What is a Modern Day Priestess?

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The Art of Sacred Business Mentorship

A highly focused, 1:1 journey over 4 months to bring your sacred business practices into soul alignment.

Dear sister,

Are you yearning to bring your sacred gifts and offerings into the world from a place of soul alignment?

Do you want to increase your capacity to hold coherent space with your clients or in circles?

Many of us are being called to become more present and visible through integrating and harmonizing our business with our sacred practices.

I know that when we align our business with our true calling, we’re able to create spaces that facilitate and catalyze change in the world and with our clients.


I have the great privilege and challenge to steward and guide the Priestess Presence Temple. It’s been quite an intense ride and we’ve grown into a temple of over 60,000 sisters. Let me be straight with you. I never trained to run a business and never really had a desire to have one. Except when it became clear that I had a mission to serve in a more impactful way….You might be the same: mission driven, devoted to serve and heal, but also called to get the structure you need to actually hold your wonderful vision!


I’ve been initiated time and time again to stretch beyond the “old” paradigms of business—selling, marketing, urgency, scarcity to name but a few.

With my amazing team, I’ve been inspired to create heart-aligned ways of creating a spiritual business. It’s been a deep, alchemical process. Everything has been looked at—from the language of our offerings, to the way we invite sisters to participate, to how I think about sustainability, why we’re here, and who we are here to serve. We know that sacred business helps rebalance our world in terms of diversity and access. So, from nuts and bolts to lofty visions, everything has to be run through the heart-alignment and soul-integrity monitor! I’m excited to offer support to you if you’re grappling with the tectonic shifts happening in our world: the dismantling, the call for a deeper integrity in our sacred business, and the innovation of new ways to be in community and connection— not competition with—each other…

This is what I know for sure: When we align our business with our true calling, we’re able to create spaces that facilitate and catalyze change in the world and with our clients.

…Which starts with:

  • Clarifying your soul’s mission
  • Identifying your relationship to abundance and money
  • Recognizing your core values and how this aligns—or doesn’t align—with your current business
  • Understanding your views on equity, privilege, and access—which translates into how you “market” yourself
  • Crafting systems and structures that deliver your offerings that are coherent with the heart of your message
  • Realizing how you’re being called to serve as a sacred ecstatic activist
  • Looking at conflict, resistance, and shadow work
  • Discerning ways to cohere your programs/curriculum/offerings so they’re deeply transformational and aligned with your purpose

Sister, I know it’s possible to expand your business beyond survival, creating abundance that is fully aligned with your values and heart.

I can support you to:

  • Clarify your Essence’s calling
  • Develop the most potent way to bring women together
  • Design your rituals/gatherings so that they supports intimacy and catalyze change
  • Orient to what is most joyful and life affirming for you
  • Step into serving your community from a place of deep sustenance and connection
  • Align your sacred business with the cycle of the year and lunar cycle—a powerful map to navigate your flow of creativity and manifestation
  • Work with the lunar cycle to attune and align your business with these larger energetic cycles
  • Keep a moon journal that helps you conceive, create, and manifest your sacred offerings
  • Live your soul’s purpose by sharing intuitive guidance and providing personalized, flexible sacred business tools
  • Call in spiritual allies so that you remember your sacred business is a co-creation with Source
  • Align with your calling
  • Open your heart to receive the manifested blessings that come from a heart-aligned sacred business

Some of the nitty-gritty specifics that might come up:

  • Being a vessel of the Divine
  • Transmission versus teaching
  • Integrating priestess skills into your sacred business: Feeling Navigation, Heart Knowing, Truth Tracking
  • Creating and holding boundaries
  • Building trust and intimacy
  • How and when to use oracle as a tool to support your sacred business
  • How to read and track energy of your clients or circle
  • How to address contracted/constricted/fragmented energy
  • Designing and reviewing curriculum for your online circles and in person retreats
  • Reviewing your “marketing” voice—finding one that’s in deeper alignment with a new paradigm of “sharing your offerings” rather than enrolling or selling

As your soul midwife, I will:

  • Walk beside you and hold your heart
  • Support you to step out of your old, small stories and into your Essence
  • Mirror who you truly are
  • Guide you to clear old energetic contracts that have kept you stuck
  • Prepare you to become a clear channel for the Divine Feminine
  • Be your soul ally


  • Initial 2hr deep-dive session (online or in-person)
  • 2 monthly sessions for 4 months (8 sessions)
  • Divine Feminine Archetypal Assessment
  • Individualized deepening practices
  • Email check-ins between sessions


Awaken Your Inner Temple—
9 mediations to create an inner sanctuary

Answering the Call:
9 Essential Skills & Practices
for Being a Priestess

Sacred Call of the
Ancient Priestess
eBook—the temple’s #1 best-selling book

Art and Alchemy of Manifestation: 13 recorded sessions with Kalila Sophia Rose

Each recording is an activation—transmission—of archetypal tools. They’re encoded maps hidden in your body that reveal the keys of the Feminine Alchemy of Manifestation. You will:

  • Understand how the lunar cycle fits within the context of the whole wheel of the year.
  • Access the Divine Feminine archetypes and how they “show-up” within the lunar cycle—hourly, daily, monthly, and in the seasons.
  • Be guided to connect with each face of the Goddess, understanding the specific lens through which to support the manifestation process.
  • Deepen with the specific ways their tools and practices will support you to manifest your sacred calling and birth yourself.
  • Learn the most auspicious times to create and manifest.
  • Tune into your body’s monthly rhythms—no matter where you are in the cycle of your life.
  • Stand more fully in the world, embodying practical Priestess tools to support you to live your life in deep connection to your creativity, magic, and ability to manifest beauty in your world.

In full: $4,997

4 payments of $1,300


Disclaimer: This is an educational program into Divine Feminine Archetypes. There is an emphasis on meditation, visualization, deity embodiment practices and guided journeys for the purposes of self-development. This program is not designed to treat or diagnose any psychological disorders. If you have any mental health issues, please consult with your medical practitioner before joining the program.

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