Holy Samhain Ritual


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Be like a tree and let
the dead leaves drop.

You are invited to enter the holy day of Samhain,
honor our ancestors, and pass the first gateway
to the release the year…

The soil hardens in the cold air.
The growing season is over.
Are you ready to release what no longer serves you?


Earth Mother is calling you in the fallow wind:

Lay it down.
Press your ear to the frozen ground.
Let the dead slip away.
Lay it down.
It is time to rest.

This is the blessing of Samhain.

The great wheel turns, inviting us to go within and allow ourselves to acknowledge all that has been harvested this year.

Our Priestess Presence Temple has been deeply abundant. There is so much that has been harvested. We have so much to be thankful for. We are now a temple of over 70k sisters, gathered from across the globe.

We are invited to tend the fires of this temple … and in this moment,
we are being called to ceremony with one another.

In the quiet dark, with each exhalation, we are asked to gracefully let go of anything extraneous so that we may prepare to make room for what is to come.

We honor the ancient encoded ritual which carries the rhythm of life and our connection to the earth, moon, and tides.

In our bodies, we trust the cycles of nature mirrored as truth within our lives.

Just as She lets go into the winter, so must we.

Her heartbeat holds us in the cold and we light an inner fire.

In the depths, we drop our masks and begin to call in the seeds asking to be planted in the New Year.

In the depths, we free ourselves from the busy-ness that keeps us from the pull inside to honor the wisdom of our ancestors.


Will you enter the Great Nothingness and lay to
rest that which has already died?

Let us gather for a free, intimate, online Hallowed Samhain Ritual on
Wednesday, October 30th
12:00 noon PST

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What is being released in you, beloved?

During our Ritual Celebration you will:

  • Honor nature’s life cycle
  • Celebrate the thinning of the veils by honoring our ancestors
  • Listen to our ancestors and hear the wisdom they are sharing at this potent time
  • Enter the shroud of: I release; I trust
  • Deepen into remembrance of what we are called to release into the darkness
  • Ground our roots into the earth so they may be nourished

Enter the intimacy of my heart and womb as we share what is in completion, what we are grieving, and what may be lovingly transformed as a seed of potential.

We’d love to celebrate with you during this free, live, online sacred Samhain Ritual.


Come, take your place in the circle of release.

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