Enter the Temple of Lalita – Day Long Retreat

Lalita, the Goddess of Love, is calling you to this all-day recorded online retreat

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This temple immersion is a spa for your heart, soul, and body.


It’s a sacred space where you can renew yourself while taking the time to relax, breathe, and remember your queenly beauty.
During this divine, juicy day retreat, Lalita will saturate us in the vibration of eternal beauty so that we can fully embody it. We will immerse in Her powerful potency.


Temple Spa

During our 6 hour retreat together, you will:

  • Invoke and embody the Goddess of LOVE in the form of Lalita through direct transmission.
  • Open your inner temple to receive Her as a direct FEELING of presence, healing, and awakening through you.
  • Open your heart and melt the ways that you habitually stay disconnected from the flow of love within you.
  • Explore how Lalita wants to move through you; this includes subtle movement practices.
  • Awaken and activate the essence nectar of BLISS as a way to be touched by the beauty of Lalita within you.
  • Understand Lalita as a revolutionary energy that awakens beauty as a radical path of healing.
  • Deepen into what BEAUTY actually is: a felt sense.
  • Clear the shadow of any BEAUTY MYTHS that you still carry.
  • Clear the Mirror of Comparison (guaranteed to relieve inner wrinkles and reveal a beautiful, tender pink glow from within).
  • Indulge in BEAUTY rituals that will aid with the connection and unveiling of this place within us.
  • Create BEAUTY potions infused with the frequency of LOVE.
  • Make a LOVE elixir to use in our own BEAUTY rituals.
  • Share intimate moments of connection.
Lalita will awaken and reveal our essence beauty. And in Her devotion to love, She will melt away layer, upon layer, upon layer of self-judgement, constriction, shut down, shame, and comparison. Oh, She will intoxicate us with Her fragrant presence. She will open our temple to experience beauty.

Let’s step into Lalita’s lush, erotic temple.

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