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The Goddess of Love
with Aphrodite, Lakshmi & The Magdalene

October 8th — November 19th : A 6 Week Mystery School

You are the light of love:
a portal to infinity,
a lightning bolt of possibility.
Enter the realm of magical dreams.
Connect to your Essence:
The family of the Winged Rose
rising again
to the crystalline light.

Beloved one,

Welcome to the temple’s fourth annual Online Mysterium where you will activate 9 sacred practices to embody the modern, Alchemical Priestess and live a divinely intoxicated life through the Goddess of Love. We are honoured to open the temple doors again for this incredible gathering of sisters — your soul family — from across the globe who are drawn to the remembrance of what it means to take a vow of love and walk as a Priestess. Together, we will unmask the gift of our vulnerable imperfection, free our inherent abundance, and unveil our ecstatic embodied presence.

We bow as you enter the temple…

Here, you are safe.
Here, you are embraced.
Here, you enter into the heart of remembrance.
Here, you are held in your exquisite wholeness.

Enter the Vessel of Transmutation

My love … come, prepare


A 6 week online Mystery School containing formal teachings, rituals, skills, and practices (all based on the 13 Moon Mystery School lineage) so that you can immerse in the principles of transformation and embody the Priestess.

You will alchemize ancient, esoteric teachings within the structure of a modern mystery school.

The temple’s School of Sacred Arts — of which this Online Mysterium is one program — provides exemplary, all-inclusive training — from basic skills and practices to full ordination. We are an established temple with more than 30,000 women.

This 6 week Online Mysterium is a primer — a stepping stone — to deep, initiatory trainings offered by the temple’s school.

When + Where:

October 8th — November 19th

All online, including weekly live sessions on Wednesdays (recorded, of course, so you can watch later, if needed)


You … if you’re ready to take the vow to walk as love and have the rooted support of a sister soul family as you face challenges when opening your heart to more divine intoxication, intimacy, vulnerability, magic, and ecstatic bliss.

And … for any woman called to deepen the skills and practices of the priestess within a loving, embracing vessel of sisterhood, held by Elayne Kalila Sophia Doughty, an Ordained Priestess and trained psychotherapist.


So you may remember who you are and embody the transformational power of your true Essence while living an impassioned, fully present life … then offer your precious gifts to the world.

This year, the special focus is alchemizing our personal and collective limiting stories of perfection, scarcity, and shame so that you can unmask your vulnerability, free your inherent abundance, and unveil your embodied presence.

Awakening the Priestess will activate your encoded treasure — which is your birthright — so that you can consciously weave it into the collective and help heal our world.

Are you called
to clarify your purpose
and be a vessel
of rarified love?

Ignite Your Soul’s Fire

Priestess Practices
to Activate + Ignite Your Soul-Desire

As we step through the 9 gateways of transformation during the Mysterium, you will remember the sacred, grounded practices of the Priestess.

When you remember and re-activate these tools inherent within, you’ll begin to enter the alchemical work.

Your Shakti fire will ignite.

You’ll begin to incinerate old patterns and stories
within you that imprinted core wounds of perfection, scarcity, shame.

While your heart and body purifies and intensifies
in the fires of transmutation, your passions will enflame
in divine intoxication

Your soul-desire will burn white hot…
and the juicy expression of your yearnings will create new stories,
new ways, new vibrance.

With each practice and session, you’ll burn, dissolve, and release
all that no longer serves you so that you can — ultimately —
stand in your brilliant, illuminated, natural, embodied state.

The key is to love your alchemical elements
of fire, water, earth, air and ether
— even when they catalyze, burn, dissolve, and purify your being —
…for it’s the ignition of your soul…

Because alchemical transformation means embracing all of who we are —
the light and the shadow.

Then, the sweet, unique elixir of your quintessence will be revealed.

And when this happens, you’ll remember that you’re here
to embody your fragrant gifts and stand in collective,
awakened, and devoted love.

…And your sister-family will be right by your side.

Awaken Your Light

Grounded, Focused, Practical, Embodied,
Mystery School

Elayne Kalila Sophia will guide you through a grounded and focused framework so that you’ll understand the underpinnings of alchemy, archetypal psychology, and deity practice from an integrated lens.

This means plenty of supportive foundational materials along with over 20 hours of practice and ritual where you’ll have direct experiences embodying the Priestess as She lives in you.

Though this is a deep, esoteric Mystery School, it is grounded in a solid foundation so that you can immediately integrate your experience into your daily life.

Each week you’ll receive:

Practical, yet esoteric, teachings, tools, and activations to support you as you remember what it means to walk as a Priestess

Bonus pre-recorded modules of core principles to ground your ritual experience

Deepening practices to hold you on your journey

Live, online transmissions and teachings with Elayne Kalila Sophia to practice the 9 tools of the Alchemical Priestess

Safe, loving container of sisterhood in a private, alchemical Facebook temple

9 core alchemical practices:


Empty Presence

Feeling Navigation, Resonance, and Coherence

Authentic Power and Sovereign Alignment

Integrity and Truth

Devotion and Blessing


Ecstasy, Bliss, and Freedom

This Mysterium offers you a way
to connect to the golden truth
of who you are,
release that which no longer serves
— making way to birth something anew —
so that you can transmute old stories
and come to a place of
harmonic wholeness
as you embody your
divinely human Essence.

…So, if you have been searching for both
a training and an alchemical crucible
in which to practice, awaken, remember,
and be in the alchemical process,
then you’re invited
to let the alchemical fires of this mysterium
transform you

Embody Your Hot Fire of Wholeness

Embody Your Divinely Intoxicated Essence

The Mystery invites us to get naked.

This year, the Goddesses of Love — Aphrodite, Lakshmi, and the
Magdalene — arrive in their alchemical glory to ground Priestess skills in
tangible ways so that we can WALK AS LOVE…which is a wholly/holy naked act.

