13 Moon Mystery School – Ordination Path


What does it mean to be an ordained Priest/ess of the 13Moon lineage?

It means you can demonstrate that you walk as a vessel of Empty Presence and thus can alchemize and transmute through your presence and love alone.


What is the Ordination Path?

The path of ordination is different for each being. As you step into the feeling harmonic of this path, the frequency is unassailable. Like sitting in the presence of Amma, you know you are in the presence of Divine Love: That is what we are holding for this 13 Moon™ lineage … that you walk as a vessel of Divine Love.
This is demonstrable in so far as everyone else around you can feel it; it is palpably felt because much time has been given to having worked through alchemical processes of clearing negredo/wounding/reactions/shadow that would have obscured Divine Love being felt or experienced through you.
We wish we could make a neat, linear list of all the qualifiers of what would assist you in being an ordained 13 Moon™ Priest/ess – such as being an adept with symbols or seeing clairvoyantly.
There are specific ways to get there; however, every single person has different gifts to bring into being an ordained 13 Moon™ Priest/ess.
It is not a lightweight commitment with a rubber-stamp completion.
It is an open-system pathway without rigid linear rules and regulations that you can check off a list. We try to offer a general direction toward the goal of ordination, but in the end, it comes down to embodying the ability to be an alchemist who alchemizes through love by simply interacting with life.
As ordained 13 Moon™ Priest/esses, we are in devotion and commitment to standing as an Alchemist to the best of our ability in every moment.

As an ordained Priest/ess, we take that as a vow of:

  • Who and how we are showing up in the world.
  • An embodied willingness for that to be a real vow of who you stand as.
  • Being of service to the greater whole of which you are a part.
  • Choosing to walk in the level of coherency that asks you to see life itself as the initiation.
  • Complete commitment to being devoted to this knowing and this path.
  • Being in remembrance and demonstration
  • Being a living embodiment of joy and ecstasy.
  • It is our intention to journey with this Priest/ess path in celebration of our Essence and the embodiment of the gifts of who we are, in open-eyed meditation and full presence. [/infobox]


The Gateways Towards Application for Ordination

(please note that completing these steps does not guarantee ordination)

Gateway 1: Enter the Temple.

The journey of remembrance and awakening leads you to enter into 13 temples (archetypes) of the Divine Feminine. At this level, you begin your remembrance by discovering which archetypes are most resonant with you at this time in your life.


Gateway 2: Awaken the Temple.

At this step, you begin to awaken the temple of remembrance within you. This may be done by sitting with a series of different meditations that awaken the Goddess within you, the gifts of your inner sight, healer, and wisdom.


Gateway 3: Embody the Temple.

At this step, you begin consciously embodying the 13 archetypes within your everyday life, while embracing their challenges and gifts with the divine support of all your sisters in our monthly gathering: Priestess Presence Sister Circle.


Gateway 4:  Enter the Mystery.

Initiate level. In this level, one enters into full initiation in each temple of the 13 faces of the Divine Feminine for a full 13 Moon cycle. You are part of a bonded alchemical container held by a 13 Moon Focalizer and you are devoted to going the distance and fulfilling what is required to step into this level.
If a someone comes through an online circle, she must attend the 2-4 retreats offered, so that in essence, she has been present for a living transmission of each archetype.’

Gateway 5:  Devotion to the Temple.

This gateway occurs as one steps into being an Initiate in Devotion. One has already gone through a full cycle of the 13 Moon™ Mystery School initiate circles. (If s/he has done an online version then s/he has already attended the live retreats). At this gate, s/he applies to enter into a circle (online or in person) to be an initiate in devoted service (we previously called this a senior priest/ess). Here, s/he is called an Initiate in Devotion: devoted in service to the Divine One, the circle, the sisters and brothers, and the focalizer.

Gateway 6: Becoming the Temple.

Full Ordination. At this gate, initiates complete their alchemical initiatory challenges in alignment with how these have been presented to them by their  focalizer/mentors. An initiate is held in one-on-one mentorship as s/he completes these challenges. This can occur simultaneously with Gateway 5: Initiate in Devotion. When the focalizers feel the challenges have been met (this is an open-ended situation that requires tangible focus and concrete change), and if there is alignment the sister or brother may be invited to a final personal initiation with one of the Lineage Holders of the 13 Moon™ Mystery School; after completion, s/he is ordained as a 13 Moon Priest/ess.