Priestess Presence Sister Circle


A DedicatedTemple of the 13 Moon Mystery School

Welcome, Beloved Sister





Have you been yearning for a Temple space where you can come every moon and be connected to a global sisterhood?
Have you been looking for real time support and connection so that you can deepen your Priestess Presence Path and more fully serve in the world?


After a 2,000-year period of patriarchy, the Priestess archetype is re-emerging.
She is asking to be embodied in our hearts, our hands, and our actions as PRESENCE.
She is here to be the Living Temple in the world.
She is a new face of feminine leadership that leads from within by being PRESENCE itself.
We are being asked to step forward and speak aloud our wisdom. This wisdom is held deep within our female bodies and it’s rooted in the principles of caring, humanity, collaboration, intuition, nurturance, sustainability, magnetism, unity, collective vision, inclusion, beauty, love, joy, pleasure, time, spaciousness, silence, and the ever-evolving cycle of life.




How do we embrace these principles of Feminine Wisdom?

How do we awaken and embody the Divine Feminine as SHE lives within each one of us?


How do we awaken Her so that we can hear Her and start to live out Her principles in our daily lives?
We start to look within to find HER.
We start to Listen inside to hear HER.
We start to seek out the inner knowing that REMEMBERS HER.
We start to connect with the RESONANCE of HER.
SHE is everywhere.
And most of all, SHE is within each one of us.



The Power of the Living Goddess Archetypes:

As an ordained Priestess of the 13 Moon Mystery School, I am so delighted to bring to life in this temple through the 13 powerful faces of the Goddess.


We can access the Goddess through the world of archetypes. Each one:
  • Offers a powerful gateway for personal alchemy and healing.
  • Invites you to enter both the mystery of deep transformational healing AND bridge this to your deepest calling to be of service in the world.
  • Holds potent medicine for your soul that creates an alchemical healing, translating your outer world in the form of intentions into actions that create your life.
  • Invites you to heal shadow places and stretch into a deeper embodiment of the light within us.





“Our work together has been one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever given myself, a gift that keeps giving, through the women I serve.” ~ Nisha Moodley

So How Do We Walk This Path?

We know the power of joining in sacred temple space to practice together.
We know that the power of Priestess Presence is amplified when we are in temple with one another.


There is immense power in our sisterhood and the temple that we co-create.

We need a space to come together and to drop our ego minds so that we can enter the expansion of our deep inner wisdom and essence. When we come together as a sisterhood, our individual practice and our collective temple are empowered and amplified.
By being in temple together, the merit of our practice is more fully felt in our hearts, our individual lives, and by the collective ONE heart.
Priceless connections are woven when we enter this temple.
We call each other to be more Present.
We hold each other in the ONE heart of this circle.
When we show up in this temple, we are able to show up more fully and risk walking as Her.



“When she introduced me to the world of the Goddess, a whole new way of being and experiencing my life opened up for me.” ~ Sarah Jenks



“I don’t know where I’d be without this work. It is crucial to my mission on this earth and if you have a calling to change the world, you cannot be without this precious work.” ~ Lisa Fabrega


Are you yearning to be called more present every moon?

To be called into temple and have a space where you are asked to go deeper?

If you are my beloved sister, I invite you to join in this beautiful way to stay connected on the Path of Priestess Presence.
And it is my commitment to be the Temple Gate Guardian holding a coherent and resonant space so that we can come to practice together.

An Invitation from My Heart…


Every Moon You Will:

  • Receive an invitation to a LIVE Priestess Presence Sister Circle Temple. In each of these sessions we enter into a Living Temple of one Divine Feminine archetype. We spend the whole moon deepening into Her practices and sacred invitations. Please see below for an outline of the different faces of the Divine Feminine that we will be embodying.
  • In each live temple session you will have a chance to learn new practices, deepen established practices, ask questions, and receive real-time feedback.
  • Receive two Deepening Practices emails per moon with inspirations, invitations to practice, or missives from the Goddess. These offerings will help you stay connected and deepen your practice in between our live sessions.
  • An Online Community Temple where you can share your hearts with sisters all over the world who are called to grow this temple of Priestess Presence. (P.S. I am one of those sisters!)