When we take the vow to walk as love, the Goddesses of Love help activate our lunar, sultry, soul-desires by:

Unmasking the story of needing to be perfect

Freeing the story of feeling caged, stuck — like there isn’t enough

Unveiling the story of shame and feeling unsafe in our bodies

You’ll receive 3 bonus (3hrs each)
focused, LIVE immersions
into the Goddesses of Love:

In addition to the core curriculum, you’ll experience three separate three hour immersions with Aphrodite, Lakshmi, and the Magdalene to transmute the old stories of perfection, limitation, and shame.


Transmuting Perfection:
Unmasking Vulnerability, Intimacy, and the Beauty of Imperfection

Come, embody the new story of:
I am here to unmask who I am.
My imperfection and vulnerability radiate my unique, true beauty.
My imperfection is beautiful.
My vulnerability is beautiful.

Let go of the story that you have to be perfect to be loved.

Melt the mask of perfection: needing to have the perfect job, the perfect body, the perfect home.

See how the pressure to attain impossible societal expectations keeps a shield of protection around your heart where you feel divided and separate from others.

Identify how wounds like competition/comparison and seeking outside validation/love prevent emotionally authentic relationships.

Activate and remember practices that support you to honor and love yourself exactly as you are (without feeling the need to people please).

Experience powerful direct embodiment of Aphrodite and Her gift of unconditional love through guided, grounded practices.

Unmask the beautiful gift of your imperfection.

Embrace vulnerable authenticity as a gateway to true intimacy and beauty with self first, then others.


Transmuting Limitation: Freeing Abundance, Opulence, and Magic Come, embody the new story of: Love is freedom. Abundance is a natural state of being. Money is sacred. Reality is magical … and so am I.

Let go of the story that you are limited and don’t have the power to change your circumstances.

Free the caged wound of scarcity: that there isn’t enough and that you’re not enough.

See how believing in the old paradigm of limitation restricts right alignment, manifestation, imagination, and limitless possibility.

Identify how wounds like not having enough resources (time, money, etc.) block the inherent abundant flow and magic in your life.

Activate and remember practices that support you to recognize the sacred quality of money, receive the blessings of harmony, and stop trying to “get” — knowing all that you need is already here.

Experience powerful direct embodiment of Lakshmi and Her gift of enrichment through guided, grounded practices.

Trust the flow of energy in life from a place of reverence, gratitude, blessings, and connected abundance.

Embrace trust, support, devotion, and blessings as gateways to inherent abundance, sustainability, opulence, and flowing magic.

The Magdalene

Transmuting Shame:
Unveiling Pleasure, Bliss, and Ecstatic Presence

Come, embody the new story of:
I am safe.
I am a temple.
I am embodied as a divine human.

Let go of the story that you’re unworthy of your desires and will be “cast out” or shunned if you pursue them.

Unveil the wound of shame that enters your body … fear of being “too much” or “not enough.”

See how believing in the old paradigm of unworthiness and shame prevent you from being fully present and embodied in this lifetime.

Identify how wounds like being “too much/not enough” keep you hidden and block your inherent pleasure, ecstasy, and bliss.

Activate and remember practices that support you to recognize that your body is a temple … a sacred, erotic gateway to divine union and holy intoxication.

Experience powerful direct embodiment of the Magdalene and Her gift of embodiment through guided, grounded practices.

Unveil your heart so that you can embody the pleasure, bliss, ecstasy of your full presence.

Know that you’re erotically whole and humanely, divinely embodied … and it is safe for you to be here.


the Goddesses of Love embrace us as we remember to celebrate
our inherent wholeness by virtue of our transparent,
vulnerable, free, ecstatic hearts.

This is who we came here to be.
This is the path of the Priestess.

In human form, we are met with many challenges and initiations
that often mask, cage, and veil our Essence and divinity.

With the merging of the Priestess and the Goddesses of Love,
we’re invited to embody our lives from the perspective that we’re
already whole, complete, and radiant.

We only have to remember.

The practices, skills, and loving sisterhood offered in this 6 week Mysterium
provide you with the perfect vessel to remember who you are
so that you can walk as Love on the planet.

Are you called to be
fully present, sister?
To be alive,
vibrant, blissful?

Ground the Mystery


Live Opening Ceremony:
October 8th
(12 p.m. PST)

Live Closing Ceremony:
November 19th
(12 p.m. PST)

Weekly 90 min Classes:
Most Wednesdays
(12 p.m. PST)
see schedule for exact dates

3 hr

Three Saturdays
(12 p.m. PST)
see schedule for exact dates

An overview of all the boons
you’ll receive from the Mysterium

Explore the following questions and experience embodying deity through archetypal energy during our live calls and in your daily life: What is a Divine Feminine archetype? How do they operate within our psyche? What is the history of the development of the field of archetypal psychology? How do the Divine Feminine archetypes support you to reclaim “forgotten” aspects of yourself and bring them back to wholeness?

In particular, we’ll focus on the Priestess and Goddess of Love archetypes and its re-emergence in our society as a cultural and spiritual construct

Explore the following queries and during our live calls, embody an alchemical
blueprint for transformation when you apply these into your daily life:
What is Alchemy?
Where does it originate and how did it develop?
What are what are the seven stages of spiritual alchemy? How do we recognize an
alchemical experience?

Feminine Embodiment:

Explore the answers to these queries as a direct experience of deity embodiment during our live calls … then “remember” how to do this in your daily life:
What is the practice of Divine Feminine Embodiment? Where does it come from? What lineages and traditions are connected to this practice? What is the Gnostic tradition? How can this practice support us to connect more closely to our Essence and access our inner truth?
How does this practice support us to heal and transform our lives?

You’ll awaken the following 9 core practices and skills of the Priestess:


Of creating sacred space and claim the priestess gifts you carry this lifetime

Feeling Navigation,
Resonance, and

The art of subtle awareness where you develop your intuition and oracular skills

Empty Presence:

Dropping out of your mind then into your inner heart and womb knowing

Authentic Power and
Sovereign Alignment:

Embrace radical self-responsibility, anchor what truth and aligned power feels like in your body, and activate your Inner Queen

Integrity and Truth:

Remember the seminal skill of determining what is real


Skill to liberate your ego’s attachment to roles and identifiers

Awakening the Open Heart:

Understand the open heart as the portal through which you connect to your Essence and divinity.

