Beloved one,

Welcome to Awakening the Call-a self-study course where you will activate 9 sacred practices to embody the modern, Alchemical Priestess.

It’s such an honor to open the temple doors and support you to remember what means to walk as a Priestess.

We bow as you enter the temple…

Here, you are safe.
Here, you are embraced.
Here, you enter into the heart of remembrance.
Here, you are held in your exquisite wholeness.

Enter the Vessel of Transmutation

My love … come, prepare


A self-study course containing formal teachings, rituals, skills, and practices (all based on the 13 Moon Mystery School, an Avalonian lineage) so that you can immerse in the principles of transformation and embody the Priestess.

You will alchemize ancient, esoteric teachings within the structure of a modern mystery school.

The temple’s School of Sacred Arts—of which this course is one program—provides exemplary, all-inclusive training—from basic skills and practices to full ordination.

We are an established temple with nearly 70,000 women

This self-study course is a primer—a stepping stone—to deep, initiatory trainings offered by the temple’s school.


You … if you’re ready to take the vow to walk as love and have the rooted support of a sister soul family as you face challenges when opening your heart to more divine intoxication, intimacy, vulnerability, magic, and ecstatic bliss.

You … if you’re ready to access your remembrance of the core practices and skills of priestessing and begin to step on the path of what it means to walk this path.

You … if you’re called to walk your talk as a Priestess by remembering your sacred gifts and sharing them with the world.

And … for any woman called to deepen the skills and practices of the Priestess within a loving, embracing vessel of sisterhood, held by Elayne Kalila Sophia Doughty, an Ordained Priestess and trained psychotherapist.


So you may remember who you are and embody the transformational power of your true Essence while living an impassioned, fully present life … then offer your precious gifts to the world.

Awakening the Priestess will activate your encoded treasure—which is your birthright—so that you can consciously weave it into the collective and help heal our world.

When we do this, we:

  • Stand in radical self-love, giving permission for others to do the same
  • Dismantle old systems of patriarchy, recreating and rebalancing new systems that honor diversity and the feminine
  • …Can change the world

Are you called
to ground your purpose
and expand your capacity
as a vessel of love?

Ignite Your Soul’s Fire

Priestess Practices
to Activate + Ignite Your Soul-Desire

As we step through the 9 gateways of transformation during this program, you will remember the sacred, grounded practices of the Priestess.

When you remember and re-activate these tools inherent within, you’ll begin to enter the alchemical work.

Your Shakti fire will ignite.

You’ll begin to incinerate old patterns and stories
within you that imprinted core wounds of not enoughness, invisibility
(rooted in the fear of being “seen” and speaking your truth), and shame.

While your heart and body purifies and intensifies
in the fires of transmutation, your passions will
enflame in divine intoxication

Your soul-desire will burn hot…
and the juicy expression of your yearnings will create
new stories, new ways, new vibrance.

With each practice and session, you’ll burn, dissolve, and release
all that no longer serves you so that you can-ultimately–
stand in your brilliant, illuminated, natural, embodied state.

The key is to love your alchemical elements
of fire, water, earth, air and ether–even when they
catalyze, burn, dissolve, and purify your being … for
it’s the ignition of your soul…

…Because alchemical transformation means embracing all of who
we are–the light and the shadow.

Then, the sweet, unique elixir of your quintessence will be revealed.

And when this happens, you’ll remember that you’re here
to embody your fragrant gifts and stand in collective,
awakened, and devoted love.

…And your sister-family will be right by your side in a private Facebook temple.

Awaken Your Devotion

Grounded, Focused, Practical, Embodied
Mystery School

Elayne Kalila Sophia will guide you through a grounded and focused framework so that you’ll understand the underpinnings of alchemy, archetypal psychology, and deity practice from an integrated lens.

This means plenty of supportive foundational materials. practices and rituals where you’ll have direct experiences embodying the Priestess as She lives in you.

Though this is a deep, esoteric Mystery School, it is grounded in a solid foundation so that you can immediately integrate your experience into your daily life.


