Come, join a revealing conversation between Diana DuBrow and Elayne Kalila about a 3,000 year-old, secret sect of anointing priestesses called the Myrrhophores.

This ancient lineage of priestesses are believed to have initiated the Magdalene as a scent priestess within the Order of the Rose.

Explore more about this rich, lineage wisdom and how to bring it into our modern lives.



We are at a historic time of change and transition. As priestesses, we are holding the portal for the old world to die and a new one to be born.

Because of this we’re required to stay profoundly focused in the present moment.

This is challenging, transformational work.

Scent and touch, offered in the sacred art of anointing, are two of the most powerful sensory medicines that open us to the wisdom of our soul, while keeping us grounded in the here and now.

The Myrrhophores knew this. All scent priestesses know this.

So, we call upon all of our allies, including all sacred practices, that can help us awaken our spiritual vision, through the gateway of our physical and etheric body.

We Will:

  • Discover the Myrrhophores—the holy healers as awakened aromatic alchemists within the lineage of scent priestessing
  • Explore the connection between Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Grandmother Anna, and the Myrrhophores
  • Feel how the lineage of the Myrrhophore lives within us—to be reawakened and embodied
  • Learn the potent herstory of the 9 Sacred Oils of Egypt
  • Understand how the 9 Sacred Oils of Egypt help you enter a portal of spiritual vision
  • Experience an anointing of self-blessing to awaken the heart of the Sisterhood of the Rose
  • Invoke the many diverse lineages of priestesses throughout time
  • Feel our connection to the ancient/future path of spiritual awakening and leadership
  • Deepen into the presence of the Magdalene as a collective energy of divine feminine embodiment and sacred union
  • Call forward the Sisterhood of the Rose
  • Be invited to further explore the Rosa Mystica path

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Through the use of the holy oils, and the teachings of the Myrrhophores, we’re empowered to connect with and be guided by ancient, lineage wisdom keepers and our ancestors.

We need the kind of deep support offered by the light ethereals—the sacred essential oils—the crown jewels of Mama Gaia’s apothecary.

With them, we can be expanded and guided by our soul’s message … thus blessing each part of our life and the lives of those around us.

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