Joining Sister Contribution: $55 per moon

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Archetypal Temples that we will immerse in for the next year:


January 14th at 12 noon PST:
Great Mother:The Path of Presence and Unconditional Love
She Who Nurtures and Sustains.

“I Surrender, I Receive,” says the Great Mother.
“I am the path of unconditional love. I am the energy of deep nurturance and sustainability. I am the feeling of unerring support that lives in you always, no matter what. I ask you to let go of all patterns of over doing, over responsibility, and scarcity. I invite you to enter into my deep embrace that is eternal. I am your source, your divine holding, and connection to all of life. I am here with you now.”


February 4th at 12 noon PST:
Goddess of Compassion: The Path of Forgiveness and Compassion
She Who Enfolds in Mercy, Forgiveness, and Compassion.

“I recognize, I seed,” says the Goddess of Compassion.
“All reality is seeded from our consciousness, that we are divinely responsible for all that is created in the world. I am the path of embodied compassion and forgiveness. I challenge you to recognize that whatever you may judge in another is first seeded in self. I call you into the deeper mystery of knowing that there is only one of us here. I am the seed of Mother Mary as She lives in your heart, and the tears of Quan Yin who feels all the suffering of the world. I challenge you to open your heart, to forgive and let go of resentments and to feel where you are being called to more fully love.”


March 3rd at 12 noon PST:
The Priestess: The Path of Intuition and Stillness
he Who Is Keeper of the Keys and Guardian of the Mysteries.

“I amplify in stillness,” says the Priestess.
“I am the path of deep intuition and listening. I have the ability to tune in and amplify all that I receive from the multiple dimensions of knowing. I walk the path of the mystic – able to part the veils and walk between the worlds. I am a translator of the Divine and the quality of centered and still presence. I challenge you to connect with your inner well-spring of knowing and to enter into direct communion with your intuition.”


April 7th at 12 noon PST:
Kali : The Path of Liberation and Freedom
She Who Gives and Takes Away.

“I focus, I create,” yells Kali as she rattles the very foundations of your ego consciousness.
“I am here to free you from all the half-truths that you continue to tell yourself. I delight in ripping away the false masks that you use to still hide behind. I am here to exalt and challenge you to liberate yourself from anything that no longer serves you. I am your power to destroy create and preserve. I am here to challenge any stuck patterns that you have been living in- and to unhinge your limitations.”


May 5th at 12 noon PST:
Lady of Communion: Path of Power and Manifestation
She Who is Guardian of All Life.

“I intend, I empower,” says the Lady of Communion.
“I am the path of the spiritual warrior. I have the divine ability to hold an intention and the skill to manifest it. I walk the path of impeccability; I ask you to tune into what your true motivations are – and I invite you to step into your power from the centered and grounded place of this. I am your strength and commitment to fulfill your sacred calling. I challenge you to live in your impeccability.”


June 2nd at 12 noon PST:
The Muse: The Path of Creativity and Spontaneity
She Who Inspires and Energizes.

“I play, I inspire,” sings the Muse.
“I am the path of epiphany, that sudden magical knowing of essential truth. I dance and flow through all of life; I am the divine wonder of the lights as it hits the rose petals. I revel in all creation. I flutter in your heart and disarm you to move into deep innocence, wonder, and awe. I invite you embody the divine creativity that flows through you. Here, here! Now, now! All things are possible!”


July 7th at 12 noon PST:
Goddess of Love: The Path of Sensuality, Beauty, and Love and Ecstasy
She Who Embraces in Beauty and Love.

The Goddess of Love whispers in your ear, “I feel, I respond, I beautify.”
“I am here to embrace you and inspire your passion. I offer eternal fulfillment through love and sensual ecstasy. I see you as the Divine Lover. I invite you to deepen into your senses, your pleasure, and your capacity to expand. I intoxicate you so that you can see through the eyes of love, seeing only the Beloved in everyone you meet. I soften you so that you can open to vulnerability and intimacy.”


