.
  • Explore how to create a Queens’ Council.

Enter the Following Mysteries:

  • Chamber of the Heart of the Magdalene.
  • The 6 Sacred Agreements: Witnessing, Sanctity, Self-Authority, Womb of Silence, Empty Presence, Mythic Overview.
  • The crown jewels.
  • Healing The Inner Beloved, balancing the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within.
  • Embodied Divine Feminine Leadership – Walking as a Queen Amongst Queens.

Activate These Sacred Tools:

  • Light rays and codes you’re carrying … the ones that speak to who you are as an Essence being and how you are being called to show up in the world.
  • Your Inner Throne.
  • The Chalice.
  • Your Majestic Heart – The Rosa Mystica.
  • The Chalice and the Sword.
  • Your Inner Crown Jewels.

Potent Rituals:

  • Heiros Gamos Divine Sacred Union Ceremony.
  • Bow to receive the Crown Upon Your Head.
  • Take the Vow of the Sovereign Queen in alignment with your deeper calling to lead from the heart of service. This is the vow of authentic power – in service to the whole.
We are all here to be vessels and messengers of Her Love.
Open, the chalice.
Open, the heart of Love.
Open, your devotion to God/Goddess
Open, your vessel of Divine Forgiveness.
Open, your aches, your pains: spill them on the floor of the temple.
Come clean.
Bring Our name forward.
Empty, empty: the hurt of the world.
You are a Sister of the Rose.

Why Have an Online Mystery School?

There has been a profound shift recently. I have felt the consciousness of my sisters converge around the role of the Sovereign Queen.

During The Queens’ Council, I received messages from women all over the world asking for deeper guidance in awakening their inner queen. They are asking for a step that puts them on the path of The Sisterhood of the Rose, the Heart of the Magdalene, and even, in some cases, Priestess initiation and ordination. This year’s mystery school does that.

The mystery school places you at the heart of a living, loving sisterhood, for we cannot travel this path alone. We need the unconditional support of being seen and held to our highest good.

We need to be with others who recognize and witness us.

This is why the mystery school is not a self-study, but real-time, contained in a living chalice of the sisterhood.

Are you are ready to enter your ray of light?
Are you willing to clear the wounds of separation so you may be of devoted service in the world?

This year’s Priestess Presence Online Mysterium Was Created to Respond to These Inquiries

  • How am I being called to come out of hiding at this time?
  • What is the Magdalene calling us to remember?
  • Who is Mary Magdalene and why is She calling us now?
  • What does it mean to call myself a Sovereign Queen?
  • What does it mean to embody Her within my life?
  • How do I embody this new paradigm of Feminine Leadership?
  • What does it take to walk as a vessel of the Divine Feminine and how do I access the training and support that I need in order to follow this path?
  • How do I step into my power, in the gift of who I am, and not get lost in the quagmire of competition, comparison, and scarcity?
  • How can I be in a real, true sisterhood?
  • What are my gifts that I am to offer to be of service in this world?
  • How do I heal the relationship to Divine Masculine?
  • How can I awaken the Divine Feminine within me?
  • How do I develop a real and intimate connection to the Goddess energies within me?
  • How do I create a life where I can be in prayer, devotion, and adoration?
  • What are grounded, real practices that I can incorporate into my daily life?
  • How do I come to truly love myself and feel supported, nourished, and nurtured?
  • How can I embody Her more fully to seek out the wisdom and strength to meet life’s challenges?

We are sister queens being called to bring radical healing love to the planet.

Are you ready to stand centered and clear
as you embody the eternal wisdom of our
collective sisterhood?

Yes! I am ready to take my place at the table.

