Holy Winter Solstice Ritual

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Come to the still point.
Feel the hush of the deep dark fall around you.
Surrender to the apparently never-ending inky sky.
Await the return of the sun.

We are between worlds.
Our circle is forming.
We are coming together.

Ignite your flame of Love.
Sing light into the darkness.

You are invited to enter the darkest night of the year with us, the place where all becomes a quiet reflection.
Here, we will find a beautiful, bright star heralding the imminent birth of Divine Innocence from within the womb of the Great Mother.

Come. Allow the darkness to envelop you. Feel the fallow space of letting go, releasing what is done, what is complete. Shed the layers of winter coats you are still wearing.
Strip down, taste the light moving through you.

Let us honor all that has been this year and open into the mystery of all that is
yet to be born.

As we close one year and see the veils part into another, we rest, suspended in a liminal zone—a time out of time—moving closer to the potent magic of this graceful union:
the old merging with the new.

Will you join us to turn inward, sister and spiral into the center of your heart?

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There, the starseed of light will reveal its incredible brilliance—your golden flamed Essence—lit by the love that you are.
“We are awake in the night.
We turn the Wheel to bring the light.
We call the sun from the womb of night.”

Join hands in a sacred circle of sisterhood and rejoice in laughter as we celebrate the single flame of love, shining light on our wholeness.

Place your golden crown upon your head, beloved.

You are the Queen of the Dark Winter.

Expand and set the sun on your intentions so that you can birth a new collective vision of abundant light.

What is being laid to rest in you, beloved?

In this Ritual Celebration we will:

  • Enter the still darkness to release into the still point all that is complete.
  • Sit in quiet and let there be a deep and hallowed liminal moment of release.
  • Receive the lighting of inner heart candle—holding the deep potential of all that is to be born through us…

Come, feel the dance of creation glistening in the Void.

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A replay will be available the following day

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