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Seed Ritual - Priestess Presence

Join us on SATURDAY JAN 7th 12NOON PST Enter your name and email to join us.

There is a mystery path
living deep within your feminine body.
Place your fingertips upon
your encoded rhythm,
feel it lead you into the darkness…
into the fertile,
fecund soil of Great Mother.

Listen, beloved.
Listen to the silence.
Do you hear Her beckoning you?
“Come, lie in my loving embrace…
Come, plant the seeds of your dreams
into my dark womb.
Come, feel the starlight of your heart
enter your personal mystery.”


You are invited to sit in the Mystery with us and receive your three unique, sacred SEEDS from Great Mother… the very dreams being catalyzed within us and to ripen in noble fruition this year.

The SEEDS we consciously and lovingly plant take root and grow, catalyzing us, initiating us into great beauty throughout the year; from seedling to sapling, to full grown plants, to blooming flowers and ripening fruits.

For this is the undulating, mythic rhythm of life that nurtures and supports us as we tune-in and hear the whispers of our Essence. It invites us to surrender and receive whatever wishes to be birthed within us this year so that we may be illuminated, bright.

Are you ready to enter the catalyzing poetry of your divine humanity?

Enter your name and email to join us.


You are the mystery, beloved.
This life is the story of your creation … all held in your dreams,
your wildest desires, ripening in the womb of your being,
held in the collective womb of our temple.

What is being asked to be SEEDED and ILLUMINATED in you this year, beloved?

During our Ritual Celebration you will:

  • Journey to the Great Mother, surrendering to Her so you may receive the boon of this year to come.
  • Meditate and receive your unique three SEEDS (words).
  • Join in a collective, amplified ritual to plant these SEEDS in the temple garden.
  • Remember the Divine Feminine mysteries encoded in your body.
  • Understand how traveling the Wheel of the Year and all the high holydays support your SEEDS to grow and blossom throughout each season so that your gifts and genius may shine forth.
  • Be invited to use your SEED words to embrace, embody, and activate your Essence this year.

We are blessed to cultivate a conscious and beautiful relationship with the Divine Feminine cycle of birth that exists within each of us.

What will be birthed and illuminated through you this year?

Come to this live, online sacred ritual and feel our starlight hearts burst into catalyzing Seeds of Love to grow throughout the year.

The Visionary Photographic Art of Chanel Baran
FB + Instagram – @ChanelBaranPhoto