Devotion and Blessing:

Free the caged feelings of limitation, transforming it to abundance and flow

Ecstasy, Bliss, and

Anchor the practice of turning toward love, at all times, to live a life of tender, open, vulnerability so that we can transmit and pollinate new stories in ourselves and in our world

Sacred Exchange

While the mysteries do not belong to any of us — but to all of us — paradoxically, they are are not free: They are priceless treasures.

The temple wishes to deeply honor you for being a clear YES.

You may step in and join us for the heart contribution of $444 – or 3 sacred payments of $155 – until Friday (6th October) at midnight.

Thank you for your heartfelt contribution. We are in deep gratitude and invite you into this beautiful, transformative Mystery School.

The Grounded, Detailed, Alchemical Curriculum

Creating the



PRACTICE 1: Remembrance

We will:

Create Temple together by lighting the candles of remembrance and calling back your power as a temple sister.

Ground the field in sacred agreements.

Receive the Core Teaching of Remembrance.

Explore what it means to stand as a modern-day, Alchemical Priestess.

Understand the social, cultural, and spiritual function of the Priestess.

Learn what it means to “hold presence” and form an “alchemical vessel.”

Discover and release limiting stories that apparently prevent you from embodying the Priestess archetype.

Reclaim the Priestess by entering a remembrance ritual with a direct embodiment practice where you will claim the keys of your Priestess lineage(s).

Grounding the


October 11th

PRACTICE 2: Empty Presence

We will:

Receive the Core Teaching of Empty Presence.

Enter the mystery: I Surrender/I Receive as a state of being from which everything is born.

Activate the Sacred Tool of The Cauldron and experience Empty Presence as an embodied practice.

Embrace presence and emptiness as words that create an opening for you to embody the Divine Feminine.

Access your ability to “hold space” by becoming the “still mirror” so your organic wisdom emerges.

Becoming the


October 18th

PRACTICE 3: Feeling Navigation, Resonance, and Coherence

We will:

Receive the Core Teaching of Feeling Navigation, Resonance, and Coherence.

Enter the Mystery: I Amplify in Stillness as a pathway to access your inner knowing and guidance.

Activate The Chalice as Sacred Tool.

Experience yourself as the vessel — a chalice — of the Divine Feminine.

Awaken your intuition and “gnosis” to access your inner knowing and guidance.

Experience direct embodiment of Feeling Navigation, Coherence, and Resonance.

Cultivate your skills to pool silence, listen-in, and hold space.

Heating the


APHRODITE – October 22nd

PRACTICE 4: The story and core wound of perfection

We will:

Receive the Core Teaching of Awakening the Open Heart.

Enter the Mystery: Unconditional Love.

Embrace surrendering to the intimacy of “being here now.”

Access the ways you’ve shut your heart to vulnerable, intimate love.

Dissolve the shields you’ve been wearing to protect your heart from love.

Unveil your vulnerability as a source of strength and depth in your life.

Be willing to deal with the shadows of comparison and competition that would otherwise divide and separate us.

Immerse in the frequency of True Beauty.

Access the alchemy of vulnerable strength.

Enter direct embodiment practices to awaken the heart and experience the transformational power of unconditional love through Aphrodite.

Unmask, embrace, and fully love all parts of you that have held the stories of perfection.

Open the transmutational gateways of intimacy and vulnerability into the feminine regality of magntism — which does not seek validation outside self.

Strengthening the


October 25th

PRACTICE 5: Authentic Power and Sovereign Alignment

We will:

Receive the Core Teachings of Authentic Power and Sovereign Alignment.

Enter the Mystery: I Intend/I Empower.

Activate the Sacred Tool of The Throne.

Claim your Authentic Power.

See where you’ve avoided standing in your power and felt afraid to be in your center.

Alchemize the shadow of misaligned power.

Learn how to anchor and discern what truth feels like in your body so that you can always return to what feels real.

Embrace all the ways in which you wobble from being aligned with your authentic power.

Experience direct embodiment of your authentic power and sovereign alignment through accessing your inner Sovereign Queen — who represents radical self-responsibility, impeccability, and truth.

Clarifying the



PRACTICE 6: Truth and Integrity

We will:

Receive the Core Teachings of Integrity and Truth.

Enter the Mystery: I Challenge/I Clarify/I Align.

Deepen into the skills of Resonance and Coherence.

Remember the seminal skill of discernment and aligning with what is real.

Access your inner truth and find the seat of your integrity.

Immerse in direct embodiment practices to help you identify the difference between Essence-based and ego-based decisions so that you can open to your inner knowing and receive clear wisdom around current choices you’re being called to make.

Week of November 8th –
Sacred Pause

Heating the


LAKSHMI – November 12th

PRACTICE 7: Devotion and Blessing

We will:

Receive the Core Teachings of Devotion and Blessing.

Enter the Mystery: I Open to the Flow.

Feel where you’re not in the flow–where you block the energy of giving and receiving.

Work directly with the shadows of limitation and scarcity as powerful gateways to freedom.

Free the stories of limitation, trans forming them to new stories of abundance and flow.

Embrace manifestation as a heart-aligned act of love.

Feel into what calling to be manifested through you.

Directly embody Lakshmi and receive blessings from Her.

Learn the seminal practice of embodying the resonance of devotion and blessing.

Attune to refinement–an energetic subtle realm that increases vitality and aliveness in all aspects of life.

Clarify the motivations of your desires to increase the magnetic field of abundance.

Amplify your desires and state of abundance through sustainability, satiation, and ultimately, Lakshmi’s gift of enrichment.

Purifying the


November 15th

PRACTICE 8: Non-Attachment

We will:

Receive the Core Teaching of Non-Attachment.

Enter the Mystery: I am That/I am Not That.

