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Do You Fully Love Yourself?

Hello, beloved sister. How are you this day?

I am intoxicated by the scent of rose oil that I just anointed myself with. I am softening my heart towards you and feeling all the places that are tight and tense in my body. I am touching them with my breath, giving them a loving message that they can release in ease and grace and be enveloped in pleasure. It is safe here.

This is an act of devotion. To come to the places that are shut down or numb and touch them with love and presence.

I am opening the space for the Goddess of Love to enter in. Are you ready?

She is here to invite us to heal our sisterhood through a powerful healing of the shadow of not loving ourselves exactly as we are.

I am inviting in this vulnerable, tender place simply because it has been a year of reckoning in my life.

Frankly, I have been stunned this year.

As I approach my 48th birthday, I am definitely entering a transition, I can feel it in my body.

In the beginning of the year, the seeds I received were: balance, support, and spaciousness. I remember receiving them in the womb of my silence during the depths of winter and feeling somewhat flat about them … like … where’s the passion in those words?

If you have hung around the temple for awhile, then you will know that passion is not one of things that I struggle withand that was the whole point.

What I did not know in the dark of winter, is now coming to full bloom as we approach the Summer Solstice.

At the heart of these seeds is a very simple directive and invitation from Mother:

Love yourself fully.
Love yourself with the kind of devotion, attention, and attunement that you would your own child, your lover, your friend.
Become your own Beloved.

As I enter this peri-menopausal phase of my life, I “know” that everything is up for review. I know that it is a turning point.

And what I have been humbly listening to is all the ways that I have somehow continued to place myself on the back burner, how I have made it OK for me to be last on the list of the things that need attention.

It is humbling. I am a Priestess. I hold the Goddess of Love temple, and here I am – of course – facing one of the deepest shadows that so many of us have inherited: I have not been really loving myself.

I have not been choosing to listen to the strong and powerful body I was given. I have not been devoted to the Beloved within me … or at least not in a way that was really devoted.

So, the intimate, vulnerable truth is that I have been brought to my knees.

I have literally been experiencing knee pain for nearly two years now.

What I have finally heard is that my knees want me to bow in devotion to the Beloved within. To love this holy, sacred vessel by taking care of her in ways that I have thought (albeit secretly) to be frivolous or only to be lavished on oneself as a reward for having worked hard…

…Can I hear your cries of recognition, sisters?

The amazing thing for me about this path – the 13 Moon Mystery School path – is that after 10 years of entering the temple, I can still find myself being humbled and challenged.

I am so grateful. I have come to see how I have struggled with judgement about Self Love. Again and again and again…

Let’s slow down for a moment and place a hand on our hearts.

Take a slow, deep breath, sister.

Feel this in your body.

Do you LOVE yourself exactly as you are right now in this moment?

Listen in. What do you hear if you are really honest with yourself?

I know that this is a lot to ask!

So if you feel you want more support with this, I deeply call you to join us for our next live temple in the Priestess Presence Sister Circle where we will be deepening into the Goddess of Love to more fully alchemize this collective shadow.

I love you unconditionally and your Essence Being delights me.

In so much love and devotion,


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