“When the decision to step into this mystery school came before me, the answer was felt throughout my entire being. On a cellular level, I knew. There was a momentary wrestle with my ego self, but I know now truly that it was time, and a true calling home…
There is a place, deep within a temple space, where seeds are planted, and shouts are sprouted. Essence bursts through, sometimes through the tiniest of cracks .. that place is the Priestess Presence Online Mysterium. There, you are held in safety, accountability, tenderness, remembrance, honor, sisterhood, and LOVE. What blooms is pure, undeniable essence. The roots of sisterhood reach deep within Mama Gaia’s nourishing, rich soil. In deep, deep gratitude.”
Dianne Chalifor
There comes a holy
and transparent time
when every touch
of beauty
opens the heart
to tears.
This is the time
the Beloved of heaven
is brought tenderly on earth.
This is the time
of the opening
of the Rose.

Online Mysterium Outline of Gateways and Initiations

Enter the Temple, Beloved:

The first 3 live gatherings are considered Gateways into the Mystery. Think of them as ritual preparation for entering into the deeper mystery so that you may receive the initiations of this powerful work…

Here, we will:

  • Make sacred agreements.
  • Move our consciousness into a place of receptivity so we may enter the Mystery.
  • Enter the Gate of Remembrance where we will bathe, cleanse, and be anointed in the holy, sacred waters and oils so we may enter the Queen’s chamber.

Gate 1:

Gathering the Sacred Circle: Reuniting Around the Table of Our Remembrance
Awaken the Sisterhood of the Rose
  • Enter into the six sacred agreements for creating a powerful and potent alchemical crucible: Witnessing, Sanctity, Self-Authority, Womb of Silence, Empty Presence, Mythic Overview.
  • Receive a live transmission from Ariel Spilsbury (founder of the 13 Moon Mystery School) on the nature of sovereignty.
  • Activate and awaken the remembrance of the Sisterhood of the Rose and ancient lineage of the Magdalene.
  • Receive the transmission from the Magdalene line as to what it means to stand as a Sovereign Queen. Why is it so important at this time that we remember who she is?
  • Understand the past social, cultural, and spiritual function of the Queen and receive initiation into Her re-birth in this modern context.
  • Enter into the sacred world of the Sovereign Queen as a Divine Feminine embodied leader, embracing the new paradigm of leadership as service.
  • Discover what has clouded your decision to stand as Sovereign Queen in your life.
  • Release anything that no longer serves you so that you can claim Her more fully.

Gate 2:

Coming Home to the Throne of Your Sovereignty:
Activate the Sacred Tool of Your Inner Throne
  • Enter into the mystery of “I surrender/I receive” as a state of being from which everything is born.
  • Awaken the seminal practice of the 13 Moon Mystery School lineage.
  • Practice anchoring and rooting into Great Mother as the unconditional source of sustenance and support.
  • Learn how to enter archetypal and mythical awareness so that you can open to your Essence self.
  • Remember how to drop into emptiness and “sit” in the center of yourself no matter what is happening in the outside world.
  • Reclaim and activate your inner sovereign throne and receive a practice so that you can ground into this as a daily ritual.
  • Awaken your body as the throne – be guided into feeling your power as sourced from within.
  • Embrace presence, emptiness, and resonance as words that create opening for you to embody the Divine Feminine.

Gate 3:

Receiving the Chalice: Drinking From the Pool of Memnos and Resonance
Activate the Sacred Tool of the Chalice from Which All is Amplified and Transmitted
  • Enter into a direct transmission from the chalice.
  • Remember the art of listening into your still, quiet sovereign voice – awaken practices to begin to hear Her.
  • Enter the Mystery of “I Amplify in Stillness” as a pathway to access your inner knowing and guidance.
  • Learn how to hold space for others by becoming the “still mirror.”
  • Remember how to pool silence within yourself so that no matter what is happening in the world, you can sit in a space of grace and find the courage to stay centered in your heart.
  • Experience yourself as the vessel of the Divine Feminine as you are guided to sit in the magnificence of your center.
  • Deepen your connection to your Priestess lineage.
  • Open the portal to receive wisdom and support from your Essence self.

Gate 3:

Deepening Ritual with Diana Dubrow
Invocation to the Chalice

Enter this sacred ritual space with our beloved, treasured sister of the 13 Moon Mystery School lineage.

Receive her potent medicine to deepen your inner chalice, receiving images and symbols that connect you to your Priestess Keys of Remembrance.

