Need someone to speak about women making a difference?


It’s a beautiful moment when I walk on stage or in front of a room to serve you and your audience. I endeavor always to create an inviting aura of strength, grace, and ease so that you feel enveloped and ready to take on the powerful message I am about to deliver.

Every shared moment together is an opportunity for our lives to be touched and transformed. Through my expertise in dissolving barriers – with mirth and passion – to reveal universally meaningful stories, I guide women to ask the “right” questions … the questions that are deep and awakening, like:
  • What matters most to me?
  • What would make me get out of my comfort zone and do something bold with my life?
  • What would make me move a mountain?
  • How can I show up in the world more fully?
  • How am I called to make a difference in my life and the lives of others?
  • What is my soul calling me to do in the world?

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 Topic Suggestions

I’d be delighted to speak on any of these highly requested topics. If none of these are right for you, I’d love to craft something tailored just for your audience. Check out these suggestions and get in touch:
  • The Art of Feminine Alchemy
  • Walking As Beauty: How to Claim Your True Beauty Inside Out
  • What Does it Mean to be a Modern-Day Priestess? Answering the Call
  • You are the Living Temple: What Does it Mean to Embody the Divine Feminine?
  • Presence: The Sacred Feminine Superpower
  • Sacred Practices for Your Everyday Life
  • Awakening the Divine Feminine Within You: How Does She Show Up?
  • Awaken Your Inner Temple: Three Keys to Creating Sacred Space Within Yourself
  • Five Keys to Fuel Your Divine Feminine Being in the World: Activating the Heart and Soul of the Visionary Woman
  • Feed the Feminine First: 13 Ways to Activate Your Feminine Power
  • From Broken-Hearted to Open-Hearted: Seven Steps to Healing Your Heart
  • The Sacred Alchemy of Feminine Leadership: Reclaiming Our Wholeness to Heal the Heart of the World
  • The Power of Passionate Service: How to Make a Difference in the World
  • What Would Make You Move a Mountain? Are You Called to Be the Difference?



Booking Contact

You can get in touch with Leigh Senna or fill in this form.

What Are They Saying?

“Elayne is the total package. She is stunning in her grace, ease and flow. She glides onto the stage and immediately jumps into a deep soulful transparency that is beautiful. She deeply connects with all, touching everyone in the audience, making friends across all barriers, she has a natural relay ability to touch the room. Elayne is effortless in her ability to bring depth, connection, the hard questions and delightful playfulness all in one package. She has it all. Whether to a room of 40 or a room of 4,000, Elayne can touch and transform your audience.”

Lisa Nichols, NY Times Best Seller of “No Matter What”, Featured Teacher in “The Secret”, and World Renowned Speaker

“Elayne is beauty and grace in front of the room. She shows us the power of her stories. She will take you to the heart of her story all the way and you will feel her and be transformed.”

Susie Carder, President/COO Motivating the Masses