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Sacred Agreements - Priestess Presence
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Sacred Agreements

What is a Modern Day Priestess?

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When you come into this temple, we’re asking you to step into sacred agreements. Imagine that you are walking through the temple gates. Imagine the candles are lit, there are fresh flowers on the altars, the air saturated with the scent of roses. Imagine entering and seeing all of your sisters from across the globe. Each sister holding a unique fractal of the Goddess within her. The sacred agreements are as follows:

1. Entering the Temple: When you enter into this temple page please take a moment to ask—

  • What is the intention of my post here?
  • How will this post uplift, or bless the sisters of the temple?
  • What is the blessing that I wish to amplify?
  • How will this post benefit all beings?
  • If you are placing something in our temple that is bringing our attention to something that you wish to transform in yourself or the world please make sure to state what you are calling us to focus on. So for example if you are feeling the pain of an issue, please share that and also the vision of what you want us to bring our energy to creating.

2. Respect for Diversity: We respect the diversity of views and different lenses including political and spiritual—that each of us hold on the hologram. This temple is dedicated to the Divine Feminine and so we do not accept bigotry, racism or misogyny.

3. A Temple of Women: Note that any sister who identifies as a woman—whether female born or not—is welcome into this sacred space.

4. Embracing Our Shadow: We are held to being respectful and kind to each sister, especially when you might be triggered or disagree. We are each here to practice being impeccable with our words and see one another with honor as another Sovereign Queen—despite differences.

5. Sharing Your Gifts: You’re welcome to promote your personal, beautiful programs/services ONLY on the FULL MOON. Posts that promote your services/offerings/events at another time will be deleted from the page. We will post a thread on the FULL MOON where you can place your offerings. I know that many of you have incredible offerings which is so deeply support.

6. You Are the Temple: Beloveds, we have gate guardians within the temple who have been called to offer their hearts in service to hold the resonance of this temple – and I am calling that any sister who chooses to join us is equally responsible for maintaining the beauty and resonance of this temple space. So if you feel that there is a posting that is not holding to these agreements then please can you let us know by tagging Chloe Rose Fielding or Catalina Rivera Dois.

7. Maintaining Coherence: Please note that if we deem that these sacred agreements cannot be met, then we will delete the thread and/or sister will be removed from this online temple.