Initiation 1:

Opening the Noble Heart:The Humility of Vulnerable Strength
Awaken the Sacred Tool of Your Majestic Heart – The Rosa Mystica
  • Enter the mystery of the Heart of the Magdalene that is awakening us to the deep healing of humility and reverence.
  • Open to the wellspring of Love in the form of the Red Spring within your heart temple.
  • Surrender to the intimacy of being here now.
  • Access the ways that you have shut your heart down to this kind of Love.
    Dissolve the shields that have been wearing to protect your heart.
  • Awaken your noble, open heart as a guidance system for living your life in service.  
  • Embrace the essence of the siddhic gift of nobility as inspiration for how you are being called to heal your inner worth and value.
  • Awaken the source of Love that is calling you to sit upon your throne of sovereignty.
  • Claim the humble responsibility to be a force of embodied love.
  • Be called into accessing the alchemy of vulnerable strength.
  • Access the connection between sovereignty and nobility as a new paradigm for Divine Feminine Leadership on the planet.
  • Unveil your vulnerability as a source of strength and depth in your life.
  • Be called into deep connection with the essence of your nobility, impeccability, and love.
  • Awaken your inner warrior courage in service to our collective awakening.
  • Deepen with the Path of Courage.
Alchemize and heal the core wound of shielding your heart from Love.

Initiation 2:

Healing the Sisterhood Wound: The Queen Stands With Other Queens
Activating the Sisterhood of the Rose – A Collective Healing Meditation

  • Enter into the heart of the Sisterhood.
  • Feel all the ways that you have ever felt separate, afraid of rejection, or not included.
  • Feel all the ways that you may have been hurt by sisters and other women in your life.
  • Be willing to enter into forgiveness.
  • Bring your noble heart, your aligned scepter of truth, and your magnetic resonance of your essence to heal this separation.
  • Be willing to deal with the shadows of comparison and competition that would otherwise divide and separate us.
  • Be honored for the beauty and passion that you already are.
  • Commit to having difficult, vulnerable conversations with sisters.
  • Begin to see one another as an extension of self, instead of separate.
  • Fully own our personal power, sharing it, and celebrating it with others.
  • Witness and mirror our sisters.
  • Recognize the need to be in council and practicing the art of tuning in — together — holding eachother accountable.
Alchemize and heal the core wound of comparison and competition.

Initiation 3:

Claim the Scepter of Your Aligned Impeccability
Activate the Sacred Tool of Your Inner Scepter

  • Enter the mystery of authentic power as a pathway to alchemize the shadow of power as a force.
  • Embrace the Dark Queen in all of Her aspects, seeing how She has been at home within you.
  • See where you have avoided standing in your power and scared to move into your center.
  • Embrace what it means to stand in radical self-responsibility.
  • Learn how to anchor what truth feels like in your body so that you can always return to what feels real to you.
  • Deepen your capacity to know truth.
  • Embrace all the ways in which you wobble from your alignment with your authentic power.
  • Deepen into the ways that you are being challenged.
  • Enter into a ritual to clear and transmute your current challenges.
  • Explore where you are still attached to being a somebody, believing that you have to be better than others, or where you still compare, and are in competition.
  • Identify which labels, titles, and roles you identify with that you are attached to. Discover how this attachment may be impacting your ability to serve in the world.
  • Expand your awareness to embrace both the position of “I am Not” and “I am That.”
  • Receive the Tool of the Scepter as a transmission to awaken your inner aligned impeccability.
  • Recognize our self-authority and responsibility to create and manifest … and how that is different from control.
  • Feel our feminine, regal power of magnetism, not seeking outside ourselves for validation.
  • Understand that power is in choice, impeccability, vulnerability, and sourced from an inner presence, drawn from what you love within the alchemy of stillness and growl.
  • Truly know that one sister’s power is no greater or less than another’s.
Alchemize and heal the core wound of fear of standing in your truth.