Remember who you are, trust yourself and Source, create boundaries, unleash your freedom, and express your true self

5 live bonus teachings with Elayne Kalila
Begins Sept. 27th

You’ll receive:

Practical, yet esoteric, teachings, tools, and activations to support you as you remember what it means to walk as a Priestess

Core principles to ground your ritual experience

Deepening practices to hold you on your journey

Transmissions and teachings with Elayne Kalila Sophia to practice the 9 sacred tools and practices for being a Priestess

Meditations and Activations that support you to develop a daily practice.

Deepening Practices handouts that will nourish your understanding of each of the core principles.

Additional support materials, videos, audio meditations and divine dialogues-all organized into a flow that guides you to deepen on the path.

Safe, loving container of sisterhood in a private, alchemical Facebook temple

Self-Study flow:

Access to a private members’ only area, our Mothership, which houses the course materials

Regular email prompts to open new modules

Opportunity to share your thoughts and answer deepening questions in the course modules

Receive support in a private Facebook temple

Study at your own pace and get reminders when you’ve completed one module and a new one is open


Bonus 5-part live teaching

Begins Sept. 27th

Enjoy, for the first time ever, a very special opportunity to experience Answering the Call with 5 live bonus teachings all for the same heart contribution as the self-study course!

Remember who you are, trust yourself and Source, create boundaries, unleash your freedom, and express your true self.

The bonus live version will help you:

Transform the way you see and experience life’s challenges

Feel safe and grounded enough to make changes

Get clear about your purpose, gifts, and soul desires

Set boundaries that are aligned and honor who you are

More freely express who you truly are

Access and use priestess tools

Respond/react to difficulties from a heart-centered place

Awaken your unique, devoted service in the world

Easily stay on-track and accountable with the course (opposed to the self-study only)

Connect with a private, global sisterhood of like-hearted women also taking the live course

Receive focused support and group mentorship

Experience a more intimate space and connection with Elayne Kalila

Be held in a loving, safe container that allows for transformation to occur

We cover 9 core alchemical practices of the Priestess


Empty Presence

Feeling Navigation, Resonance, and Coherence

Awakening the Open Heart

Authentic Power and Sovereign Alignment

Integrity and Truth

Devotion and Blessing


Ecstasy, Bliss, and Freedom

This program offers you a way to ground your understanding and inner knowing of what it means to walk the path of the Priestess.

Each teaching invites you to expand your capacity to walk in priestess presence through:

  • grounded, embodied practices
  • self-reflection
  • connection with your Essence

During the course, you’ll be:

Invited to identify how you’re being called to bring the light of your full, embodied presence into the world. Challenged to listen-in and hear how the Priestess is calling you to be of devoted service within our modern-day context. Guided and supported to see how the Priestess, as a living archetype, is calling you to offer yourself in devoted service.

And as you take each step on this path, you’ll be supported to heal and release that which no longer serves—making way to birth something anew—so that you can transmute old stories and come to a place of harmonic wholeness as you embody your divinely human Essence.
…So, if you have been searching for both a training and a safe crucible in which to practice, awaken, remember, and be in an alchemical process, then you’re invited to let the catalyzing fires of this journey transform you.

Embody Your Wholeness


the Priestess embraces us as we remember to celebrate our inherent
wholeness by virtue of our transparent, vulnerable, free, ecstatic hearts.

This is who we came here to be.

This is the path of the Priestess.

The Priestess invites us to embody our lives from the perspective that we’re already whole, complete, and radiant. She challenges us to embrace the places that scare us, through owning our shadow, and choosing to bring love to the places where we have judged and separated.

We only have to remember.

The practices, skills, and loving sisterhood offered in this journey provides you with the perfect vessel to remember who you are so that you can walk as Love on the planet.

Ground the Mystery

An overview of all the boons
you’ll receive from the program:


Explore the following questions and experience embodying deity through archetypal energy during our live calls and in your daily life:

  • What is a Divine Feminine archetype?
  • How do they operate within our psyche?
  • What is the history of the development of the field of archetypal psychology?
  • How do the Divine Feminine archetypes support you to reclaim “forgotten” aspects of yourself and bring them back to wholeness?


Explore the following queries and during our live calls, embody an alchemical
blueprint for transformation when you apply these into your daily life:

  • What is Alchemy?
  • Where does it originate and how did it develop?
  • What are what are the seven stages of spiritual alchemy?
  • How do we recognize an alchemical experience?

