Seed Activation Experience


Beloved, are you ready to open to receiving the next level of your own evolution?
Do you feel that you would be deeply supported by clear seeing and mirroring of your essence being and the gift of who you are?


Seed Activation is a one-off deep dive session to access and activate the seed of who you came here to be.



Over the many years that I have sat with sisters just like you, I have come to the simple, potent, and elegant awareness that each one of us carries within us an encoded seed. It has a blueprint of how we are being called to serve in the world. This is our core expression, a frequency, an energy. It is unique to every single one of us. And it is our life purpose to recognize this seed and nurture it into the beauty it holds within.


I sense you landed here because you are called to activate this seed.


Like a seed syllable in a mantra, there is a sacred sound that lives within us, a seed that yearns to be expressed. It is the potency of your gorgeous divinity, your unmistakable being-ness. It is who you are with no effort, with no trying. It is what simply exudes from you when you are in alignment with it.


Accessing and activating this quintessence within you is often made difficult precisely because it is so simple yet incredibly powerful.


PPSC 4Our mind usually wants everything to be more complex. It fears the insidious “that is not enough” complex. It is sure there must be more complexity in order for something to be worthy of value. This is the biggest issue many of us have. And it’s in the way of us being able to tune in, deeply listen, and receive our own brilliance.

So my love, if you are ready to re-create your life around the essence of this inner knowing, if you know that you are called to slow down and tune into this incredible unfolding of your own essence and seed being, then I am here to lovingly support you.

I am here as your soul midwife to priestess the space of clarity and guidance in which you can receive this simple clear grain of truth in your own being.

Let’s travel to the deep recesses within you to retrieve this seed and amplify it so that you can absorb it into your being, and begin to grow in the delicious, fecund and fertile soil of your inner being.




In this session, we will:

  • Create the space for you to get centered, quiet ,and open to receive your own wisdom and inner knowing.
  • Explore the faces of the Divine Feminine and which one(s) you feel you are here to embody and the ways that these are currently guiding you in your life.
  • Look into which of the faces may be offering you deep challenge at this time. We will deepen inside the ways that you are apparently obscuring your inner knowing of who you are here to be.
  • Deepen in unconditional love and open the space for your essence being to emerge with her brilliance and gifts.
  • Make new agreements with your soul essence based upon the seed that is now activated.
  • Create potent practices to translate your seed to a real world plan of action.


I offer these sessions because of my knowing that this is a time in which we must all reach for the essence of who we are. We are here to understand what part we are to play. And then to get on and play it…

And I am here because I love to bring deep nourishment and enrichment to who you are. The truth is: I delight in who you are. This is the gift that I bring to the space. I am actually madly in love with who you are at the deepest level of your being. And there is nothing more contagious and infectious than the Divine beautiful seed of who you are!



So my love, you will leave this session with a clear sense of your seed and a concrete real-world plan as to how to embody it more fully on a daily basis.

What is included:

  • Archetypal Assessment: which archetypes are living through you and yearning for deeper expression at this time.
  • 90 minute live session: recorded so that you can keep it.
  • Grounded practices: to integrate and bring into action from the session.
  • Personal Altar created for you: to deepen into the seed activation.


When you book this session, you are gifted with the Pearl Level Membership in the Priestess Presence Temple

The Pearl Membership includes:


  • The Sacred Call of the Ancient Priestess: Birthing a New Divine Feminine Archetype.  The temple’s #1 best-selling book is an offering of deep, loving devotion from the Goddess to you. It was written for you. It belongs to you.

    Imagine meeting a luminous woman who takes your hand and lovingly re-tells the story of the Priestess, igniting a remembrance of an ancient history hidden deep within you – and within all women. Can you feel the imprint of the holy temples in your fingertips? Do you remember?

    In this emotionally compelling mix of myth and spirit, The Sacred Call of the Ancient Priestess lays bare the story of the Priestess’ wounded past and weaves it into a declaration of freedom and liberation.

    … A liberation that brings with it the birth of a new Divine Feminine archetype – The Alchemical Priestess – here to usher in a new paradigm of unconditional and radical love for these modern times.

    Written in a uniquely poetic and lyrical voice – evoking the vibration of mystery and the power of women to persevere – this daring book will inspire you to remember who you truly are so that you can midwife a new collective consciousness of healing love on this planet.

  • One month free access to the Priestess Presence Sister Circle. A monthly subscription circle where we explore one archetype per moon in our live video temple.



Your contribution for a Seed Activation Session $497