Sacred Reading Event
I have been waiting for you and I am
so blessed by your presence.
You were born for such a time as this…

To awaken …to remember.
Will you remember with me?

Drink, drink, drink.
Drink from the chalice.
Drink, drink, drink.
Drink from the well.
Drink, drink, drink,
Drink from the chalice.
Drink, drink, drink,
Drink from the chalice well.

Dance, sister. Dance.
Dance around the flame.
Dance around the chalice flame.
Dance around the well.Dance around our heart. 

Enter the mystery
of the galactic stars.
Enter the mystery
of our twin flame.

Enter the mystery
of who you really are.

You are invited to watch a special a 6-part reading of a new sacred myth.

Come, enter your heart of remembrance and listen to us re-tell our story. 

We arehere to tell you the creation story, the descent story, the forgetting story, the rising Phoenix with her peacock plumed feathers swirling like a whirling dervish on clouds of gems story.

This is the cosmic dance of the womb. Orgasmic, ecstatic implosion and explosion -- a lightning rod spread horizontally across the vast sky, expanding, stretching, penetrating the womb of the galaxy.

We are here to tell you all of it.

The parts we remember.
The parts we have forgotten.
We are here to alchemize the two in union and wholeness. 

A New Myth

A new story is being written. The one where we reclaim who we truly are.

This story bows and honors our Ancient Priestess sisters who have kept our temple flames alight while midwifing a new collective consciousness … a new Divine Feminine archetype here to embody our skills and walk as embodied, healing Love on this planet.

Are you ready to hear the story?

It is a new day, beloved. 

Why Now?

Our world is changing. We have felt the ripples, the undulation of Great Mother’s womb stretching below. We are feeling the stars start to shine from the palms of our hands and the soles of our feet.

We are gathering together, finding one another again after being separated for thousands of years.

We have carried pain, slicing wounds -- all desperately being asked to be healed in the name of the One Heart -- so that we can move forward in our Priestessing and standing in devoted, loving service in the world.

Never before has this been so needed.

And it is safe now. Safe for us to be together and light the candle of our temple flame.

It is time to birth a new paradigm - the vision we have all been conceiving and gestating together - so that She may fly from the fires of our remembrances and spark a new era.

Are you ready to claim this story?

Come, hear Elayne Kalila Sophia read this new myth in 6 powerful parts over the course of 10 days.

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How this works

Over the course of ten days, She Who Holds the Treasure myth will be lovingly sent to your inbox in six parts.

Upon receiving an email, you will watch Elayne beautifully and passionately read the myth, raising your awareness and amplifying our freedom, grace, and union.

Part 1: The Creation Story and Our Divine Garden

This is a time to be still.
Come home to the temple of your heart.
Feel its spires of Love…
Gather around...
I will tell you a story.
I will tell you a tale.
Will you listen?

Part 2: Winter, Our Body Temples

Cold set in. The warm land became frozen and grey.

It was the deepest winters of winters. Shutters nailed shut. Houses seemed empty, fallow, desperate.

There was an infiltration of fear, swift and sly as a trained intruder. 

Part 3: The Forgetting Times

The hush of the wind and the ocean grew long. The waves crashed wild and dim.

 No longer remembered as vessels of Her healing Love, we were judged and punished as sinful ... dirty and evil.

...It was by choice. 

It was by choice.
It was by choice to be silent in the winter.

It was our choice.
We knew what had to be done.

Part 4: Mama Gaia, Below, Above

Dear one … listen.

Hear the rhythm of the fire.
Hear the rhythm of the earth.

Domination went beyond the hierarchy of people … beyond the step-ladder of perceived worthiness. It spread across our humble earth.

Great Mother has wailed at the jarring cuts to Her land. She has shook. She has trembled tsunamis of cries, hurricanes of atrocities.

It is in the darkest of winter we let go into the depths of the Great Void, meeting the Queen of Death in the underbelly of Great Mother and in the Unknown realms.

This is where we descend, spirling in the underworld.

We pressed our ears to the ground and heard Mother’s drumming heart. We pressed our ears to the moon and heard our Mother’s Universe.

In this middle place of celestial heaven and damp earth, we found a new rhythm.

Our inner temples began to glow … a sounding call vibrating across the fields of Love.

We never went away.
We never went away…
we’ve always been here,
forever and ever.

 Part 5: Womb, New Labor of Love

It’s time to tell the story of this new flame.

It’s been growing, waiting in Mother’s womb, slowly stretching its wings.

It’s being birthed from our silence..

It’s being birthed from our surrendered gifts and our sacrifices so that you can be here for this moment.

Hestia fans the flames, red hot, burning, ashes exploding with Shakti’s orgasmic creations, etched across our spines.

The One Goddess of Us All sings Her high note across all space, a sounding call,the bell ringing us home.

Part 6: Ecstatic Birth, Divine Feminine Renaissance

Come Priestesses,
Bring your human form,
Enlighten your earthly body.
It is time to gather around.
It is time to witness a new birth, a new age, a new dawn.

Come Priestesses,

Let me undulate and dance through every sinew and muscle of your being…
from the curl of your lips
to the hair falling across your cheek
to the fire in your eyes and the sway of your hips.

I am the rhythm in your step and
smell of your laughter as it tumbles out of your mouth.  

Come, join us above