Rosa Mystica:


Day-long, Online Retreat to Embody Love


Join us on Saturday, March 24th

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I have loved you before.
I love you today.
And I will love you again.
…The time returns.

You are invited to a day-long retreat to become an Alchemist of Love,
through the mystical teachings of the Magdalene…

In the Priestess Presence Temple, we take a vow to walk as Love.

…But what does that actually mean? What is love, really?

Our cultural definition is narrow and doesn’t fully serve us. We’re told that love is possessive. Only romantic. Conditional.

Yet, we know in our deepest hearts that true Love has many many faces.

As Magdalenas, we are being called to deepen our capacity to embody Love-with ourselves, our lovers, our sisters, our families, our communities, and our beautiful, aching planet.

Inside, we feel the Magdalene’s rose-heart will open a way for us to raise the frequency of love on earth.

Will you join us to be an Alchemist of Love?

You are here to be a force of Love:
Embodied, present, unwavering Love.

As Magdalena priestesses, we offer ourselves as a vessel to transmute any experience or feeling that is less than love, not only for our personal transformation, but also for the transformation of the collective.

How do we become Alchemists of Love?

…By exploring the 6 Petals of Embodied Love as received through the Magdalene.

This is a set of mystical teachings and practices that activate the 6-petalled rose which is already alive within our hearts. It is an encoded map held by sacred geometry, symbolism, and mystery.

During our immersive experiential day-long retreat, we will:

  • Create ritual, ceremonial space
  • Enter the Temple of the Magdalene
  • Create personal anointing oils
  • Anoint with sacred oils in keeping with the Magdalena tradition
  • Meet our inner Magdalena
  • Experience the 6 different types of Love
  • Learn about and embody the fibonacci spiral as a sacred geometry and a practice for
    connecting to the path of Love
  • Feel where we shield ourselves from Love
  • Be guided to open our hearts

We will reveal the mystery of the 6-petalled rose and:

  • Activate the Rosa Mystica
  • Access the core Magdalene teachings of: I am safe; I am a temple; I am embodied as a divine human; I am here as a vessel of Love
  • Explore the history and symbolism of the rose
  • Understand the different meanings and mystical phases that each of the 6 petals hold
  • Activate our 6-petalled rose-heart
  • Experience the feeling embodiment of the 6 frequencies of Love (as represented by each petal): Charis; Philia; Storge; Eunoia; Agape; and Eros
  • Awaken the sacred encoded map of the mystical rose: the bud; the waxing bloom; the full bloom; the waning bloom; the rosehip; and the 7th – at the very center – everlasting bloom
  • Open yourself to receive a personal message from Mary Magdalene

You will receive:

  • 8 hours of temple retreat time
  • An extra live, heart-share gathering 3 days later (March 27th)
  • Gorgeous welcome packet + preparation guide
  • List of supplies + resources to enhance our sacred time
  • Self-anointing guide + blessing ritual (video)
  • Musical prayers from the beautiful Stellar Fairbarns
  • Spaciousness and time for meditation, reflection, heart-sharing, art, embodied practices, and journaling
  • Printable altar card from the Magdalene
  • Sisterhood of the Rose chakra activation–a guided meditation
  • Enter the Temple of the Magdalene–a guided journey
  • Lush, beautifully designed handouts
  • Recordings of the sessions, in case you can not make it live or miss a session
  • Private FB temple group just before and after the retreat—to connect with other Magdalenas with ease; we will hold our live retreats in this FB group

You, daughter of mine, are an alchemist.
The elixir is Love.
You, my daughter, are a vessel of brilliance–a vessel called
to be present to the most powerful and beautiful transmutation
inside your being, possible.

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