Feminine Embodiment:

  • What is the practice of Divine Feminine Embodiment?
  • Where does it come from?
  • What lineages and traditions are connected to this practice?
  • What is the Gnostic tradition?
  • How can this practice support us to connect more closely to our Essence and access our inner truth?
  • How does this practice support us to heal and transform our lives?

You’ll awaken the following 9 core practices and skills of the Priestess:


Of creating sacred space and claim the priestess gifts you carry this lifetime

Empty Presence:

Dropping out of your mind then into your inner heart and womb knowing

Feeling Navigation,
Resonance, and

The art of subtle awareness where you develop your intuition and oracular skills

Awakening the Open Heart:

Understand the open heart as the portal through which you connect to your Essence and divinity

Authentic Power and
Sovereign Alignment:

Embrace radical self-responsibility, anchor what truth and aligned power feels like in your body, and activate your Inner Queen

Integrity and Truth:

Remember the seminal skill of determining what is real

Devotion and Blessing:

Free the caged feelings of limitation, transforming it to abundance and flow


Skill to liberate your ego’s attachment to roles and identifiers

Ecstasy, Bliss, and

Anchor the practice of turning toward love, at all times, to live a life of tender, open, vulnerability so that we can transmit and pollinate new stories in ourselves and in our world

Sacred Exchange

While the mysteries do not belong to any of us–but to all of us–paradoxically, they are are not free: They are priceless treasures.

The temple wishes to deeply honor you for being a clear YES.

You may step in and join us for the heart contribution of $99–or 3 sacred payments of $33

Thank you for your heartfelt contribution. We are in deep gratitude and invite you into this beautiful, transformative Mystery School.


$497 VALUE
CURRENTLY $99 (limited time only)

Become resourced to transform your life and embody who you truly are by accessing over 10hrs of self-study content, activating the 9 core sacred skills of the Priestess

  • 9 modules
  • Meditations & activations
  • Deepening Practices
  • Reflection questions at the end of each module
  • Videos
  • Online membership portal
  • Sacred Call of the Ancient Priestess—the temple’s #1 best-selling book (part of the curriculum)


$3735 VALUE
CURRENTLY $0 (special limited gift with $99 self-study)

Release old patterns and create a new story in your life by accessing nearly 8hrs of live training

You’ll directly apply the 9 core priestess skills to your biggest life challenges, alchemizing them so you experience more empowerment, alignment, embodiment, and radiance when you remember who you are, trust yourself, create boundaries, unleash your freedom, and express your true self.

  • 5 live, interactive webinar teachings (90 mins each)
  • Sacred sisterhood
  • New, private FB temple just for sisters taking the live course
  • 7.5hrs of intimate, group mentorship with Elayne Kalila


$196 VALUE
CURRENTLY $0 (special gift with $99 self-study & the live version)

  • Sacred Library
  • Awakening Your Inner Temple—9 audio journeys to activate your soul blueprint and access your soul voice (Value $49)
  • Divine Feminine Embodiment Primer—discover what this means, how to practice it, and how it helps you heal and transform your life (Value $49)
  • Archetypes Primer—understand what they are, their history, and how they help you remember forgotten parts of yourself so you can experience more wholeness (Value $49)

The Grounded, Detailed, Alchemical Curriculum

Creating the



MODULE 1: Remembrance

We will:

Create Temple together by lighting the candles of remembrance and calling back your power as a temple sister.

Ground the field in sacred agreements.

Receive the Core Teaching of Remembrance.

Explore what it means to stand as a modern-day, Alchemical Priestess.

Understand the social, cultural, and spiritual function of the Priestess.

Reclaim the Priestess by entering a remembrance ritual with a direct embodiment practice where you will claim the keys of your Priestess lineage(s).

Grounding the



MODULE 2: Empty Presence

We will:

Receive the Core Teaching of Empty Presence.

Enter the mystery: I Surrender/I Receive as a state of being from which everything is born.

Embrace presence and emptiness as words that create an opening for you to embody the Divine Feminine.

Access your ability to “hold space” by becoming the “still mirror” so your organic wisdom emerges.

Becoming the



MODULE 3: Feeling Navigation, Resonance, and Coherence

We will:

Receive the Core Teaching of Feeling Navigation, Resonance, and Coherence.