Activate the Sacred Tool of The Heart as an Alchemical Vessel.

Learn non-attachment practices to identify and explore the labels and roles you’re attached to.

Clarify how the labels serve you and may also impact your ability to fully serve.

Distinguish the energetic difference between walking the Priestess path and owning the role of Priestess.

Enter a direct embodiment practice to acknowledge the ways you hide behind ego

Embrace who you are when the masks are dropped.

Heating the


THE MAGDALENE – November 18th

PRACTICE 9: Ecstasy, freedom, and bliss

TRANSMUTATION: The story and core wound of shame

We will:

Receive the Core Teachings of Ecstasy, Bliss, and Freedom.

Enter the Mystery: Embodied Presence.

Practice core skills 1-9 that we’ve learned thus far for an integrated experience of what it means to deepen into the path of Priestess Presence.

Deepen into the power of the magnetic field that is created through trust, release, and surrender.

Awaken your blissful sensuality as a radical path of embodied presence in your daily life.

Embody your sensuality and understand it as a gift to the world.

Hear how you’re specifically being called to embody sensual, erotic aliveness.

Discover blocks to embodying your pleasure.

Unveil, release, and transform deeply held old stories of shame in the body–collectively and individually.

Claim the humble responsibility of being a force of embodied love.

Enter direct experience with the Magdalene to unveil shame and transform it to ecstatic embodiment.

Experience Inanna’s journey — with Mary Salome and the Dance of the 7 Veils — so you can enter the ultimate gift from The Magdalene: Embodiment.

Purifying the



We will:

Review all core teaching modules as embodied frequency and practice.

Enter the mystery: Embodied, Divinely Sensual Feminine Leadership–Walking as an Alchemical Priestess.

Explore the evolution of love as the source from which we are now being called to lead in the world.

Access the connection between unconditional love and vulnerable intimacy, abundance, ecstatic embodiment, and sovereignty. Understand how they serve as the foundation for fully embodied presence of love.

Be invited to enter a core principle that life is the initiation.

Understand how you can deepen into the priestess path of initiation.

Stand at the threshold of the choice to take this vow–the vow of the Alchemical Priestess: I walk as love.

Commit to your path of devoted service so that you can be in alignment with your Essence, knowing and the aligned, true, resonant story of your life.

Hear how you’re being called to priestess in the world.

Mothership –
Our Online Members’ Portal

All of the teachings of the 6 week Online Mysterium are housed and delivered online via email and through our members’ only “Mothership” (or online portal).

When you sign-up, you’ll receive immediate access to these areas on the Mothership:

The Mysterium

The Sacred Library — our free gift to you

Inside the Mysterium area of the Mothership, you’ll find beautifully laid out:

Replay recordings of each live session

Deepening practices


Audio meditations and activations

Note: Before October 8th, you’ll have access to your Sacred Pre-Work, eBook, and course
outline in the Mysterium area.

You’ll also receive regular emails from us.

What’s Needed:

Computer with video streaming capability

3 hours per week (In truth, you will be “in the field of the Mysterium” the whole time you’re enrolled; you’re at choice to feel into the amount of time that feels right for you dedicate)

The Sacred Call of the Ancient Priestess — the temple’s best-selling book (the eBook is included in the Mysterium and some reading is part of the curriculum)

Plan for:

Live 90 minute classes on:

  • October: 8th, 11th, 18th, 25th
    November: 1st (recorded), 15th, and
    19th — the Closing Ceremony
  • Most live 90 minute classes are on Wednesdays at 12 p.m. (PST)

Recordings the following day

3 hr live immersions with Aphrodite, Lakshmi, and the Magdalene on:

  • October 22nd, November 12th + 18th (recordings the following day)
  • These occur on Saturdays at 12 p.m. (PST)

Sacred Pause (break) the week of November 8th

Recorded materials sent to you the week of November 1st instead of a live class

Sacred Pre-Work before Mysterium begins to receive primers on the foundational course information of Archetypes, Divine Feminine Embodiment, and Alchemy

Sacred Exchange

While the mysteries do not belong to any of us — but to all of us — paradoxically, they are are not free: They are priceless treasures.

Your heart contribution to this 6 week Online Mysterium is part of a sacred, loving, and energetic exchange that supports the work of the temple to create, hold, and tend all the programs and offerings available to you.

Thank you for your heartfelt contribution. We are deep gratitude and invite you into this beautiful, transformative Mystery School.

What Sisters Say

When I joined temple last year I was interested in two things: deepening my understanding of what it means to walk in love and how to work more intimately with alchemy. If you’re interested in creating a new story in your life, to alchemize fear into love .. if you’re ready to choose to be conscious, to walk in love towards more expansive wisdom and growth .. if you’re ready to see that everything you experience is an initiation, then you have found your home with Elayne Kalila. My biggest transformation has been to really see my repeating patterns – not only to see them but to feel into why they keep coming up. Elayne has provided so many tools to work my own magic. I love how she draws out of me my power, my answers, my inner knowing. I feel I have arrived, that I am home in temple. It is a feeling that’s hard to describe .. if any of my words ring true to you then just jump in. I couldn’t really afford the financial commitment but looking back now, this truly is the best money I have ever spent and I would do it again a million times. My beliefs, patterns and habits have been turned on their head, and that is exactly what I needed. Thank you, Elayne!

-Aimee Hanson

Through this Priestess Presence Path – the temple, the sisterhood, and Elayne Kalila’s beautiful, bad-ass spiritual mentorship – I have re-membered who and what I have always been. For the first time in my 55 years I feel real and unwavering connection to Her, to my body, to the sacred alchemical mysteries – wombyn’s mysteries of re-member-ance and fierce love. I have learned that when you walk as love, your hands and womb are love creating; your mouth is love speaking truth; your hips are love, built for intoxication and built as well for holding worlds and babies. Your heart is the chalice which creates it all, radiates it all. This path is not for the faint of heart. But it is for the beautiful and the brave. And when you take your first steps upon this path, sister, you’ll realize that you are that. You are radiant, beautiful and brave and always have been.

