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Queen of Death


This is the temple of letting go.

I hold you here with love:
For this is the place of your death and your rebirth.

Each day, we die—little by little.
Each day, we experience the impermanence of life.

Here, we release fears.
Here, we trust the Unknown.
Here, you ride my wings of enveloping, still love.

The Queen of Death invites you to dive deeper with Her, to explore Her earthy ways and discover the gifts She has for you…

She is the one who asks us to let go. To trust. To breathe. To enter the unknown times with absolute surety that all is—ultimately—well … even in the thick of what appears to be destruction, despair, pain.

When we look around the world at this time, we see much of what looks like uncertainty. We witness the dismantling of patriarchal systems. We experience egoic veils of leaders and structure that uphold supremacy and inequity get stripped bare. We watch our beloved planet melt, surge, rage, catch fire, purge, flood.

We are left wondering, “What’s next?”

The Queen of Death silently walks up to us. Stands by our side. We smell her sweet scent of jasmine that reminds us that all there is, truly, when all else is unmasked, is love.

…That you are here is no mistake.

She is calling you.

The Queen of Death embodies the divine principle of release and trust. In particular, She wants us to remember who we are, at Essence. She wants us to shed the layers of protection and the ways that we compromise in order to “belong.” She wants us to honor the pain, the sadness, the profound hurt—and trust that it will not always be here, for behind it all, we can see the illumination of Spirit.

This may pose a challenge because Queen of Death’s sacred wounding and old story is: the fear of death, of change, of being left.

How has this affected your life?

When we begin to embody the Queen of Death, we regenerate Her gifts of:

Understanding the cycle of life—death, rebirth, death

Inner peace and stillness

Absolute trust that all is well

Ability to accept the ending of things—relationships, life, careers, etc.

Finding comfort in the quiet

Love of fallow space

Seeing patterns across lifetimes

Stand at a crossroads

Give comfort, just through your presence, of those in crisis

Are you called to know more about the Queen of Death
and how She may be showing up in your life?

Are you drawn to understand how you can embody Her
and the transformative gifts She has to offer?

When we can transmute some of Her old stories, then we can illuminate Her light.

Do you recognize yourself in some of the following wounds?

Fear of death

Fear of the unknown and of change


Sadness and depression

Lack of trust

Control issues

Feelings of betrayal

Difficulty slowing down

Challenge letting go

Beloved, the Queen of Death is here to help you heal these old wound and stories so that you can feel free and trust life!

If you feel called to go deeper with Her, then we’d love to invite you to do so.

The Queen of Death’s Deepening


2 Meditation Journeys from Elayne Kalila. In the first, you’ll enter the Queen of Death Temple and be guided in an alchemical experience into the heart of the void. In the second, you’ll be gifted a mythic journey to the underworld.

Video Oracle Training from Ariel Spilsbury where she shares her unique and potent perspective, empowering you to deepen your oracle card reading skills from the lens of the Queen of Death.

Queen of Death Deepening PDF to discover examples of the Queen of Death, understand how to embody Her gifts, and recognize ways you can feel more free in your life.

Bonus: Queen of Death Altar Card with daily invocation so that you begin taking practical steps that awaken Her while deepening your personal connection to Her.

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