Experience yourself as the vessel—a chalice—of the Divine Feminine.

Awaken your intuition and “gnosis” to access your inner knowing and guidance.

Experience direct embodiment of Feeling Navigation, Coherence, and Resonance.

Cultivate your skills to pool silence, listen-in, and hold space.

Heating the



MODULE 4: Awakening of the Open Heart

We will:

Receive the Core Teaching of Awakening the Open Heart.

Embrace surrendering to the intimacy of “being here now.”

Enter direct embodiment practices to awaken the heart and experience the transformational power of unconditional love.

Open the transmutational gateways of intimacy and vulnerability into the feminine regality of magntism–which does not seek validation outside self.

Strengthening the



MODULE 5: Authentic Power and Sovereign Alignment

We will:

Receive the Core Teachings of Authentic Power and Sovereign Alignment.

Activate the Sacred Tool of The Throne.

See where you’ve avoided standing in your power and felt afraid to be in your center.

Learn how to anchor and discern what truth feels like in your body so that you can always return to what feels real.

Embrace all the ways in which you wobble from being aligned with your authentic power.

Clarifying the



MODULE 6: Truth and Integrity

We will:

Receive the Core Teachings of Integrity and Truth.

Deepen into the skills of Resonance and Coherence.

Remember the seminal skill of discernment and aligning with what is real.

Access your inner truth and find the seat of your integrity.

Immerse in direct embodiment practices to help you identify the difference between Essence-based and ego-based decisions so that you can open to your inner knowing and receive clear wisdom around current choices you’re being called to make.

Heating the



MODULE 7: Devotion and Blessing

We will:

Receive the Core Teachings of Devotion and Blessing.

Feel where you’re not in the flow–where you block the energy of giving and receiving.

Learn the seminal practice of embodying the resonance of devotion and blessing.

Attune to refinement–an energetic subtle realm that increases vitality and aliveness in all aspects of life.

Purifying the



MODULE 8: Non-Attachment

We will:

Receive the Core Teaching of Non-Attachment.

Learn non-attachment practices to identify and explore the labels and roles you’re attached to.

Clarify how the labels serve you and may also impact your ability to fully serve.

Distinguish the energetic difference between walking the Priestess path and owning the role of Priestess.

Heating the



MODULE 9: Ecstasy, freedom, and bliss

We will:

Receive the Core Teachings of Ecstasy, Bliss, and Freedom.

Deepen into the power of the magnetic field that is created through trust, release, and surrender.

Awaken your blissful sensuality as a radical path of embodied presence in your daily life.

Claim the humble responsibility of being a force of embodied love.

Releasing the



We will:

Review all core teaching modules as embodied frequency and practice. Practice core skills 1-9 that we’ve learned thus far for an integrated experience of what it means to deepen into the path of Priestess Presence.

Be invited to enter a core principle that life is the initiation.

Understand how you can deepen into the priestess path of initiation.

Enter the mystery: Embodied, Divinely Sensual Feminine Leadership—Walking as an Alchemical Priestess.

Hear how you’re being called to priestess in the world.

Commit to your path of devoted service so that you can be in alignment with your Essence, knowing and the aligned, true, resonant story of your life.

The self-study course runs for 10 hrs over 9 videos


With the 5-part bonus live teaching, you’ll receive almost 8 hrs of
transformative, interactive, group lessons

$4,428 Value

$99 Heart Contribution (for a limited time only)


Starts Sept. 27th

Live Class #1: Remember Who You Are

Begins Sept. 27th

TRANSFORMATION:Remember who you are so you can truly open your heart to receive love

CORE SKILLS: Remembrance & Empty Presence



We Will:

Create a safe temple space together

Root to Mother Earth and Father Sky to feel nourishment and belonging

Experience feeling truly grounded

Feel held so we can see where we withhold love from ourselves

Feel into what is truly nourishing

Apply this principle directly to real-life challenges

Live Class #2: Trust Your Soul Voice

Begins date Oct 4th

TRANSFORMATION:Trust your soul voice so you can understand and believe in your purpose & desires

CORE SKILLS: Feeling Navigation, Resonance, and Coherence



We Will:

