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Walking as Compassion



Breathe with me. Light the candle of this temple. Enter here with me.

At this moment, I am leaving the beautiful old city of San Juan in Puerto Rico. Not only is this city alive with incredible history and architecture, I have felt the palpable presence of the Goddess of Compassion in the hearts of many people I have met.

As I strolled these ancient cobbled streets, I was met with the gaze of kindness, open heartedness, and heartfelt connection … the people here and their presence of the Mother has deeply touched me. It’s been lovely to sit with a feeling of such deep welcome along with a sense of peace and belonging that can only come from the heart of oneness.

The Goddess of Compassion in Her form as Mother Mary is alive here in the hearts and eyes of those whom I have been touched by. I was brought to tears by Ishmael last night when he brought my food and shared his love of his birthplace; his sharing ignited a  sense of rare acceptance and genuine connection. Later, I found myself looking into the eyes of the old man on the bus, then being greeted by softness and a ready smile. A true feeling of the love of humanity seems to be everywhere here.

I can feel Her holy presence in this land in a way that has surprised me. It has refreshed me and given me a deep respect for this culture.


The Goddess of Compassion invites us to truly see and recognize that everything we think, say, and do seeds our invisible and collective reality; at the same time, she asks us to understand that the very structure of our universe is based upon how we choose to bring our divinity and beauty into form through all that we are.

Every thought, word, and syllable that we speak – every action that moves through us – has the capacity to create more love, acceptance, and kindness on our planet.

Every encounter is a chance to see the other as an aspect of self. Every moment a powerful and potent opening to a world that we want to live in.

Mother Mary. Quan Yin. Tara. All are faces of Her violet flamed frequency. When we open to Her living through us, we awaken the extraordinary capacity we all have for forgiveness and compassion … for gentleness, kindness, mercy, and humility.

Feel the frequency of these seed words. Let them enter you like a clarion call for your heart to open. Feel all beings as aspects of you. Let separation and the sense of the “other” drop away so you may be left with the deeper knowing of our oneness.

As we enter this moon with the Goddess of Compassion, we are asked to enter the gateway of: “I recognize. I seed.” She implores us to see that we are radically responsible for the world that we are walking. As within, so without. As above, so below.

She gazes at us and asks us the difficult questions.

On one of the days in San Juan, myself and some sisters were magically led to a museum. It was the home of a previous mayor of San Juan – an illustrious woman named Felisa Rincón de Gautier. As we entered, we were greeted by a simply divine woman named Miriam … and, of course, Miriam is another form of Mary. She was beautiful, had dark hair, and was in her early 60s.

She came to us like a honeybee. She took us to a room, sat us down, and proceeded to give us a transmission from the Goddess of Compassion. She was a devotee of Mary and deeply connected to the language of compassion. As she invited us into our hearts, she asked this question: “If Adolf Hitler were sitting here right now, would you respect him as a human?” My body tensed up and I knew my sister sitting to my right was Jewish. I could feel the Goddess of Compassion inside me awaken. I could feel the desire to be able to answer, “yes.” But in truth, I really had to sit with this.

As we deepened into our hearts, we began to talk of how hard it is to find the respect for a man who had been such a monster; yet, as we opened further and found ourselves feeling our shared humanity, it became clear. Miriam began to share how she had asked this question to another group because she was guided to. A man in the group hunched over, clearly in distress, when she had asked this question. He finally turned to her with tears running down his face and said, “I can respect him as a human, yes, but not what he did or what he believed.” This man was Jewish.

After Miriam shared this story, I felt my tears rise up in gratitude for this powerful initiation from the Goddess of Compassion, asking us to find the heart of forgiveness and respect all life. No matter what. She implores us to find the place where we can see and feel the humanity of the other and at the same time, not condone their actions or beliefs. It is a powerful and challenging path.

I left Miriam that day filled with such peace such humility, knowing that the Goddess of Compassion is making Herself known, asking us the difficult questions so that we can grow beyond our desire to blame others and separate.

So, my beloved, just take a moment to receive this initiation via my sister, Miriam. Feel into your heart. Who is it that you cannot respect? What justifications do you give? Love yourself inside whatever feeling you have. Be compassionate with yourself first. It is from this place – where we can love ourselves through our own judgments – that we seed the reality we want to create.

This moon, I invite you to feel into how you are being called to recognize the power you have to seed new realities based upon how you:

  • think
  • speak
  • see yourself in others
  • how you see them in you

As always, I am deeply honored to be here on this journey with you.

In love and devotion,

Elayne Kalila Sophia

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