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You are all registered for the online transmission.

Love, please check your email for further details on joining the call. You will be mailed reminders closer to the date.

During the live event we will:

  • Receive an embodied experience of the Midwife within
  • Experience what it feels like for you to have the Midwife support you
  • Explore the most important gifts the Midwife brings you
  • Identify the Midwife’s challenges and how they apply in your life
  • Receive an embodied experience of the Midwife within
  • Understand that you’re never just one face of the priestess leadership styles, but a combination of them (midwife, shaman, mystic, challenger, ecstatic)
  • Reveal the amazing map the Midwife offers you as a priestess leadership style
  • Discover more about this emerging body of work
  • Learn about the juicy ways you can continue deepening with all 5 priestess leadership styles

Sister, you are human and divine. We thank you for your part in helping us educate and empower women around the globe with this powerful work.

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