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Feel the power of the harvest within your
blood, breath, and bones.

The wheel turns.
We feel
all that has been sown, blossomed, and ripened
into the fruit of our deep longing and imagination.

The late summer sun
casts golden rays:
its sweetness dripping bounty into our lives.

We gather in deep gratitude.
We gather to fill our baskets
with the beauty
of the ripened year.


You are invited to enter the holy day of Mabon— the Fall Equinox—and honor the harvest.

Fall Equinox marks the point of equal day and night … a time of balance and celebration
of all that’s been born into the supple arms of Terra Gaia.

During this sacred nexus, portal doors are held open to honor the beautiful fruits (gifts)
that are being harvested. Together, in gratitude, we celebrate what has come into fruition.

We, too, are harvesting; the seeds we planted in the womb of the New Year blossomed
in the spring and summer; now they have ripened,laden with the fruit of joy and
resplendent abundance.

Let’s come together to celebrate this turn of the wheel and the wisdom we’ve
gathered throughout the year so we can feast upon it.

…This rhythm has held us for thousands of years so that we may celebrate harvest from the
long days of winter, spring, and summer … here now to sustain us.

Will you join us to celebrate the harvest sun of what’s ripened in gloriousness within you, this temple, and the collective?

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Come, taste the sap of my juices as they trickle down your chin.
Smell my intoxicating sweetness.
Pick from heavenly laden branches of the apple tree.
Come, revel in the beauty
of all that has been nurtured.
Let us dance and sing!
Find yourself drunk
on the pleasure of the harvest feast.

What is being harvested in you, beloved?

During our Ritual Celebration you will:

  • Invoke the presence of the Queen of Harvest and receive Her blessings
  • Connect with the powerful turn of the wheel—a time to focus on what you’ve reaped and all you’ve received
  • Feel how the “seeds” planted at the beginning of the year are now ripened and ready for harvest
  • Weave the thread of the year, feeling the power of this practice both personally and collectively

Come, take your place in the circle of light.

We’d love to celebrate with you during this free, live, online
Sacred Fall Equinox Ritual.

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A replay will be available the following day

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