-Juanita Cheng

Elayne has a beautiful and generous way of making a seductive invitation to this Path of the Goddess/Priestess work, bringing the heart of the Divine Feminine back into balance and love. Within a handful of weeks I heard the call to the Mysterium and without a second guess, moved into the next piece of intimacy with the One on this path. The gifts that came from doing the Mysterium brought the 13 Moon Priestess Path more deeply into my consciousness and soul. Meeting all the women that shared their visions, their personal path work, their hearts and words, touch me so deeply I really couldn’t get enough. And working with Elayne Kalila is truly a great gift. She’s an awesome soul. I love her and cherish the depth of her commitment to the One, to Love, to you as Sister on this path.

-Jeanne Adwani

Bonus Gifts

It is the temple’s pleasure to honor your choice to step-into this Mystery School by gifting you the following powerful treasures.

The Sacred Call
of the Ancient Priestess:


The temple’s #1 best-selling book is an offering of deep, loving devotion from the Goddess to you. It was written for you. It belongs to you.

…And it is part of this Mysterium’s curriculum.

Heart-opening and provocative, The Sacred Call of the Ancient Priestess is gorgeously designed in full-color and contains:

Interactive rituals, meditations, and videos

Direct transmissions from the Goddess

Relevant spiritual guidance grounded in deeply raw, personal stories

A stand-alone myth that poetically re-tells the her story of the Priestess

Description of the Alchemical Priestess and Her purpose

Quiz to determine how “pregnant” you are with the Alchemical Priestess

Two best-selling authors, Elayne Kalila Sophia and Rebecca Cavender, co-created this revolutionary book.

Private Facebook Temple

Safe, loving container of sisterhood in a private, alchemical online temple space

Here, you will gather your intimate, vulnerable hearts and:

Connect with your sister soul-family — the very sisters you called in to support you for this alchemical journey

Unveil your embodied, full presence

Celebrate your abundance and inner magic

Be witnessed in unconditional love as you face challenges and transmute sacred wounds into their holy gifts

Receive guidance and support from Elayne Kalila Sophia Rose

Find regular updates about the 6 Week Mysterium

Enter a sealed container of alchemical love

Awakening Your Inner Temple

9 Deep Meditative Sessions to Awaken Your Inner Temple

Awaken Your Inner Temple is all about creating a place of refuge, deep soul beauty and connection within your own being … an Inner Temple where you can:

Access a powerful transformational space within your being.

Train yourself to “tune in” to your intuition and start decoding the unique metaphors, imagery, and symbols that are potent medicine for you.

Deepen into specific meditations and journeys designed to access and heal at a deep, unconscious level.

Remember the power of your inner healer who is here, ready to guide you at every moment.

Receive great healing and inspiration for your life.

I will guide you to:

Awaken your inner capacity to heal, transform, create, and generate from a place of full responsibility for yourself and the world.

Activate your soul’s encoded blueprint so that you can live a life of passionate service and meaning connected to your deepest purpose.

Special, Individual Goddess Of Love
Bonus Package

I am Aphrodite

Are you called to dive into Aphrodite’s waters and re-emerge in your perfect imperfections?
Does your heart burn to experience life with intimate vulnerability?

You’re invited to immerse in Aphrodite’s stories — the old, the new — and unmask how She lives within you.

This package holds practices, insights, direct embodiment
transmissions, and symbolic imagery to support you in creating a
personal relationship with Aphrodite so that you can:

Begin letting go of the story that you must be perfect to be loved

Understand how society’s impossible expectations — and your compulsion to attain them — keep your heart shielded, protected from true intimacy

Begin self-love practices that help you see the gift of your imperfections

Aphrodite’s Bounty

Divine Intoxication Intimate Salon — ALL of Aphrodite’s offerings from this event

Divine Dates with Aphrodite — ALL of Aphrodite’s divine dates

Aphrodite mini eBook — to discover more about how She reveals Herself in your life — shadow and light

Aphrodite guided visualization audio — to activate and deepen your personal relationship with Her

Aphrodite Altar Card — so you can invoke Her in your daily life

I am Lakshmi

Are you called to revel in Lakshmi’s abundance and renew your imprint of devotion, trust, and gratitude?
Does your heart expand at the idea of giving blessings and offerings of magic to the world in order to spread more
refined beauty and spaciousness?

You’re invited to dine on Lakshmi’s stories — the old, the new — and free Her into your life.

This package holds practices, insights, direct embodiment
transmissions, and symbolic imagery to support you in creating a
personal relationship with Lakshmi so that you can:

Begin letting go of the story that you are limited in your resources (money, time) and that you don’t have the power to change your circumstances

Free the caged wound of scarcity and enter a new story of limitlessness, opulence, magic, and abundance

Start trusting the flow of life

Understand that money is sacred and wants to be honored for the life-sustaining energy it brings

Lakshmi’s Bounty

Divine Intoxication Intimate Salon — ALL of Lakshmi’s offerings from this event

Divine Dates with Lakshmi — ALL of Lakshmi’s Divine Dates

Lakshmi mini eBook — to discover more about how She reveals Herself in your life — shadow and light

Lakshmi guided visualization audio — to activate and deepen your personal relationship with Her

Lakshmi Altar Card — so you can invoke Her in your daily life

I am the Magdalene

Are you called to dance into the Magdalene’s ecstasy and remember that you are already home, already safe?
Does your heart burn with electric fire to experience ecstasy, bliss, and erotically embodied presence?

You’re invited to immerse in the Magdalene’s stories — the old, the new — and unveil how She lives within you.

