Astara Jane Ashley

Leadership Style: Ecstatic, Challenger, EdgeWalker
Blood Ancestry: Scottish, English, German, Danish
Priestess Speciality: Sacred Space Ceremonialist, Egyptian Essential Oil Alchemy and Divination, Writing and Sacred Art-making as tools for transformation, Oracle Card Divination, Sacred Union, Accessing Nature’s Codes for Life, Sacred Geometry.

Astara Jane Ashley, MA, is the embodiment of every fractal of her journey. As daughter, wife, and mom, she navigates this dimension holding space for love and empathy.

As a Priestess Initiate of the 13 Moon Mystery School through Priestess Presence and a Temple Guide Trainer with Priestess Presence, Astara holds sacred space for transformation and archetypal embodiment. She deeply supports women through their journey to remembrance and in the embodiment of their truth.

As a publisher, transpersonal psychotherapist, and leader in the rising Divine Feminine movement, Astara understands her role as a lightworker. She knows the importance of collaboration and community in these uncertain times and embodies a deep knowing of her purpose on the planet: to midwife women’s books to the world and support them in their quantum leap into more visibility, leadership, and impact.

Her thriving online private writer’s group, “Published Priestess,” supports women to write from the heart and clear all blocks to authentic self-expression—while being deeply held in an atmosphere of inclusivity, love, and no judgment.

Astara leads a popular group writing program, “Divine Writing Journey: Write Your Book in 6 months,” twice each year. She is the creator of the best-selling “New Feminine Evolutionary” collaborative book series, consisting of seven books and hundreds of contributing authors. Through these potent writing collaborations, Astara holds a sacred container for women to claim their power and their voice—all in the safety of sisterhood.

Astara knows the hurdles in balancing relationships, self-care, time with family, and running a 6-figure business. She is devoted to centering the voices of women of color. Her upcoming collaborative book, “Ancient-Future Unity: Reclaim your Roots, Liberate your Lineage, Live a Legacy of Love,” features the voices of 30 black women and will be released in early 2021.

Astara’s passion is to support women to elevate their consciousness, lives, and businesses by distilling their essence and creating resonance and connection through their message—to a place they never dreamed possible. As they break through perceived barriers, they discover more joy, connection, and purpose in their lives.

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Aurora Farber

Leadership Style: Ecstatic, Mystic, Challenger
Blood Ancestry: East Asian & Native American (Chinese & Southeast Asian-Filipino & Austronesian); Northwest European (British & Irish, French & German, Scandanavian)
Priestess Speciality: Sacred Space Ceremonialist, Cyclical Living and Moon Wisdom and Rhythms, 13 Moon Oracle Readings, Gene Keys, Sacred Geometry, Bringing Spirit into Form through Sacred Art, Intuitive Writing, and Archetypal Embodiment.

Aurora Anurca Farber, Feminine Leadership Coach, Spiritual Guide, Oracle, Writer, Speaker & modern-day Priestess, is on a mission to help women step into leadership and ignite their “Feminine Fire”—-the 3 flames of POWER, LOVE and WISDOM that will ignite a new awakening of evolutionary consciousness and heal our world. She helps women burn away limiting beliefs, align with their feminine moon rhythm, and embody their passion and mythic purpose in the world.

Her signature program, Moon Cycle Magic, teaches women how to work with the moon cycle, activate divine feminine archetypes, and manifest their intentions in alignment with the creational rhythm of the moon.

As a Priestess Initiate of The 13 Moon Mystery School, and as a Temple Guide Trainer of the Priestess Presence Temple, she mentors women in how to create sacred space and become Temple Guides in their communities.

She is also the a co-author of 4 books in the The New Feminine Evolutionary series: The New Feminine Evolutionary; Pioneering the Path to Prosperity; Sacred Body Wisdom and Sovereign Unto Herself. She is also a featured writer and artist in Voices Of The Avalonian Priestesses.

Through private coaching, online programs, women circles and retreats, Aurora creates “sacred spaces” for women to be held, witnessed and loved exactly as they are right here, right now. Her guiding vision is a world of women claiming their creative powers, loving their body temples, and being beacons of fierce wisdom as they burn away archaic, limiting beliefs and light the world on fire with love.

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Chloe Fielding

Chloe has been part of the Priestess Presence Temple & School of Sacred Arts for the past 5 years, both as a Priestess Initiate and team member.

Chloe is a Mystic, and keeper of the Hearth. She is passionate about holding space for women and holding the lamp so that they may see the way more clearly, stepping into the deeper realms of their internal landscape.

Outside of her roles within the Temple, Chloe is a breathwork facilitator, and co-founder of the business she shares with her husband -Tree House Candles. Specialising in making pure beeswax candles to adorn people’s homes, altars and ritual spaces.

Dianne Chalifour

Leadership Style: Mystic, Ecstatic, Challenger
Blood Ancestry: American, English, Irish, Italian, French Canadian
Priestess Speciality: Feeling navigation, emotional resonance, soul midwifing, crystal grids, crystal healing, oracle, sound healing, holographic healing, anointing

Dianne Chalifour is a passionate, transformational guide within the healing arts, a Priestess Initiate of the 13 Moon Mystery School through Priestess Presence, and a Temple Guide Trainer with Priestess Presence.

