Your Presence is a Gift


A love letter from my heart to yours



Your Presence is palpable

Your Presence creates space for others to be present, too.

Your Presence is your authentic thumbprint, a familiar and wonderful aroma, a color that emits from within you as you breathe. It is your rhythm, your body in motion and stillness, the music in your voice and cadence of the words you speak. It is in the way you laugh and cry, the way you caress another, and the way that you stand your ground.

Your Presence is the most magnificent gift that you have to give the world


Awakening and activating your Presence is at the heart of the Path of Priestess Presence. When you show up fully, tenderly, fiercely in your being, you choose the Path of healing shadow and shame that keeps you hidden and disempowered. You meet all the places where you are playing small and unable to revel in the incredible beauty of who you are truly are.


Your Presence is what the world needs most deeply. When you bring your Presence, you activate and deepen the Presence of those around you.

A Priestess is a being who knows how to create the conditions necessary for transformation to take place.




Here’s the truth from my lens as it unfolds in this moment.


It’s not about me or you. It’s about us. We know we are whole, One. We know there is no difference between us at the deepest level. We know this in our DNA, in our collective remembrance, in our consciousness. Intellectually, we also know this.


We are primed to step into new paradigm of feminine consciousness, of pure Presence. And yet, we are standing at the edge, trying desperately to hold onto our Self’s notion that we are separate … and that we have to stay separate or perish.


What will it take for us to embody our intellectual knowing? To truly let this knowing of our oneness permeate our hearts, our wombs, and our cellular body?


It takes each one of us living in our hearts, choosing to feel everything in life as a magnificent opportunity to be brought closer and closer to our innate essence.


For when we are connected to this essential place of truth within, each one of us becomes a beacon of Presence … like a tuning fork to which all others begin to resonate. This resonance is at the heart of Presence.


What I know is that there is only one of us. What I know is that we are all in this together. What I know is that we will evolve our divine humanity when every one of us takes on our personal demons and angels in service to knowing that we are One.


A share from my heart


Sigune_Queen of Death_4Last year, I had a deep and intensely painful revelation. Unexpectedly, as if by a miracle at age 46, I became pregnant. I carried my baby for 12 weeks and then – painfully, horrifically, cruelly – had a miscarriage.

This powerful yet normal experience threw me into a deep dark descent, rendering me unable to function. For nearly nine months, the time it would’ve taken for my baby to be ready to be born, I stayed underground. As with each time I’ve been taken into the underworld, I laid there… believing I would never come back.

In truth, I did not come back. At least not to the ‘I’ who existed before that precious baby had taken her place within me.

Something in me changed. The visceral experience of holding her in my womb, the feeling of her love light inside me, gifted me the embodied knowing that we are born out of one other. We are made out of each other. We carry each other inside of us. There is no way to be separated. Not ever. And as I have allowed this knowing to seep into every corner of my being, there is a new being ready to be born.


It’s fair to say that the Ego me has struggled with this. In all transparency, I have been flailing, terrified that giving up my me, letting go of all the struggle and striving of this lifetime, I would be annihilated. I have been silently screaming, convinced that I will surely die if I didn’t return to the old way of being. Only in the silence, when I stop and I let myself feel the Presence of what I know to be true, do I know what is true.


What is being born from me is sweet and tender. What is being born comes from knowing we are One. We will transform beyond recognition when we fight our own battles knowing that they are everyone else’s. We will embrace joy knowing that it does not belong to any one of us, but to all. We will give up the exhaustion of our separation and loneliness, and let ourselves surrender to receiving the deep nourishment and unconditional love that comes from our Oneness.


And so, a Temple devoted to Priestess Presence.



The Temple of Priestess Presence is a sacred space where you can drop the veils and defenses of separation. It is a space of great depth and beauty where you can be exactly who are you, without hiding any of it.


You are received in love no matter what. You are held no matter what. You are free to experience the power of being us, knowing when you face a demon, tell the truth, open your ecstasy, yell no, scream yes, and let your fire burn brightly, you are truly doing this for all beings.


There is such incredible power in this.

The time has come to let the knowing of our Oneness live in us.


Find out how you can discover your Divine Feminine gifts. 




Your Presence is a Gift

Be your Being,
your Core, your Essence – what was there all along.
In the beginning, before the rest came into form,
your Light,
your energetic thumbprint,
Your color, shape, texture, movement;
Your Song.
Your being-ness – what came before the doing –
The Be.
The You behind the you.
Your witness.
Your All Seeing Eye.
Your Timeless Be-ing.
Your stillness, your deep pool of Being-ness,
Your effortlessness.
Your flow.
The You that lights up the room with no words,
The you that simply by Be-ing,
transforms, heals, empowers, and delights.
The You behind the masks.
The You behind all the excuses and old stories,
behind all the should have’s, could have’s and would have’s:
What is left
when you stop trying
To Be
and simply be
the Be-ing in you?
Your Presence is a gift.
Who are you called to Be?