Catalyze. Initiate. Liberate. Illuminate.

The Invitation

A Year Long Online Initiation Starting January 2020


Never before has there been such an urgent, yet ecstatic,
cry for our Presence.

We are being called across the planet and from every cell in
our bodies to be here now.


We are in times of the Unknown, times of a great paradigm
shift, ushering in a new way of living on our planet.

It’s uncomfortable. It’s constricted.

As priestesses, as a sisterhood, and as a planet, we are at the crucial moment of birth:
A birth filled with great possibility, but requiring great surrender.

We are being called to birth ourselves — and each other — over and and over again.

What do you choose to birth?
How do you choose to stand?

Our inherent Divine Feminine leadership, steeped in ancient gnosis, is carried within
our bones and intricately tied to our collective awakening so we may live in
communion with ourselves, Gaia, and one another.

It is time to stand.
It is time to immerse in Her ancient mysteries.
It is time to embody our lineage.

Sister, the Divine Feminine initiatory mysteries are alive with each of us.
They are encoded and living within our DNA, in our sacred body temples.
They are as old as the ancient hills, yet as current as a thousand years into the future.
Will you remember?


Are you willing to listen to the calling in your heart?
Are you willing to set aside everything you “know” and step
inside a new paradigm?

Can you feel the Priestess move through you?
Will you embrace Her?

We are here to serve the world in loving, devoted service.
We are here to transmute pain with the universal dream of
unconditional Love.

It is time to uplift humanity.
It is time to transform through Oneness.
Come, be a beacon of hope and loving feminine leadership.

Enter the Mystery of the 13 Moon Lineage™…


This 12 Month Mystery School is a tantric path with direct embodiment
to receive the faces of the Goddess, in gnosis. As such, there
is no “teaching,” but rather a deep and profound remembrance,
catalyzed by being within a skillfully held alchemical crucible.

You will open your vessel wider — and clearer — to receive Her energy.

Through an alchemical process and direct embodiment, you will
transform shadow into light; fear into Love; lead into gold.

This Mystery asks that you enter the Unknown — through your inner
knowing — and anchor your Priestess skills and training in a specific lineage.

Here, divine remembrance moves you from AWAKENING the 13 faces
of the Divine Feminine archetypes to EMBODYING them, unlocking the
sacred technology of what it means to walk as Priestess in your
daily life.

The initiation is to become a vessel of coherent and resonant
unconditional Love.

Do you feel called to immerse and deeply commit to Her alchemy? Are you willing to step onto the Path of Priestess Ordination?

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A Dedicated Initiation Temple of 13 Moon™ Mystery School Lineage

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