This package holds practices, insights, direct embodiment
transmissions, and symbolic imagery to support you in creating a
personal relationship with the Magdalene so that you can:

Begin letting go of the story that you are unworthy of your desires and face being ‘cast out’ if they’re pursued

Understand how the wound of not being enough — or too much — and experiencing body shame keeps you hidden and unavailable to experience your inherent bliss and ecstasy

Start understanding that you are already whole, already safe, and already enough

The Magdalene’s Bounty

Divine Intoxication Intimate Salon — ALL of the Magdalene’s offerings from this event

Divine Dates with the Magdalene — ALL of the Magdalene’s Divine Dates

Magdalene mini eBook — to discover more about how She reveals Herself in your life — shadow and light

Magdalene guided visualization audio — to activate and deepen your personal relationship with Her

Magdalene Altar Card — so you can invoke Her in your daily life


Jody England

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About Jody England:

Jody England is the visionary behind the creation of Untamed You, and host of the Wild Soul Medicine Radio Show. She is an irreverent Soul Tracker passionately championing the return of Essence as she teaches women to tango with their shadow and excavate their true Self.

As a relentless seeker and evolutionary risk taker, Jody is addicted to inquiry and entertains deep and paradigm-shifting conversations on her weekly radio show with the thought leaders and revolutionaries of our time. She’s an old soul with a healer’s heart whose keen insight and straight talking ways have positioned her as a leading voice of the New Age.


Eden Amadora

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About Eden Amadora:

Eden Amadora is an ordained priestess of the 13 Moon Mystery School, an archetypal voice & embodiment coach, ceremonial singer, and prayer-formance artist. With over 20 years of shamanic and yogic training with a focus on sound and movement integration, her work is in service to those who are ready to embody their most essential, radiant selves and express their authentic voices.

Eden’s passion is for witnessing the incredible transformation that occurs when she creates and holds ceremonial space, offering a sacred container for others to have an embodied experience of working with the archetypes of the Divine Feminine.

Eden is gifted at holding unconditionally loving space and simultaneously being a fierce voice of truth. She is a conduit for soul guidance, as she supports and mirrors her clients. She lives with one foot in the archetypal realm, holding others in their highest essence helping them to transmute their shadow – or stuck old patterns – into more self-love and empowered presence, allowing them the freedom to fully live their unique mythic story.

As a priestess, she leads circles with guided meditation, deep inquiry, chanting, devotional singing, ritual and embodiment practices of the Sacred Feminine. As a singer and prayer-formance artist, she has performed in several large venues and for benefits to raise awareness for planetary sustainability and peace. She currently enjoys writing, recording, producing and performing devotional electronic music.

Eden Amadora offers ceremonial circles, retreats, devotional temple days, and 1:1 sessions for people who are ready to rest into a more self-trusting place, awaken to their true beauty and embodied self-love, align more deeply with their soul purpose, and live into greater joy and connection to Source.


Tanya Paluso

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About Tanya Paluso:

Tanya Lynn is the Founder of Sistership Circle, a worldwide sisterhood movement empowering women to step into their true beauty, brilliance, and boldness as feminine leaders. She is the author of “Open Your Heart: How to be a New Generation Feminine Leader” and “How to Lead Circle.”

After developing a proven circle curriculum that creates deep connection amongst women and supports them in collectively stepping into their leadership, Tanya began training facilitators to start and lead Sistership Circles around the world. In addition to training facilitators, she leads feminine leadership retreats and teaches women how to put on events to launch their businesses.

She is currently raising her own little new generation feminine leader, Kali, with her husband and business partner, Brent, in Carlsbad, CA.



Ali Shanti

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About Ali Shanti:

Alexis Neely (artist name: Ali Shanti) is a bridge between the generations. She graduated first in her law school class from Georgetown, and today uses her law degree to uplevel the consciousness of the legal field and the value for people being served by lawyers. Ali serves as a catalyst for new ways of thinking; she is a paradigm-shifter, lawyer, mom, author, and permission giver who is bringing forward radically new and much needed perspectives on how we make decisions about money, time, work, relationships, parenting, and business. She offers her personal experiences with living a new paradigm, ‘road less traveled’ life to serve as a model of what’s possible when we allow all of ourselves to show up fully in family, life, and business.


Elizabeth Purvis

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About Elizabeth Purvis

Elizabeth Purvis is a mentor and magical teacher to thousands of conscious women around the world, showing them how to develop their Divinely-given manifesting power, especially in the realm of money. She is the founder of Goddess Business School, which delivers premiere business training to women who are ready to own their worth so they can create extraordinary impact. A priestess & practitioner of Western esoteric traditions, Elizabeth is also the creator of Feminine Magic, a set of practices for women to develop their ability to magnetize their deepest Desires. Discover more of her work and the 7-Figure Goddess community at http://elizabethpurvis.com

Sora Surya No

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About Sora Surya No:

Sora Surya No is a sacred space holder, strategy alchemist, transformative business coach, international retreat leader, inspirational speaker, fire igniter, heart whisperer, and world traveler.

She works with sovereign awakened women entrepreneurs to incorporate the art of feeling sacred into their business through rituals, ceremonies, and the divine feminine.

Sora loves to sit in ceremony with sisters and share the art of holding circle. She leads women through powerful experiences in her mastermind, on retreats, and from the stage. Sora blends real world experience with mystical transformation, ritualistic practices, inner reflection, and deepening community to help soulful feminine leaders create great impact while priestessing their life. She is a believer of sisterhood and living a life that is wild, free, and calm. You can find out more about Sora and her work at http://www.sorasuryano.com

Kendra Thornbury

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About Kendra Thornbury:

Kendra helps soul-centered women & evolutionary leaders create spiritual and financial freedom so that they have a greater impact & make more money….all while being true to who they are!

She is passionate about making it easy for those called to serve the awakening on the planet to effectively help more people while doubling, tripling or quadrupling their income.   

Kendra E Thornbury, MA, is an international highly acclaimed coach, spiritual guide, speaker, facilitator, humanitarian and entrepreneur. She’s on the cutting edge of spiritual thought and conscious business practice, blazing a new trail & wealth revolution.

She has served as a board member for the Women’s Business Exchange, Woman’s Way Red Lodge and has been President for the Washington Chapter of the International Coaching Federation .

A personal growth junkie, Kendra’s latest adventures in challenging the status quo include packing her belongings in storage and traveling for 5 + years .

