The Illuminated Priestess Credo eCourse

6-Part Series to Activate the Alchemical Priestess Within You

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Are you curious about the emerging Divine Feminine Leadership values and principles?

Do you wonder who the Alchemical Priestess is?


The Illuminated Priestess Credo eCourse provides a way for us to learn about the birth of the new Divine Feminine archetype: The Alchemical Priestess.


The Alchemical Priestess has been gestating within our collective consciousness for thousands of years; she has been tended to by the Ancient Priestess archetype and she is now being birthed through many of us.


So, who is the Alchemical Priestess? What does She ask of us? And what is the Priestess Credo?


The Priestess Credo is a beautiful living document of shared agreements between many sisters and Priestesses across the globe who are remembering their sacred threads and helping birth the Alchemical Priestess in these modern times.


The Credo holds the keys to how we can hold each other accountable as we walk as the Alchemical Priestess.


During this 6-part video series, you will spend time:

  • Reviewing a set of shared agreements to walk as the Divine Feminine in an embodied and fully human way.
  • Honoring the threads of remembrance that our foremothers and Ancient Priestess sisters held for aeons, acknowledging that these special gifts are carried within each of us.
  • Understanding how we are currently being called to walk the planet as the embodiment of the Alchemical Priestess.
  • Discovering who the Alchemical Priestess is.
  • Feeling into the ways She is asking you to show up in devoted service.
  • Activating your threads of remembrance – those special gifts that you were born with.
  • Assisting us to consciously birth this new archetype.
  • Reclaiming your lineage.
  • Committing to emerging Divine Feminine, heart-based leadership values and principles.

As we deepen into this, we are able to stand more fully in the world as attuned, heart-opened leaders.


Many voices have come together to create this Credo. Come, weave your thread. Come, dive into the waters of the Alchemical Priestess.  

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