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Weaver Dreamer

October 31st, 2016 | Comments Off on Weaver Dreamer

I dream. I connect.

We are the weavers.  

We are dreamers.  

We are the woven ones.

We are the dream.


Image by Juanita Cheng-Mccarron

On Beltane, I had a powerful dream. A dream that changed me, challenged me, and propelled this temple forward.

I was led down a forest path that wound into the center of an ancient forest and found myself in a natural clearing in the middle of ancient trees, all dappled with sunlight on the deep rich green soft grass.

In the middle of this clearing emerged a beautiful, deeply carved round table; it seemed to be growing out of the earth.

Around this circular table there appeared to be thrones of different rich and beautiful jewel tones growing out of the earth. In the middle of the vast table, there was a deep red rose transforming from bud to full bloom, the back to seed again, continuously regenerating Herself at the center of the table.  

Women from all lineages, ethnicities, languages began gathering and as they did, I heard the words: “We are being called to convene The Queens’ Council: A Gathering of the Sisterhood of the Rose.”

I listened into the dream not knowing what it meant or what would unfold; yet I could feel it seeding and growing within our temple … and this turned into The Queens’ Council in September where over 7,000 sisters sat around the table for a 13 day immersion.

During the Council, I saw how so many of us have been holding similar stories … the old worn out fears of not being enough or too much. Our fears of coming out of hiding and truly sitting as Sovereign Queens.

As I felt this rise in our temple for healing, a different story appeared … a story of possibility, a dream that we are here to weave: a new dream based upon each one of us choosing to stand in our inner beauty, our magnificence, and offer the gift of our Essence to the world, standing as Sovereign Queens TOGETHER.

We are co-creating a space where new archetypes of the Divine Feminine are being conceived and birthed from within our collective womb.

We are sisters who are holding a sacred, potent space where we can remember who we are and reveal our Essence gift so we can be in devoted and passionate service to healing our hearts and the heart of the world.

We are rejuvenating and reactivating our inner wisdom … our innate Divine Feminine wisdom that heralds a new paradigm of feminine leadership in our world.

We, my love, are here weave that dream into being. We are the manifestation of that dream … the one that has been lying dormant within so many of us for lifetimes. We are the seed carriers of this new dream.

And you, beloved sister … well, the Weaver Dreamer lives within you.

You are a mythic being. You are here to dream the new dream, to claim your rightful place as a conscious dreamer. One who dreams a new dream alive.

You may be wondering what that even means. It’s simple, really.

Take a moment and imagine your life as a movie that you are directing. A movie full of twists and turns, of incredible beauty, and heart wrenching pain. Chances are you have been living aspects of your movie that have you have not been consciously dreaming or directing.

We all receive scripts in our childhood, family, school, and culture. If we don’t ever see that there is a script – or that maybe “someone else” is actually directing your movie – then we are living a story that is not of our own choosing.

So, if you had the choice (which of course you do!), how would you change your movie? Would you alter the plot or switch out some of the characters? What scenes would you choose to linger in, to stay with a little longer? Which scenes would you now nix? What location would you change?

…What would you “choose” to dream into being?

The Weaver Dreamer (one of the 13 faces of the Divine Feminine that we explore in the 13 Moon Mystery School) is the one who holds us in this magnificent unfolding. She whispers across the cosmos, “You are here to live your own dream. It is possible to dream your mythic self and your movie in any way that you CONSCIOUSLY CHOOSE!”

So, the question is: Are you satisfied with the story that you have been weaving … the story that you are living? Does it connect you to your deep essence?  Do you feel in alignment, as though you are playing the right roles that fit your purpose and mission?

We are called to be a bigger and brighter version of ourselves. We are called to live a life that is in living color – saturated, rich, textured, alive, and passionate.

Take a few moments to contemplate the following:

  • What would you change in your own movie?
  • What are the patterns that you play out in your life that you will now choose to change in some way?
  • What is the bigger story of your life that is calling you?
  • If you were a mythical being, who would you be? (Think archetype: god, goddess, hero, etc.)

Who do you feel emerging? Who are you called to be?

We would love to hear how you are being called to consciously dream and WHO is just dying to be expressed through you at this point in your life journey! Come and share with us here on our Facebook Temple.  

So looking to diving into the dream with you this moon.

In love and devotion

Kalila Sophia Rose

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