Temple 3 Deepening Session

With Ariel Spilsbury
A Primer on Integrity, Coherence, and Truth

  • Enter the mystery of: I challenge, clarify, I align to remember the seminal skill of determining what is real.
  • Receive a direct transmission from Ariel on the nature of reality.
  • Apply this deeper essential knowing to real life decision-making.
  • Identify the difference between Essence-based and ego-based decisions.
  • Experience accessing a state of alignment so you can open your Inner Knowing and receive “what is real” with current decisions that face you in your life.
  • Deepen Essence by ensuring you are in alignment with what is real within you. 

Temple Initiation 4

Holding the Sphere (Orb) of your Magnetic Sovereignty
Activate the Sacred Tool of Your Orb of Light
  • Enter the Mystery of I intend, I empower as a pathway for connecting deeply with your soul’s highest calling.
  • Embrace manifestation as a heart-aligned act of Love.
  • Explore the evolution of Love as the source from which we are now being called to lead in the world.
  • Listen into your Essence and what you are being called to bring into the world at this time — as an act of Love.
  • Deepen into the power of the magnetic field that is created through trust, release, and surrender.
  • Open to receiving your Sovereign Essence.
  • Feel into what calling to be manifested through you.
  • Learn to clarify that your calling is Her calling.
  • Discern when your ego is getting attached to what she thinks!
  • Clarify your motivations and learn to listen into your deeper soul voice.
  • Receive a ritual activation of the Sacred Tool of Your Orb of Light.
  • Learn how to use this tool as way to both emanate your Essence and also  magnetize those to you who resonate with your calling.
  • Access the Vow of Sovereign Communion: The vow of authentic power in service to the whole.
Alchemize and heal the core wound of outsourcing your personal power.

Temple 4 Deepening Ritual:

With Maestro Shiloh Sophia

Your Sovereign Queen is speaking to you. 
…What is she saying?
…What symbols is she yearning to share with you? 
Please join visionary artist and poet, Shiloh Sophia – founder of Intentional Creativity – and Kalila Sophia Rose in this guided, collaborative video journey to artistically unveil your Sovereign Queen.

Often our subconscious is hidden from our view, but when we go on creative adventures, we become delighted – and often surprised – at what we find.

Our creativity is a channel that opens our hearts to the world of metaphor, the world of the untouchable. We become translators of the Divine through our arts.
shiloh-paintingBeloved, come connect with your Sovereign Queen.
Who is she? 
What are her tools?
What robe is she wearing … or is she wearing nothing at all?

By combining ritual space and deep creative devotion, we’ll uncover your crown … is it filled with jewels or does she wear a cowgirl hat and flowers in her hair?

What is her scepter made from? Gold? A Tree branch?

What about her special Queen ring?

Exploration of these symbols, images, and color rays reflect your unique resonance and the message of the Sovereign Queen as she lives in you.

And sister: No painting experience is needed.
Please bring: Acrylic paint, brushes, and watercolor paper.

Let’s go on this journey, sister queen! 

Paint with us, or just watch.

This is a painting called Queen of Her Own Heart by Shiloh Sophia
(Our paintings in this class will not be this intricate; this is to simply inspire you)

Temple Initiation 5:

Healing The Inner Beloved: Balancing the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Within
Activate the Sacred Tools of the Chalice and the Sword

  • Enter the mystery path of Sacred Union as a path to integrating your ability to stand as a Sovereign Queen.
  • Enter ritual space to meet your inner masculine and inner feminine; discover what they have to share with you at this time.
  • Awaken and activate the chalice and sword as sacred tools that can aid you in rebalancing your inner energies.
  • Access your authentic power as an integration of all aspects of your being.
  • Take the sacred vow of peace; lay down the weapons that you may have been carrying for lifetimes that keep you in a dance of oppression and internalized rage towards the masculine.
  • Be willing to embrace the shadow of how you project and emasculate the masculine within your being and towards those in your life.
  • Learn how to harmonize your inner Sacred Union.
  • Enter the sacred ceremony of the Heiros Gamos to reunite and seal your inner marriage.
Alchemize and heal the core wound of dishonoring the inner masculine and the masculine in the world.