Labels aside, she considers herself a human being simply doing her best to walk a path of authenticity and integrity while making a much-needed difference.

Lisa Schrader

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About Lisa Schrader:

Lisa Schrader, the Founder of Awakening Shakti, has impacted the lives of thousands of women for almost two decades as a workshop leader, author, speaker and coach. Her work has been featured on Oprah, Oxygen and VH1. She is on the faculty of The Shift Network where she has hosted the global Shakti Summit on “Sensuality, Sex and the Sacred.” She is the author of “Kama Sutra 52: A Year’s Worth of the Best Positions for Passion and Pleasure” from Quiver Books. She also has a private practice supporting clients worldwide and is recognized as a Professional Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation. She lives a life rich with deep relationships, connection to nature and abundant joy in the Sierra Foothills of Northern California. For more information, visit her at www.AwakeningShakti.com

Saida Desilets

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About Saida Desilets:

Dr. Saida Désilets has a PhD in transpersonal psychology and has developed an effective method for enhancing women’s psycho-sexual wellbeing.

As a thought-leader and body-philosopher, she’s has published several books: The Emergence of the Sensual Woman & The Illustrious Jade Egg and had her innovative method featured in Dr. Christiane Northrup’s best selling books: Women’s Wisdom, Women’s Bodies & The Secret Pleasures of Menopause, as well as in Dr. Rachel Abrams books: Multi-Orgasmic Woman & BodyWise.

After two decades of dedicated, embodied professional practice, Saida is now writing her newest book on Desire while leading a year-long Ambassador training and several research projects with a renowned Ob-Gyn to transform our understanding of women’s psycho-sexual wellbeing.

When she’s not dancing cuban salsa with her husband, you can find her leading Wilderness Safari’s for women in South Africa or writing deliciously sensual poetry.

DareYourDesire.com or TheJadeEgg.com
To discover more about Saida, www.DareYourDesire.com

Maleda Gebremedhi

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About Maleda Gebremedhi:

Maleda is a gifted Evolutionary Healer, Feminine Mystic and Midwife of the Soul.  She has practiced and taught in the field of feminine awakening for over 17 years, including intensive training in women’s yoga and Indian Temple Dance and as a lead teacher in a monastic ashram community.  

In 2013 during an extended deep retreat, she experienced a life-changing spiritual awakening to Great Mother Consciousness through the field of her womb and was shown the processes that have become the evolutionary work of Womb Matrix Healing today.

A healer of healers and pioneer of consciousness, Maleda’s powerful transmissions and healing pathways delve right through to the core of who you are, guiding you into a profound remembrance and reclamation of your soul’s eternal Truth and your natural divine design as a feminine being.   What is awakened is a feminine template for true and deep spiritual realization, moving through the spiral of soul healing into a direct experience of omnipresent Divine Mother Consciousness through the natural gateway of our wombs.  

She offers global healing transmissions & activations, deep healing journeys, and teacher & practitioner trainings.

“All of the fruit from my years of intense spiritual practice, all of the meditation, yoga, lightwork, initiations from powerful masters, intentions, renunciations do not hold a candle to what happened when the consciousness of my womb awakened.  All seeking ceased. I fully landed in myself. My perspective shifted from the small “me” to being the all encompassing Divine Feminine Presence of life itself. I found a gateway to the cosmos thru my own womb, a gateway to the empty space in which I rest. What astounds me most is how vital, how essential womb consciousness is to the awakening woman, and how little this is taught or honored in the spiritual traditions that are proliferating today. This is our deepest feminine power, our effortless landing in Truth, and the greatest offering I have in life.”

-Maleda, 2013


Devi Ward

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About Devi Ward:

Devi Ward Erickson is an internationally recognized Tantra Expert, Certified Tantric Healer, Certified Reiki Practitioner, Certified Meditation Instructor, and practitioner of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism.

She is an author and Host of Sex is Medicine with Devi Ward Podcast on ITunes and Tunein.com.

Devi has been teaching meditation and personal growth workshops since 2000. She was a monk of the Ishaya Order from 1999-2007, and has been a

Tibetan Tantric Practitioner under the guidance of Lama Tashi Dundrup since 2007. She has been practicing and teaching Non-Violent communication as a personal growth practice since 2005.

An abuse survivor, Devi provides down-to-earth experience-based insight into using Meditation, Tantra, and ‘pleasure as medicine’ for healing trauma. Her personal journey from Stripper-to Monk-to Tantrika enables her to call upon her own experience of profound life transformation through Tantra and sexual healing.

Devi has been featured as a Tantra and Female Sexuality Expert in countless articles and over 30 different radio and television networks world-wide including Playboy Radio, Men’s Health Magazine, CBS, NBC and Rogers TV.

Devi has been a featured and Keynote presenter at several live events, and was the Keynote speaker at Sex Down South in 2015, The Detroit Women’s Conference in 2014, The California Women’s Conference in 2014, The Vancouver Taboo Show, and most recently presented at The Art of Sacred Sexuality Retreat in Atlanta Georgia.

Devi continues to be a featured presenter for numerous online relationship and sexuality summits.

KC Baker

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About KC Baker:

Previously an investment banking analyst and assistant for two US Senators, KC Baker is an international women’s thought leadership & public speaking trainer, speechwriter, and two-time TEDx speaker and is renowned for her unorthodox and highly effective methodologies. She believes that the key to positive transformation in our world lies in supporting women in unleashing the brilliance of their voices.

Featured in the Wall Street Journal, The Daily Love, and Women 2.0, KC has been hailed as “One of the Top Planetary Changemakers” by Origin Magazine. She has supported thousands of women around the world in finding the freedom, confidence and clarity to speak up and create change. Her clients are women entrepreneurs and corporate leaders, authors, founders of foundations, Olympians, TED/TEDx speakers, politicians and non-profit social change-makers. Women who have worked with KC have gone on to speak on stages such as The American Heart Association, TED/TEDx, Wisdom 2.0, Bioneers, Emerging Women, Lamaze International, Princeton, Hass Business School at UC Berkeley, conferences and symposiums around the world, and local community gatherings.

