Getting Here Now

Seven Meditations to Support You in Deepening Your Empty Presence

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Are you looking for a way to deepen your presence?

This series is perfect if you are being called to deepen your inward journey and commit to a practice of coming to the present moment and becoming empty.
Empty Presence is the seminal practice and skill of this Priestess Presence Path. Remembering this place of emptiness is the first place that we begin; it is a practice that never ends.
In this series, I guide you through seven practices that together form the basis of our Empty Presence Practice.
  • Getting Here Now
  • Grounding
  • Golden Sphere
  • Expanding
  • Into Infinity
  • Detox on the Out Breath
  • Nourish on the In Breath

Each meditation is short and to the point so you can use them every day to support your practice!

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