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The Primal Truth

Enter the realm of your Primal Truth.

Sniff it out.

Sense its scent on your body.

Feel the intensity bring electric waves of lightning down your spine.

Open up.



Enter the realm of your Primal Truth.

In the past few moons, I have been called to come face-to-face with my inner most primal, feral core nature.

You know … the part that is not domesticated. Never was. Never will be.

The part that holds the beat of Mother Earth deep in Her bones. Who smells out the truth with Her nose and hairs on Her skin.

She is not interested in being tamed.

She is only interested that I respect Her … for She is the one who holds the truth in Her cells.

She within me is an ancient child of the forest.

The world of artifice and nicety does not interest Her.

Stomp with the drums, wild one.

Dance with the drums, wild one.

Howl, wild one.

Rip off your clothes, sister.

Rip off your shame!

Rip off your fear!

Be free!

Hear me howl!

She knows when there is “BS” going on.

She can feel it.

Taste it.

Hear it.

She is not willing to entertain it.

She is the Wolf sister within me.

I am calling you, my primal wolf sister, back to the pack.

I am calling you home to the night sky and the smell of wood burning.

Hear me howling you home, sister!

Will you come and reclaim your wildness with me?

Will you, will you…?

COME … come to me now…

A few moons ago, I had a  powerful remembrance of my childhood.

I was 5 years old and would leave my home to go off into the woods; there I found a hollowed-out tree and inside her, built my home. I brought a blanket and picked wild flowers to place inside. I even knew how to make fire.

I needed NO ONE.

I did not tell anyone about this sacred place.

This place is still within me.

I revel in going there to connect with the ancient child who needs nothing and can roam the wilderness: She not only survives, but feels deeply connected to all life.

Will you throw yourself through the portal of my wildness? Will you let me howl my freedom through you?

COME, sister.

Her gift is the profound respect for the innate knowing She brings to me … Her capacity to be at peace with nothing, Her ability to feel Her freedom, Her audacious ability to question what is real.   She refuses to compromise Herself. Such power in that freedom!   And like all archetypes, She also holds keys to profound shadows in all of us:

  • Primal mistrust. The place where trust was first broken.
  • Deep, unerring wounds we may have suffered in relationship to humans. The place where we move away from intimacy and connection with others because of this.
  • Unruly, rebellious, misbehaving. When connected to Essence, this is powerful; but it is equally destructive when it comes from the wound.

She is the part of each one of us that shows up when we feel our freedom is being threatened, when we feel caged in, or somehow that our sheer, raw power and beauty is being commodified.

How is she calling to you?

Do you remember what FREEDOM feels like, sister?

Breathe Her in, my Primal Sister. Feel how She always vibrates at the edges of your domesticated self, always circling the perimeter of your inner world, searching for the moment when She gets to run free, wild, untamed!

She does not give a damn what you think!

In fact, She is more likely to let herself run wilder just so that you will be shaken out of your conservative rules. 

She is not interested in the “right thing to do.” She is only interested in what is in full integrity from the marrow of Her bones.

She is here to do an integrity check: Are you compromising your incredible freedom to the powers that be? Are you not allowing the magnificence of your inner wolf to howl Her primal, truthful power into the world?

Can you feel Her now? …Or have you hidden Her away, tucked Her under the covers of your domesticity and good girlness?

Like all of our deep initiatory journeys, finding the Primal within us is a call to find the Wild One, the one who holds the gift of our wildness and the wounds that we are also holding. Feeling their raw intensity, feeling their innate, untamed TRUTH is what sets you free!

How are you yearning for this wild freedom, sister?

How have you shut down your desires to run wild?

How do you compromise yourself and not let yourself BE who you are?

What are the way that you are still hiding your amazing power in shame or guilt?

This is the moon to run free, wild, and break the bonds.

This is the moment when the lightning bolt comes through us to catalyze something new.

It catalyzes truth.

It reminds us of all of our instincts of inner knowing.

Feel your animal body come alive in service to your greater spirit. Sniff the moment you feel it consuming you in a fit of deep ecstasy, moaning to be free!  

Can you feel Her … right now?

I am running wild with you, sister.

P.S. Wild Sister, your body is an oracle. Your full body. Every single bit of it. Your breasts. Your yoni. Your womb. Your hands. The soles of your feet. Your scalp. Your nose.

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