Temple Initiation 6:

Place the Crown Upon Your Head and Walk as a Queen Amongst Queens: Divine Feminine Leadership as Service
Activate the Sacred Tool of Your Inner Crown Jewels and of Being in Council
  • Enter the mystery of the crown.
  • Begin to polish your inner jewels.
  • Take the vow of the Sovereign Queen in alignment with your deeper calling to lead from the heart of service. This is the vow of authentic power – in service to the whole.
  • Immerse in a ritual to emerge from the underworld to fully reclaim and embody the tools of your crown jewels, throne, scepter, and orb.
  • Understand how activating the crown jewels is an imprint for the Queens’ Council, the Sisterhood of the Rose.
  • Enter the mystery of: Embodied Divine Feminine Leadership – Walking as a Queen Amongst Queens.
  • Discover how to walk your deep calling as a Priestess, called into Her form as Sovereign Queen.
  • Embrace this leadership from a place of humility, commitment, and love.
  • Commit to your path of devoted service so that you can be in alignment with your Essence knowing and the bigger story of your life.
  • Discover where in your life you need to bring more of Shakti presence.
  • Release your blocks to fully stepping into your true calling!
  • Embrace the blocks that you may experience and transform these into your soul medicine.
  • Deepen into how you are being called to priestess in the world.
  • Learn what it really looks like to run your business as a Priestess dedicated to integrity, accountability, and truth.
  • Explore how to create a Queens’ Council.

Temple 6 Deepening Temple:

With Sarah Drew
Divine Feminine Leadership as Sacred Service.

Sarah Drew will grace us with her presence as we deepen into how we cross the threshold of this esoteric work, bringing it into the world. It occurs within the alchemy of sisterhood: We are many and we are One.

During our session, we will also activate our inner jewels and the sacred council. This includes the following transmission from Sarah.:. and Kalilla Sophia Rose: Healing the Sisterhood.  

Review of what you will receive upon entering the Mysterium:

9 Live Temple initiations: 1st temple session is a 3 hour live retreat.

3 Deepening Temples with sisters who are walking the path.

A potent circle of sisters to share with in the Live Facebook Temple Community (where I will be present with you throughout the journey).

Beautiful supporting handouts and videos for Deepening Practices.

A digital Gift Basket full of beautiful offerings that will enhance and enrich your journey.

Gift Basket:

Sacred Call Book

The temple’s #1 best-selling book is an offering of deep, loving devotion from the Goddess to you. It was written for you. It belongs to you.

Heart-opening and provocative, The Sacred Call of the Ancient Priestess is gorgeously designed in full-color and contains:

  • Interactive rituals, meditations, and videos
  • Direct transmissions from the Goddess
  • Relevant spiritual guidance grounded in deeply raw, personal stories
  • A stand-alone myth that poetically re-tells the her story of the Priestess
  • Description of the Alchemical Priestess and Her purpose
  • Quiz to determine how “pregnant” you are with the Alchemical Priestess

Two best-selling authors, Elayne Kalila Sophia and Becky Cavender, co-created this revolutionary book.

Queens’ Council Recordings

30 Dialogues with sister queens from across the globe who vulnerably share what it means to:
  • Claim and re-frame the Queen archetype within a modern context
  • Listen to Her wisdom
  • Stand in your sovereignty
  • Alchemize important aspects of the “Dark Queen,” bringing Her into consciousness so that She can be healed and integrated within us
  • Embody your aligned and authentic feminine power
  • Rebalance the relationship between the masculine and the feminine within ourselves and in our relationships
  • Heal the wounds that live within our sisterhood, opening to the amazing collaborations and creations that we are called to vision together
  • Sit on the throne of your noble presence
  • Gather in sisterhood with dignity, impeccability, and integrity

Modern Day Priestess Summit

23 Inspiring Devotional Dialogues with Sisters Remembering the Priestess.

A beautiful, offering to you: an intimate look at sisters from diverse spiritual lineages who have emerged as leaders in the new Feminine Consciousness paradigm. They share their wisdom and perspective on what it means to awaken

