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Answer The Call | Full Invite - Priestess Presence

Beloved one,

Welcome to Awakening the Call-a self-study course where you will activate 9 sacred practices to embody the modern, Alchemical Priestess.

It’s such an honor to open the temple doors and support you to remember what means to walk as a Priestess.

We bow as you enter the temple…

Here, you are safe.
Here, you are embraced.
Here, you enter into the heart of remembrance.
Here, you are held in your exquisite wholeness.

Enter the Vessel of Transmutation

My love … come, prepare


A self-study course containing formal teachings, rituals, skills, and practices (all based on the 13 Moon Mystery School, an Avalonian lineage) so that you can immerse in the principles of transformation and embody the Priestess.

You will alchemize ancient, esoteric teachings within the structure of a modern mystery school.

The temple’s School of Sacred Arts—of which this course is one program—provides exemplary, all-inclusive training—from basic skills and practices to full ordination.

We are an established temple with nearly 80,000 women

This self-study course is a primer—a stepping stone—to deep, initiatory trainings offered by the temple’s school.


You … if you’re ready to take the vow to walk as love and have the rooted support of a sister soul family as you face challenges when opening your heart to more divine intoxication, intimacy, vulnerability, magic, and ecstatic bliss.

You … if you’re ready to access your remembrance of the core practices and skills of priestessing and begin to step on the path of what it means to walk this path.

You … if you’re called to walk your talk as a Priestess by remembering your sacred gifts and sharing them with the world.

And … for any woman called to deepen the skills and practices of the Priestess within a loving, embracing vessel of sisterhood, held by Elayne Kalila Sophia Doughty, an Ordained Priestess and trained psychotherapist.


So you may remember who you are and embody the transformational power of your true Essence while living an impassioned, fully present life … then offer your precious gifts to the world.

Awakening the Priestess will activate your encoded treasure—which is your birthright—so that you can consciously weave it into the collective and help heal our world.

When we do this, we:

  • Stand in radical self-love, giving permission for others to do the same
  • Dismantle old systems of patriarchy, recreating and rebalancing new systems that honor diversity and the feminine
  • …Can change the world
Are you called
to ground your purpose
and expand your capacity
as a vessel of love?

Ignite Your Soul’s Fire

Priestess Practices
to Activate + Ignite Your Soul-Desire

As we step through the 9 gateways of transformation during this program, you will remember the sacred, grounded practices of the Priestess.

When you remember and re-activate these tools inherent within, you’ll begin to enter the alchemical work.

Your Shakti fire will ignite.

You’ll begin to incinerate old patterns and stories
within you that imprinted core wounds of not enoughness, invisibility
(rooted in the fear of being “seen” and speaking your truth), and shame.

While your heart and body purifies and intensifies
in the fires of transmutation, your passions will
enflame in divine intoxication

Your soul-desire will burn hot…
and the juicy expression of your yearnings will create
new stories, new ways, new vibrance.

With each practice and session, you’ll burn, dissolve, and release
all that no longer serves you so that you can-ultimately–
stand in your brilliant, illuminated, natural, embodied state.

The key is to love your alchemical elements
of fire, water, earth, air and ether–even when they
catalyze, burn, dissolve, and purify your being … for
it’s the ignition of your soul…

…Because alchemical transformation means embracing all of who
we are–the light and the shadow.

Then, the sweet, unique elixir of your quintessence will be revealed.

And when this happens, you’ll remember that you’re here
to embody your fragrant gifts and stand in collective,
awakened, and devoted love.

…And your sister-family will be right by your side in a private Facebook temple.

Awaken Your Devotion

Grounded, Focused, Practical, Embodied
Mystery School

Elayne Kalila Sophia will guide you through a grounded and focused framework so that you’ll understand the underpinnings of alchemy, archetypal psychology, and deity practice from an integrated lens.

This means plenty of supportive foundational materials. practices and rituals where you’ll have direct experiences embodying the Priestess as She lives in you.

Though this is a deep, esoteric Mystery School, it is grounded in a solid foundation so that you can immediately integrate your experience into your daily life.