August 4th at 12 noon PST:
The Primal Goddess: The Path of Instinctual Power and Freedom
She Who is Natural, Instinctual, Untamed and Free.

The Primal Goddess growls, “I Fuel, I Consume. I am your wild instinctual freedom. I am untrammeled primal goddess, the source of creativity. I am the passionate gypsy, the intoxicating priestess who initiates all she meets with her outrageous alive Shakti power. I don’t care what others think of me. I don’t play by the rules. I challenge and empower you to free up your wild, untamed spirit. I am here to re-wild you.”


September 1st at 12 p.m. noon PST:
The Initiator: The Path of Wise Use of Power
She Who Empowers and Offers Second Birth.

“I stand with my sword and I look piercingly into your eyes. I Align, I Challenge, I Clarify. I am the way of truth, and I acknowledge and empower you through challenge. I am the she who prunes to encourage growth, catalyzes change. I am here to expand your perception, and ripen your potential. I align with your essential truth and I challenge you to keep in harmony with it. I am here offer you my discernment, my discrimination, and my clarity. I am here to cut away anything that is obscuring your essence.”

October 6th at 12 noon PST:
The Wise Woman: The Path of Heart Wisdom
She Who Sees, Heals and Shows the Way.

“I Simplify, I Resonate,” cackles the Wise Woman. “I see through the perception of everything as sacred. I reconnect you to your sacred purpose by teaching you to seek alignment with the divine. I see you as perfect. You are whole. I show you how to resonate with that part of you that is already complete. I have the ability recognize what is real- and I am here to empower you with my crazy wisdom, my heart-knowing wisdom. I am here for you to finally let go of your ego story- and to step into the wisdom of who you actually are. I am here for you to remember that your very presence changes those around you. I invite you to step into the simple profound truth of your heart knowing…”



November 3rd at 12 noon PST:
Dreamer Weaver “The Path of Conscious Dreaming”

She who Dreams and Connects.

“I dream, I connect,” whispers the Weaver Dreamer. I am the mystery path of weaving reality through conscious attention to what is being woven. I see the cosmic weaving of the bigger story of your life. I hold the thread to your soul story, the light thread that you came here to weave into the collective story this lifetime. I am here for you to embody your place in the collective web of all things. I am here as the one who weaves the BIGGER story of who you came to BE.,

December 1st at 12 noon PST:
The Queen of Death: The Path of Release and Letting Go

She Who Leads the Descent Within.

“Let go, let go,” whispers the Queen of Death. One thing becomes another in the realm of the Mother. I am the path of deep release and trust. I stand at the portal between the worlds; I am a midwife of death. I lovingly take back the parts of your ego that are dying and I compost them into the darkness of the underworld. I am the path of unmasking and unveiling. I strip your ego, clearing all illusions of the false self. I am here to lead you into the underworld to retrieve the gifts that await you there. I am here to offer you the depth of my trust and my quiet release so that you can finally let go of that which no longer lives in you.

Dec 22nd at 12 Noon PST
The Alchemical Goddess: The Path of Harvesting the Gold Within

She Who Shape-shifts.

“I am whole, I am Union, Freedom, Grace,” sings the Alchemical Goddess. “I am all faces of the goddess – as she moves through you. I am the path of harvesting the alchemical gold of your being. I am here to herald the deep beauty of all that you are. I bring to you the exalted grace of fluidity, acceptance of what is, and staying perfectly poised in the present moment. I offer you a portal to the perfection of every imperfection as seen through the eyes of wholeness. I celebrate you as perfect and whole and here now.”

 Please note all images are from the 13 Moon Oracle Deck

As soon as you register, you will automatically start to receive access to archives of the temples that have already happened this year and to the online community temple, which is a vibrant sacred space of sisters sharing their reflections and support.