Queens’ Council Circle Training

6-part video ecourse to create a Queens’ Council in your local area. Included in the course:

  • Holographic map for creating a profound, yet simple and sacred imprint of The Queens’ Council in your area
  • Activate and awaken the Sovereign Queen as an energetic frequency in our collective sisterhood
  • Set the field for creating a circle and understand what the holographic map is and means
  • Learn how to create sacred agreements
  • Discover how to structure a gathering
  • Be given skills to create a resonant structure, such as opening and closing meditations to activate the Sisterhood of the Rose

Illuminated Queens Credo

This alchemical offering comes from the depths of the temple’s heart.

It is a credo – a shared agreement – created by infusing and distilling voices from thousands of diverse sisters into a collective commitment: How to walk as the Sovereign Queen. Immerse yourself in Her words coming through the vessel of our holy, sacred being and take the vow to heal the wounds of separation.

Beloved, are you willing to surrender to the ancient mysteries of the Magdalene, bringing them forth in our modern times so that personal and collective healing may ripple across our planetary field?

Do you feel a resounding “yes” within your womb and heart to gather in the Sisterhood of the Rose and be a vessel of redefining what Love truly is?

If so, then you are deeply invited to join us on this 10 week journey into the Heart of the Magdalene and the Sovereign Queen.

As a bow of thanks, the temple is offering you three different ways of stepping into this year’s Priestess Presence Online Mysterium —
from now until Friday October 14th, at midnight PST.

The Mysterium is now closed for registration.

It is clear that the Mysteries do not belong to any of us, but rather to all of us. And paradoxically, they are are not free: They are priceless treasures.

The invitation, beloved, is to enter this holy work at a heart contribution that supports the temple as it creates, holds, and tends this sacred space.

Leading You in This Council: About Elayne Kalila

I am Elayne Kalila, Gatekeeper and Focalizer of the Priestess Presence Temple, a dedicated temple of the 13 Moon™ Mystery School. I believe walking the Priestess Path is about being willing to dedicate ourselves to deepening our practice so that we can be present and serve the world. I am passionate about opening the ancient mysteries of the Divine Feminine into our modern lives so we can all step more fully into serving from a place of love, presence, and purpose.

Because of the teachings of the Divine Feminine through the 13 Moon™ Mystery School, I have been able to priestess in some of the most dangerous and violent areas of the world, like the Congo. In those places, I have supported women to activate and remember their truth and power. I offer a real path of presence, empowerment, and transformation through awakening the Priestess within you.

That is why I am delighted and honored to invite you to join me.

If you have secretly (or not so secretly!) wondered about the Path of the Priestess, how to deepen in Her sacred realms, and bring the Goddess into the modern-day context of your life, this special summit is for you.

Elayne Kalila Doughty

Sister Queens Sharing their Wisdom

Ariel Spilsbury is a planetary priestess of the Goddess. Her passion is participating in the conscious evolution of this planet and all its inhabitants. This takes the form of traveling to share the wisdom of the Divine Feminine around the globe, which she has done for over thirty years. She has devoted her life to the conscious awakening of all beings. This she has offered through writing, teaching, sacred theater presentations, creating a metaphysical store, conferences, consciousness events, lectures, seminars, starting a metaphysical newspaper, moon circles for women, spiritual counseling and maintaining a temple for the Goddess for twenty five years. Ariel is a cheerleader for consciousness, a ceremonialist and a consciousness initiator.
For more information on Ariel, please see her website at www.holographicgoddess.com
Ariel Spilsbury, www.holographicgoddess.com

Diana DuBrow is a Scent Priestess and founder of The Emerald Temple. For over thirty years, Diana’s intuitive and visionary gifts have been used to initiate women into the ancient art of Anointing, called “The Kiss of Spirit on the Body.” As an aromatic alchemist, Diana has created a line of high frequency anointing oils that activate deep remembrance, inviting you to awaken to your gifts. Through her Scent Priestess Certification Training, a sisterhood has been birthed, as women have answered the call to Come Home, as Holy Anointers and Priestess’, in service to love.
For more information on Diana, please see her website at www.emeraldtemple.com
Diana DuBrow, www.emeraldtemple.com