Dissolve blocks to our intuition and quiet our inner chatter to feel the intuitive channels of perception that we are most connected to

Connect to our soul voice

Experience what our true voice feels and sounds like

Build on the previous lesson of feeling safe, nourished, and held so we can trust our intuition and voice

Get clear on soul desires and gifts

Apply this principle directly to real-life challenges

Live Class #3: Align Your Actions

Begins date Oct 11th

TRANSFORMATION:Align your actions with who you are so you can courageously, with self-honor, create boundaries (receive tools), and respond to life’s challenges with loving clarity

CORE SKILLS: Authentic Power and Sovereign Alignment; Truth and Integrity



We Will:

Connect with our inner integrity and sovereignty, then align with how we “know” our inner truth

Experience what self-honor feels like

Discover how to create aligned boundaries

Expand our capacity to have clarity in all aspects of our lives

Build on the previous lessons of feeling safe and trusting our soul voice so we can take aligned action

Apply these two principles directly to real-life challenges

Live Class #4: Catalyze Your Freedom

Begins date Oct 18th

TRANSFORMATION:Catalyze your freedom so you can release old patterns and rebirth new, soul-aligned journeys/stories in life that welcome intimacy, communion, and resourced abundance

CORE SKILLS: Non-attachment



We Will:

Identify how we keep ourselves stuck in old patterns

Catalyze new ways of taking aligned action towards that which we desire to create

Feel the cost of stuck patterns in all aspects of our lives

Explore ways we can feel “attached” to staying stuck

Ignite the deep yearning for transformation—a birthright within each one of us

Connect to old stories/patterns ready to be released and die so new aspects of our Soul/ Essence Self can be freed into full expression

Build on the previous lessons of feeling safe, trusting our soul voice, and taking aligned action so that we can release old patterns and rebirth new stories that free us

Apply this principle directly to real-life challenges

Live Class #5: Express Your True Self

Begins date Oct 25th

TRANSFORMATION:Express your true self so that you can embody your radiance and full, vulnerable raw, loving presence—which in turn, reminds others of their inherent brilliance and wholeness

CORE SKILLS: Awaken the Open Heart; Devotion and Blessing; Ecstasy, Freedom, and Bliss



We Will:

Access the innate creativity that lives in each of us

Identify how we shield ourselves from receiving—abundance, joy, love, etc.

Connect with a deeper flow of abundance and joy

Deepen our connection to the heart

Experience all the ways we are being called to feel more and be more intimately connected—in all aspects of our lives

Journey into full aliveness

Open the heart to receive what is already here for us

Build on previous lessons of feeling safe, trusting our soul voice, taking aligned action, and releasing old patterns and rebirthing new stories that free us so that we can express our true selves

Apply these three principles directly to real-life challenges

Mothership –
Our Online Members’ Portal

All of the teachings of the 6 week Online Mysterium are housed and delivered online via email and through our members’ only “Mothership” (or online portal).

When you sign-up, you’ll receive immediate access to these areas on the Mothership:

Answering Call course

The Sacred Library–our free gift to you

Inside the Answering the Call area of the Mothership, you’ll find beautifully laid out:

3 Primers on Alchemy, Divine Feminine Embodiment and Archetypes

9 Core Modules

Deepening practices


Audio meditations and activations

Course Delivery

Once you register, you’ll be invited to begin this amazing journey.

The first module of the program will be unlocked so you can dive in.

Once you have completed one module, you’ll be asked to complete a few deepening reflections.

When you complete your reflections, the next module of the journey will be opened.

Meanwhile, you’ll receive emails to support you with this process—making sure that you are moving through the materials and inviting you to share with our Artful Priestess sisterhood (on the FB page).

What’s Needed:

Computer with video streaming capability

2 hours per module (In truth, you will be “in the field of the program” the whole time you’re enrolled; you’re at choice to feel into the amount of time that feels right for you dedicate)

The Sacred Call of the Ancient Priestess — the temple’s best-selling book (the eBook is included in the Mysterium and some reading is part of the curriculum)

How to get the most out of this program

Here are my tips for you to deeply benefit from this rich program:

Choose a regular time every week to dedicate to watching the videos, reading handouts, and deepening into practices.  As with any practice, we get out what we put in!

