The Modern Day Priestess Summit

The Modern Day Priestess Summit Dialogues

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The Priestess is heralding in a new paradigm shift of Feminine Consciousness.


The Modern Day Priestess Summit opens the dialogue so that we can all enter into the exploration of what it means to be a priestess during this time.
I know in my heart what it means to walk the Priestess Path … yet I am only one voice!

I feel passionately that we only uncover the integrity of our collective Priestess Credo

when each of us enters into the remembrance of all the threads

that we carry as light codes in our DNA. 

From this place we can create a collective agreement of what it means to walk in Her holy name.
If you are here, then my sense is that you are remembering the Priestess archetype within you
In this summit I sit with sisters from many different spiritual, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds so that we get to hear threads being woven from diverse voices.


The path does not belong to one of us: it belongs to all of us.

Each sister interviewed stands as a thread for something we are all remembering.

And you, sister, carry a thread. You are part of this remembrance.

During the interviews you will:

  • Explore alongside us what it means to walk as a modern day priestess.
  • Hear from diverse women who hold different lenses on what this path means to them.
  • Discover the collective threads of remembrance and how a diversity of women are being called to be in service.
  • Explore the different faces (aspects) of the Divine Feminine archetypes.
  • Hear the intimate stories of courageous sisters who are standing for new feminine leadership paradigms to emerge.
  • See yourself reflected in each sister interviewed.
  • Remember tools and skills of remembrance that you carry.
  • Awaken where you are being called to deepen your own remembrance and path.

The Summit Package Includes:
  • 23 devotional dialogues with sisters from many different spiritual, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds.
  • Illuminated Priestess Credo (a shared agreement of what it means to stand as a modern day priestess)


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