For more than twenty years, Maestra Shiloh Sophia has been working with women all over the world to bring their ideas into form through Intentional Creativity. She is a published author, poet and artist and draws her practice from a long lineage of renowned creatives. She teaches all over the world including at universities like the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in the Masters and the Global PhD program. She has spoken for 4 years at the United Nations on Intentional Creativity as a tool of healing. She owns art galleries and featured women artists from all over the world. She was trained by artist Sue Hoya Sellars.
She believes self expression is a basic human right and her work focused on revolutionary education that makes art available to all beings.
Through her classes on visionary business, intuitive painting, and sacred practice, Shiloh and her community of Cosmic Cowgirls serve up to 2500 women per month month. Her global teacher training Color of Woman, educates women to use these methods of intentional creativity.
You can find her most mornings having tea with her muse in the Red Thread Café.
She runs a school and gallery and lives in the vineyard lined mountains of Northern California with her husband, Jonathan.
For more information on Shiloh, please see her website at www.shilohsophiastudios.com
Shiloh Sophia, www.shilohsophiastudios.com

Sarah Drew , is the author of the GAIA CODEX: A Sumptuous Epic Novel and Ancient Wisdom Text Revealed.  A  passionate explorer of culture and consciousness, Sarah has traveled extensively around the world from the high peaks of Bhutan to the jungles of the Amazon. An experienced lecturer, who has taught at the graduate level and at organizations such as Google, Sarah is committed  to the awakening of the sacred feminine, the evolution of  consciousness and the protection and revitalization of Mother Earth at this critical turning point in history. 
Her professional background is as a cultural curator and creator of innovative media. She lives with her partner in Manhattan and on a lush forested farm in the Hudson Valley.
For more information on Sarah, please see her website at www.gaiacodex.com

Sarah Drew

What Sisters Say:

“In the nearly two years that we’ve worked together – both one-on-one and through the Priestess Mysterium – Kalila has midwifed me home to my heart on deeper levels than I ever knew possible.
Our work together has been one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever given myself, and it’s a gift that keeps giving, through the women I serve; I’m a more aligned leader, a more present and grounded coach, and a more peaceful and joyful woman.
Through our work, I’ve found access to greater comfort with my emotional range, and thereby more able to hold space for my clients and friends in their emotions. I could go on and on, but in truth, the impact has been immeasurable. If you’re curious about this work, trust your heart and jump.”
Nisha Moodley, www.nishamoodley.com

“I was so moved by our temple circle such a deep allowance of Precious Presence into the Dark. I felt so comforted, so protected, so connected to Her and to all of my dear sisters. As I listened to you, Elayne Kalila Doughty, our beautiful keeper of the temple, I was so touched by your incredible strength, integrity, authenticity and vulnerability, that I was left wanting more. Wanting to reach out to each one of us and just sit for a while longer in that special, deep cocoon of darkness, that somehow felt illumined with a subtle, deep continuous low flame of Eternal Light that never, ever goes out.”
Marjorie Gustafon Shalita

“Thank you Elayne Kalila Doughty for the beautiful container and being the beacon, reaching out to each of us today with a personal message, I felt your call, and am so grateful. Your presence warms and awakens my heart and gives my soul space to settle, and this collective medicine is so powerful – so much love back to you.”
Krista Kujat

“You know .. I took part in this Temple two years ago and it was the best experience of my life. I could go on and on about how amazing it was but I will instead say this … Elayne Kalila Doughty is a change maker and because of her teachings and motivational way of BEing, I am no longer able to be in this group on a regular basis.
Because she dusted off my wings and reminded me I had them. Because she helped lift me up to my highest good and now I am busy BEing that outside of this circle.
Because the support I still feel from this circle is ushering me into my own work; my own path and my own teaching.
Dana Damara, www.danadamara.com