She is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and a lover of dance, singing and nature.


About Kalila

I am Elayne Kalila, Gatekeeper and Focalizer of the Priestess Presence Temple, a dedicated temple of the 13 Moon Mystery School. I believe walking the Priestess Path is about being willing to dedicate ourselves to deepening our practice so that we can be present and serve the world. I am passionate about opening the ancient mysteries of the Divine Feminine into our modern lives so we can all step more fully into serving from a place of love, presence, and purpose.

Because of the teachings of the Divine Feminine through the 13 Moon Mystery School, I have been able to priestess in some of the most dangerous and violent areas of the world, like the Congo. In those places, I have supported women to activate and remember their truth and power. I offer a real path of presence, empowerment, and transformation through awakening the Priestess within you. That is why I am delighted and honored to invite you to join me.If you have secretly (or not so secretly!) wondered about the Path of the Priestess, how to deepen in Her sacred realms, and bring the Goddess into the modern-day context of your life, this special program is for you.

-Elayne Kalila Doughty

Summary of What You Receive

Weekly, live, online 90 minute
Mystery School sessions —

replays sent
the following day

Alchemical tools to support you in: unmasking the gift of your imperfections; freeing your inherent abundance and magic; and unveiling your ecstatic embodied presence

3 bonus 3hr Goddess of Love Immersions with Aphrodite, Lakshmi, and the Magdalene

Deepening practices to hold you on your journey

Bonus pre-recorded modules of core principles to ground your ritual experience

Safe, loving container of sisterhood in a private, alchemical facebook temple

Sacred Call of the Ancient Priestess eBook: Our #1 best-selling book as part of your curriculum

Private Membership portal to access all of your Mysterium materials
and replays

Bonus: Awaken Your Inner Temple — a 9-part meditation series

Sacred Library card — a portal of expansive resources to support you as you remember who you are

Practical, yet esoteric, teachings, tools, and activations to support you as you remember what it means to walk as a Priestess

12 hours of additional divine dialogues — connecting us to deepen with each face of the Goddess of Love

Direct deity embodiment practices to have an imprint of unconditional love and divine intoxication through Aphrodite, Lakshmi, and the Magdalene

Divine Intoxication 3 part intimate salon

Deepening packages for each face

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your refund policy?

Your sense of value with this beautiful Mysterium is very important to us.

If you find it does not align with you, then we welcome your feedback and ask that you reach out to us directly so we can address your concerns.

Also, we will offer you a complete refund for the first week of the Mysterium. The deadline to receive a full refund is the 15th October at 5 p.m. PST.

Simply submit refund requests at [email protected] with the subject line “Refund Request.”

Can I use PayPal?

Yes. PayPal is available if you pay in full only. PayPal is unavailable for payment plans.

You may go here to join with PayPal.

What day and time will the temple sessions take place?

Our usual class schedule will be on Wednesday at noon, PST, with three separate 3 hour immersions (which are scheduled for Saturdays).

Our Opening and Closing ceremonies will be on Sundays.

Can I get benefit from the course if I miss the live call?

Absolutely! You can download (or simply watch) the recordings and read transcripts of all sessions on the Priestess Presence Mysterium Mothership site. You will be given access to this when you register for the Mysterium. You can also engage the sisterhood on the private online temple (on Facebook)

Sacred pre-work trainings on alchemy, archetypes, and the Divine Feminine have been pre-recorded and will be available to you before the Mysterium begins.

Each gateway (module) contains one of the 9 core teachings to embody the Priestess. These have been pre-recorded and will become available as each module (gateway) opens.

Additional resources and deepening practices to supplement each gateway will be available to you on the Mothership as well.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes, you may step-in here for 3 instalments of $111/$155.

You will be billed in 3 separate 30 day intervals, beginning the date you made your first payment.

How are the temple sessions conducted?

All temple sessions are offered on livestream video via your computer.  These sessions are recorded so that if you cannot attend live, you can access the recording.  

During the live questions, you will be able to answer questions via the chat box.

What is the online Facebook temple?

This is a private Facebook group that is only for members of the Priestess Presence Online Mysterium.  

You will be able to meet and connect with sisters from all over the world.

Elayne Kalila will be an active member of this group, so you can ask questions and garner her support in this forum as well.

How can I reach customer support?

If you have questions, the best way to reach us is to email us at : [email protected]

Please allow 2 business days for a response during M-F.

We have customer service sisters that are on PST and an AEST time zone. Please note that means it can sometimes take a little while to get a response, but we do our best to respond as quickly as possible.

Over the weekends, we take sacred rest, so you can expect a response, if you email us over a weekend, on a Monday.

Limits of Liability Waiver

The Priestess Presence Online Mysterium: The 9 Gateways of the Alchemical Priestess is an experiential course for spiritual training. This program is not designed to treat or diagnose any psychological disorders. If you have any mental health issues please consult with your medical practitioner before joining the program. It requires breaking through old patterns and ways of being – an initiatory process that can feel uncomfortable. Our work affects many levels (mental and emotional), is rigorous and not for those who suffer from mental disabilities, depression, or have suicidal episodes.

Each sister is responsible for their own actions and boundaries.Priestess Presence LLC and Focalizer Elayne Kalila Doughty, and The 13 Moon Mystery School and its founder, Ariel Spilsbury, are not, and will not, be held liable for any assumed damage that is deemed to occur at any time. Participants must accept that all knowledge is given in good faith and must understand that they are entering into training in a pioneer field and all such training is given in good faith to the highest known safety standards or perceived practices within this discipline.

Remembering the Priestess Path

Priestess Presence Temple: The School of Sacred Arts provides exemplary, all-inclusive training — from basic skills and practices to full ordination — to women called on the priestess path, supporting them as they embody the transformational power of their true Essence so they are impassioned and fully present, offering their gifts to the world.

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