You’ll receive:

Practical, yet esoteric, teachings, tools, and activations to support you as you remember what it means to walk as a Priestess
Core principles to ground your ritual experience
Deepening practices to hold you on your journey
Transmissions and teachings with Elayne Kalila Sophia to practice the 9 sacred tools and practices for being a Priestess
Meditations and Activations that support you to develop a daily practice.
Deepening Practices handouts that will nourish your understanding of each of the core principles.
Additional support materials, videos, audio meditations and divine dialogues-all organized into a flow that guides you to deepen on the path.
Safe, loving container of sisterhood in a private, alchemical Facebook temple

Self-Study flow:

Access to a private members’ only area, our Mothership, which houses the course materials
Regular email prompts to open new modules
Opportunity to share your thoughts and answer deepening questions in the course modules
Receive support in a private Facebook temple
Study at your own pace and get reminders when you’ve completed one module and a new one is open

We cover 9 core alchemical practices of the Priestess

Empty Presence
Feeling Navigation, Resonance, and Coherence
Awakening the Open Heart
Authentic Power and Sovereign Alignment
Integrity and Truth
Devotion and Blessing
Ecstasy, Bliss, and Freedom
This program offers you a way to ground your understanding and inner knowing of what it means to walk the path of the Priestess.

Each teaching invites you to expand your capacity to walk in priestess presence through:

  • grounded, embodied practices
  • self-reflection
  • connection with your Essence

During the course, you’ll be:

  • Invited
  • to identify how you’re being called to bring
  • the light of your full, embodied presence into the world.
  • Challenged to listen-in and hear
  • how the Priestess is calling you to be of devoted service
  • within our modern-day context.
  • Guided and supported to see how the Priestess,
  • as a living archetype, is
  • calling you to offer yourself in devoted service.

And as you take each step on this path, you’ll be supported to heal and release that which no longer serves—making way to birth something anew—so that you can transmute old stories and come to a place of harmonic wholeness as you embody your divinely human Essence.
…So, if you have been searching for both a training and a safe crucible in which to practice, awaken, remember, and be in an alchemical process, then you’re invited to let the catalyzing fires of this journey transform you.

Embody Your Wholeness


the Priestess embraces us as we remember to celebrate our inherent
wholeness by virtue of our transparent, vulnerable, free, ecstatic hearts.

This is who we came here to be.

This is the path of the Priestess.

The Priestess invites us to embody our lives from the perspective that we’re already whole, complete, and radiant. She challenges us to embrace the places that scare us, through owning our shadow, and choosing to bring love to the places where we have judged and separated.

We only have to remember.

The practices, skills, and loving sisterhood offered in this journey provides you with the perfect vessel to remember who you are so that you can walk as Love on the planet.

Ground the Mystery

An overview of all the boons
you’ll receive from the program:


Explore the following questions and experience embodying deity through archetypal energy during our live calls and in your daily life:

  • What is a Divine Feminine archetype?
  • How do they operate within our psyche?
  • What is the history of the development of the field of archetypal psychology?
  • How do the Divine Feminine archetypes support you to reclaim “forgotten” aspects of yourself and bring them back to wholeness?

Explore the following queries and during our live calls, embody an alchemical
blueprint for transformation when you apply these into your daily life:

  • What is Alchemy?
  • Where does it originate and how did it develop?
  • What are what are the seven stages of spiritual alchemy?
  • How do we recognize an alchemical experience?
Feminine Embodiment:

  • What is the practice of Divine Feminine Embodiment?
  • Where does it come from?
  • What lineages and traditions are connected to this practice?
  • What is the Gnostic tradition?
  • How can this practice support us to connect more closely to our Essence and access our inner truth?
  • How does this practice support us to heal and transform our lives?

You’ll awaken the following 9 core practices and skills of the Priestess:


Of creating sacred space and claim the priestess gifts you carry this lifetime

Empty Presence:

Dropping out of your mind then into your inner heart and womb knowing

Feeling Navigation,
Resonance, and

The art of subtle awareness where you develop your intuition and oracular skills

Awakening the Open Heart:

Understand the open heart as the portal through which you connect to your Essence and divinity.

Authentic Power and
Sovereign Alignment:

Embrace radical self-responsibility, anchor what truth and aligned power feels like in your body, and activate your Inner Queen

Integrity and Truth:

Remember the seminal skill of determining what is real

Devotion and Blessing:

Free the caged feelings of limitation, transforming it to abundance and flow


Skill to liberate your ego’s attachment to roles and identifiers

Ecstasy, Bliss, and

Anchor the practice of turning toward love, at all times, to live a life of tender, open, vulnerability so that we can transmit and pollinate new stories in ourselves and in our world

Sacred Exchange

While the mysteries do not belong to any of us–but to all of us–paradoxically, they are are not free: They are priceless treasures.

The temple wishes to deeply honor you for being a clear YES.

You may step in and join us for the heart contribution of $497–or 4 sacred payments of $125

Thank you for your heartfelt contribution. We are in deep gratitude and invite you into this beautiful, transformative Mystery School.

The Grounded, Detailed, Alchemical Curriculum

Creating the



MODULE 1: Remembrance

We will:

Create Temple together by lighting the candles of remembrance and calling back your power as a temple sister.
Ground the field in sacred agreements.
Receive the Core Teaching of Remembrance.