She is the owner of a wellness center in the New Hampshire seacoast born through her passionate calling to offer tools and services to assist in the awakening, connection and shifting of our human evolutionary process of living a soul inspired life. In addition to in person and remote 1:1 energy healing sessions, Dianne offers in person anointing sessions.

She also guides in person temple circles to allow women to come together in a safe space for inner work and re-connection with their feminine body wisdom.

Dianne serves as a type of midwife for her clients to reach deep into their own inner knowing and step forward empowered into the life that is waiting for them. Through her own journey on her continually evolving spiritual path, Dianne is committed to serving from her heart where her path leads her and being in service to the greater shift under way!

Dianne is co-author of “Sacred Body Wisdom. Igniting The Flame of Our Divine Humanity”

Elsa Perez Dean

Elsa Perez Dean is an Ordained Priestess of the 13 Moon Mystery School. She is the Founder of Intuitive Wisdom for Body+Soul, offering transformational coaching through soul nourishment and sacred wellness. Elsa is also the Keeper of The Sanctuary of the Radiant Heart Temple, offering sacred space for women to connect to the Divine within.

Elsa is passionate about inspiring women to reconnect to their inner wisdom, align to their heart compass and reclaim their power and joy. She believes in integrating all things beautiful and good for you. After 20 years, in corporate interior design, Elsa answered her soul’s call to
reimagine her life. She pursued a degree in nutrition and became a holistic dietitian nutritionist, and wellness coach with the mission of guiding women back to their inner knowing and vitality. Whatever the vocation, Elsa’s motivation has been to share her gifts on a deep, spiritual level to bring meaningful change to other’s lives.

Elsa’s personal healing journey led her to deepen into the wisdom teachings of the Divine Feminine within the 13 Moon Mystery School and the Priestess Presence Temple. She is an Ordained Priestess and Apprentice Focalizer with her mentors, Eden Amadora, Elayne Kalila Doughty, and Ariel Spilsbury. This inner work has reconnected Elsa to her mixed ancestral and spiritual lineages from Mexico, Central America, Spain, France, and North Africa.

Elsa channels her joy by creating sacred spaces and offerings that guide women back to their divine heart so they may live in their fullest expression of beauty, love, and empowerment. Learn more about Elsa and her offerings at

Flora Ware

Leadership Style: Challenger, Mystic, EdgeWalker
Blood Ancestry: Celtic-Irish and British, French
Priestess Speciality: Singing & Harmonic Resonance, Sacred Space holder, Cyclical Living and Moon Magic and Rhythms, Nature lover

My Priestess skills have been honed over many years as a sacred space holder, workshop facilitator, and performing artist. A nature girl through and through, I live attuned to Mother through Her seasons and cycles. As a Challenger I empower through alignment and resonance. As a Mystic I connect the dots, decoding symbols and trusting intuition. As an EdgeWalker I know my body is my temple, my divine channel, and my alchemical crucible.

My passion is to help women hear their soul’s voice, awaken the Goddess within, and step into their unique feminine power. Let’s do this in devotion together!

Lettie Sullivan

Lettie Sullivan specializes in life’s transitions. As a Priestess of the sacred arts, Professional Organizer and life coach with 13 years experience in private practice, she is a veteran at supporting families and businesses to create organized systems and to clear clutter. Both inside and out.

Lettie is a bestselling author and inspirational speaker. Areas of specialty include families with children on the Autism spectrum, seniors downsizing into assisted living, and entrepreneurs who work from home.

You can find her online: FB/INSTA @GoddessMinistry

Wendy Phillis

Leadership Style: Midwife, EdgeWalker, Ecstatic
Blood Ancestry: French, German, Irish, Aboriginal
Priestess Speciality: Devotion, Sacred Space holder, Nurturance, Wildness and freedom

My Priestess skills devotion and dedication, I love holding Sacred Space for Sisters with deep loving arms, I am a Nurturer, also I love to serve your heart so you get to truly know what is holding you back from fully living from your True Essence. I love to go there with you so you can Liberate yourself into Freedom through that clarity of knowing both your Shadow and Light as we all return to love.

I hold the Primal Goddess as my home Archetype so I love getting wild as we return to our Freedom to fully release our bodies from shame and the chains we often place around us to keep us small and confined. I am here to serve your Heart Sister as we return to Love.

Sarah Devereux

I have worked in mental health services in the public sector for the past twenty years and continue to do so. I am a psychotherapist, passionate about the process of change through the reclamation of our story and in the validation, its ability to support everyone in living the life that they wish to live. I delight in supporting people finding the space and strength to gain clarity around patterns of relating and ways of behaving, which may no longer serve them. In the 5 dimensional reality, I have thrown everything known in the air and 18 months ago, moved from London, my home and comfort zone to Hereford, 1/2 mile down a single track lane. I am mediating and enquiring in the new iteration of the witch at the end of the lane, supported by the Priestess Presence temple and initiation in Enter the Mystery circle. To the one heart. ♥️

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