Joining Sister Contribution: $55 per moon



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Sister LOVE… What the Priestess Sisters are saying…




Thank you Elayne Kalila Doughty for the beautiful container and being the beacon, reaching out to each of us today with a personal message, I felt your call, and am so grateful. Your presence warms and awakens my heart and gives my soul space to settle, and this collective medicine is so powerful – so much love back to you. ~ Krista Kujat






I am so moved by your gifting, presence and willingness to bring forward your heart in these teachings. TODAY As the rose petals were dropped in front of me…some thing let go, allowed..opened. Truly this GIFT of presence of she that is streaming through YOU (US). I am truly GRATEFUL that this offering is here for me , us , & so many, the TEMPLE IS felt thru this medium, the dancing, the honesty, tears, pleasure.. I can feel them all… ~ Oceanna





Elayne is a divine vessel for the Goddess. She allows, supports and unwraps the authenticity in each member of her community. This temple is a portal to evolving our femininity and balancing our masculinity. This creates harmony within leading to harmony in our world. A must for any being desiring to uplift the feminine to bring the feminine in balance with the masculine. ~ Irene Carr





I was so moved by our temple circle such a deep allowance of Precious Presence into the Dark. I felt so comforted, so protected, so connected to Her and to all of my dear sisters. As I listened to you, Elayne Kalila Doughty, our beautiful keeper of the temple, I was so touched by your incredible strength, integrity, authenticity and vulnerability, that I was left wanting more. Wanting to reach out to each one of us and just sit for a while longer in that special, deep cocoon of darkness, that somehow felt illumined with a subtle, deep continuous low flame of Eternal Light that never, ever goes out. ~ Marjorie Gustafon Shalita




melissa-field 2I signed up for the Priestess Presence Sister Circle because your circle reminded me of the love and support that was all around me. There have been some tough times to navigate occasionally and your circle has been deeply helpful and supportive in this way, for which I thank you very much. Thank you for this beautiful temple, it has helped me over the last few months to have the sacred centering influence of you and the sisters who contribute. It has been very beneficial for me to have spent this time with you and the community that you have created and to feel and be reminded of the nurturing love of the Great Mother. Thank you for all that you do, it has made a difference for me. ~ Robyn Stewart




The Priestess Presence Path has opened my eyes and heart to a new way of living. A way that I have always known existed but had forgotten. Kalia’s nurturing, intuitive, attentive wisdom elevates your heart and connection to heights you hadn’t imagined for yourself. The sisterhood and space she holds for sharing is priceless. This group has become my rock, my space of solace and a knowing where I belong. I am forever grateful for this woman and her gift to this planet. ~ Dana Damara






Leading you in this Sister Circle:Headshot_2015_1

I’m Elayne Kalila, deeply committed Priestess in the world, and Focalizer for this temple.

I believe walking the Priestess Path is about being willing to dedicate ourselves to deepening our practice so that we can be present and serve the world.

I am passionate about opening the ancient mysteries of the Divine Feminine into our very modern-day lives so we can all step more fully into serving from a place of love, PRESENCE, and purpose.

Steeped in the teachings of the Divine Feminine through my deep practice in the 13 Moon Mystery School, I have brought priestessing to some of the most dangerous and violent areas of the world, where I support women to activate and remember their truth and power.

I offer a real path of PRESENCE, empowerment, and transformation through awakening the Priestess within you.

That’s why I am delighted and honored to invite you to join me.

As I have deepened my own practice and devotion to this Path, I have become increasingly passionate about opening the ancient mysteries of the Divine Feminine into our very modern-day lives.

I am so honored that you are here and your PRESENCE in this circle is a beautiful gift.


Temple 11



Disclaimer: It is important for us to be clear that this program is designed as an education in the Divine Feminine Archetypes. There is an emphasis on meditation, visualization, and guided practices for the purposes of self development. This program is not designed to treat or diagnose any psychological disorders. If you have any mental health issues please consult with your medical practitioner before joining the program.