“Walking the path of the Priestess under the sacred guidance of Elayne Kalila has been one of the most profound awakenings of my life.
The moment I began this work, there was a sense of coming home to something I’ve always known.
Entering into Entering the Temple, I stripped away in a matter of days patterns and beliefs I’d tried shaking for years. I was given the tools to tackle everything, not just on the surface, but on higher planes. I feel incredible power behind the work I do. I am more divinely held and connected than ever. Every step I take closer to love is not just for me; it’s for the planet.”
Ginny Muir, www.ginnymuir.com

“My love for the goddess has grown to infinite depths, my trust in my own journey has grown, and my commitment to the priestess path has been solidified. Infinitely (bold the infinitely!!!) grateful for this work.
I met Kalila last year and I knew that at some point I was meant to work with her. I trusted when the time was right, it would happen. Flash forward about 6 months, and I learned of the Priestess Mysterium and knew immediately: the time is right. Now. After studying mythology, archetypes, ritual and the Mysteries in a formal academic capacity since I was 17, and goddess work for the past 10 years, I was excited to dive deep into a more experiential and sacred container of work.
The Mysterium lived up to every dream I’ve had of going to deeper levels of the experience with these themes and rituals.
Through this work, I have found a deeper respect, enjoyment and community of other women on the same path. Words can not express how powerful my work Kalila has been, especially within the Mysterium container.”
Jen Blackstock, www.unbridledlife.com

“I started working with Kalila because I desire to be of service in this world in a bigger way. I want to be a woman who can handle the hearts, emotions and fears of mass quantities of people, to be able to make an abundant income in my business while living a life that feels at peace, in flow, and in alignment with my unique offering to the world. I want to feel my feet upon the ground with a sense of my own power and a clear vision of what is best for the greater good in selflessness.
Learning to embody the Priestess Path has offered me the rituals, insights, conversations and sisterhood I need to experience my full potential in this life. It’s a fun and beautiful way for me to heal and release the wounds and patterns that innately hold me back with conscious choice.
Kalila is a beauty and genius to work with and her delivery is nothing less than a sparkly golden light that beams from her heart to yours to the goddess. And so your Path is the one less traveled but, with Kalila and this goddesshood, you are never alone.”
Jeannine Yoder, www.jeannineyoder.com

“It is no understatement to say that joining the Priestess Presence Online Mysterium in October 2015 changed my life. It was the first step on the road to becoming a stronger, more potent, more visible, more authentic self. In fact, it brought me home to myself in ways that nothing else ever has.
Today, my transformation is palpable … I walk taller, speak my truth more readily without nearly the fear of judgment I had before. I own my Light and hold sacred boundaries more powerfully than I ever thought possible. All of this is down to my priestess training, begun—in this lifetime—in the Mysterium.
…Need I say more?”
Elizabeth Locey, PhD and Oracle, www.elizabethlocey.com

As a bow of thanks, the temple is offering you three different ways of stepping into this year’s Priestess Presence Online Mysterium —
from now until Friday October 14th, at midnight PST.

The Mysterium is now closed for registration.

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Q: How are the temple sessions conducted? All temple sessions are offered on live stream video via your computer. These sessions are recorded so that if you cannot attend live, you can access the recording. During the live sessions you will be able to ask questions via the live chat.

Q: What day and time will the temple sessions take place? Our usual class schedule will be Wednesday at noon PST. There will be some weeks where we will shift this schedule to accommodate the times we have deepening practices. During those weeks, we will not meet live so that you can truly integrate your practices. We will have two weeks that are designated as “Alchemical Integration” time.

Q: What is the online Community Temple? This is a private Facebook group that is only for members of the Priestess Presence Mysterium. You will be able to meet and dialogue with your sisters all over the world. Elayne Kalila will be an active member of this group, so you can ask questions and garner her support in this forum as well.

Q: Can I get benefit from the course if I miss the live classes? Absolutely! You can download the recordings and transcripts of all temple sessions on the Priestess Presence Mysterium membership site, so you never need to worry about missing live calls. You can also engage the full sisterhood on the private online temple (on Facebook).

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