Walk the Path of Priestess Presence

The Path of the Priestess is an ancient wisdom and mystery that lives within each one of us.

This Path does not belong to anyone; it belongs to everyone.

There are many lineages and ways to travel.

This temple is dedicated to the lineage of the 13 Moon Mystery School





It is my role to be a gatekeeper for this beautiful and powerful temple lineage and, my love, I am honored and delighted that you are here.
As the gatekeeper, I hold the temple door open, welcoming you, embracing you, as you enter onto the Priestess Presence Path.
On the Path of Priestess Presence – a dedicated temple of the 13 Moon Mystery School ™- you will be immersed in the potent world of the Divine Feminine archetypes. These teaching will help you connect to, remember, and activate your inherent gifts … and the shadows beneath them.


The Divine Feminine Archetypes are the guiding system through which you unlock and decode the essence of who you are here to be,  so that you can more fully embody all aspects of your being in your everyday life. 


The journey of remembrance and awakening leads you to enter into 13 temples (archetypes) of the Divine Feminine.
Each one is a unique face of the Goddess. As you travel through these powerful initiation gateways, you’ll learn practices to embody the Divine Feminine archetypes.
We come to know the wisdom and healing of each of the 13 faces as we build a profound and intimate relationship with them, as living deities, abiding within us. This awakening of inner gnosis (or spiritual knowing) is a deeply beautiful alchemical journey.




The Temple of Priestess Presence is a space where you are lovingly held while you remember, awaken, and activate these archetypes as they are uniquely expressed within your essence.

Wherever you choose to enter, know that it will be perfect for you

Enter the Temple: The First Gateway

 Welcome, beloved. We are so grateful you have arrived at the temple.
This is the first gateway on the Priestess Path.
Please enter here to access and remember the Divine Feminine archetypes that live within you.
We offer you a powerful and potent way to learn which of 13 divine faces of the Feminine are most and least expressed within you.
Come, my love…

 Enter the Temple

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Awaken the Temple:
The Second Gateway

My love, do you feel ready to come closer?
This is the second gateway on the Path.
Do you feel the pull to immerse yourself in an intimate self-remembrance of the Divine Feminine as she lives within you?
Enter here once you know which archetypes are calling you closer (the first gateway), offering you into a deeper initiation.
Come, enter 13 of Her sacred holy temples and receive Her into your heart.

Awaken the Temple

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Embody the Temple:
The Third Gateway

Sister, are you ready to embody the temple?
This is the third gateway on the Path.
Do you feel the yearning to step into a living temple filled with sisterhood, support, and a direct experience of the Divine Feminine archetypes?
This is a potent and powerful living temple of sisters from all over the world who are drawn together to practice and hold each other in the living crucible of love.
This step is for you if you feel ready to begin consciously embodying these archetypes within your everyday life, while embracing their challenges and gifts with the divine support of all your sisters. 


Embody the Temple

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Enter the Mystery. Initiate Circles:
The Fourth Gateway

My love, are you called to step more fully onto the Path of Priestess Presence as a spiritual lineage and practice?
At this fourth gateway, you are called to go deeper and to be in a sanctified immersion with all 13 faces of the Divine Feminine in a committed and powerful closed crucible of transformation.
Are you ready to enter into the full initiatory path towards the possibility of becoming an ordained Priestess of the 13 Moon lineage?
If so, congratulations. You have found your way to the door of the Inner Sanctuary.
There are two initiatory paths you can choose from within to step onto the path of possible priestess ordination.

Enter the Mystery

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Divine Feminine
Deep Dive Mentoring

Do you feel the need for a deeper, more intimate place to lay your soul?
Do you need the support of one-to-one work?
At this place on the Path, you’ll be held in intimate support with Elayne Kalila as you access and transform your deepest challenges by releasing your most potent and beautiful gifts to the world.
This is a powerful way to face current life challenges and initiations in a potent alchemical crucible.

Receive Deep Support

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Devotion to Serve the Temple:
The Fifth Gateway


Are you ready to deepen into the process of initiation for priestess ordination?
Are you willing to assist the temple in profound devotion?
At this fifth gateway, you have absolute clarity that you’re called to devote your life in service to the Goddess as a priestess of this lineage.
At this gateway, you walk through a full initiation cycle as an Initiate in Devoted Service, deepening your practice and servicing the sisters in the temple.
This is the next initiation – one of devotion – to become a fully ordained priestess.
Each initiation is a gateway of intimacy with Her and Her temple as expressed in this lineage.
Entrance into this gateway is by application only. To apply, you must have completed at least one of the two initiatory paths in the fourth gateway (Priestess Presence Inner Sanctum 1&2 – a 1+ year intensive or the Awakening Priestess Mysterium – a two year intensive).

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Become the Living Temple. Full Ordination:
The Sixth Gateway


Are you called to become the living temple?
Are you ready to be held in a deep mentorship crucible as you face your final initiation challenges?
At this sixth gateway, you enter into your final initiatory challenges and mentorship so you may apply to become a fully ordained 13 Moon Priestess.
This is the gateway to full ordination, though it is not guaranteed.
Entrance into this gateway is by application only.

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