Let yourself be drawn to offerings that speak to you. Trust what is “pinging “ you. There is a richness of handouts, meditations, and extra content that you will want to keep revisiting for the months to come. You don’t have to get to all of it in one go.

Take time to answer the reflection questions at the end of each module. This will help you deepen with what you’re learning.

Do come on over to the Artful Priestess FB Temple page and be part of our larger sisterhood. Share what you are deepening with. There is a wealth of beauty there for you.

Connect with us! Let us know what you’re loving. I love receiving communication from you as you deepen on your journey.

What Sisters Say

When I joined temple last year I was interested in two things: deepening my understanding of what it means to walk in love and how to work more intimately with alchemy. If you’re interested in creating a new story in your life, to alchemize fear into love .. if you’re ready to choose to be conscious, to walk in love towards more expansive wisdom and growth .. if you’re ready to see that everything you experience is an initiation, then you have found your home with Elayne Kalila. My biggest transformation has been to really see my repeating patterns – not only to see them but to feel into why they keep coming up. Elayne has provided so many tools to work my own magic. I love how she draws out of me my power, my answers, my inner knowing. I feel I have arrived, that I am home in temple. It is a feeling that’s hard to describe .. if any of my words ring true to you then just jump in. I couldn’t really afford the financial commitment but looking back now, this truly is the best money I have ever spent and I would do it again a million times. My beliefs, patterns and habits have been turned on their head, and that is exactly what I needed. Thank you, Elayne!

-Aimee Hanson

Through this Priestess Presence Path – the temple, the sisterhood, and Elayne Kalila’s beautiful, bad-ass spiritual mentorship – I have re-membered who and what I have always been. For the first time in my 55 years I feel real and unwavering connection to Her, to my body, to the sacred alchemical mysteries – wombyn’s mysteries of re-member-ance and fierce love. I have learned that when you walk as love, your hands and womb are love creating; your mouth is love speaking truth; your hips are love, built for intoxication and built as well for holding worlds and babies. Your heart is the chalice which creates it all, radiates it all. This path is not for the faint of heart. But it is for the beautiful and the brave. And when you take your first steps upon this path, sister, you’ll realize that you are that. You are radiant, beautiful and brave and always have been.

-Juanita Cheng

Elayne has a beautiful and generous way of making a seductive invitation to this Path of the Goddess/Priestess work, bringing the heart of the Divine Feminine back into balance and love. Within a handful of weeks I heard the call to the Mysterium and without a second guess, moved into the next piece of intimacy with the One on this path. The gifts that came from doing the Mysterium brought the 13 Moon Priestess Path more deeply into my consciousness and soul. Meeting all the women that shared their visions, their personal path work, their hearts and words, touch me so deeply I really couldn’t get enough. And working with Elayne Kalila is truly a great gift. She’s an awesome soul. I love her and cherish the depth of her commitment to the One, to Love, to you as Sister on this path.

-Jeanne Adwani


It is the temple’s pleasure to honor your choice to step-into this Mystery School by gifting you the following powerful treasures.

The Sacred Call
of the Ancient Priestess:


The temple’s #1 best-selling book is an offering of deep, loving devotion from the Goddess to you. It was written for you. It belongs to you.

…And it is part of this Mysterium’s curriculum.

Heart-opening and provocative, The Sacred Call of the Ancient Priestess is gorgeously designed in full-color and contains:

Interactive rituals, meditations, and videos

Direct transmissions from the Goddess

Relevant spiritual guidance grounded in deeply raw, personal stories

A stand-alone myth that poetically re-tells the her story of the Priestess

Description of the Alchemical Priestess and Her purpose

Quiz to determine how “pregnant” you are with the Alchemical Priestess

Two best-selling authors, Elayne Kalila Sophia and Rebecca Cavender, co-created this revolutionary book.

Private Facebook Temple

Safe, loving container of sisterhood in a private, alchemical online temple space

Here, you will gather your intimate, vulnerable hearts and:

Connect with your sister soul-family — the very sisters you called in to support you for this alchemical journey

Unveil your embodied, full presence

Celebrate your abundance and inner magic

Be witnessed in unconditional love as you face challenges and transmute sacred wounds into their holy gifts

Receive guidance and support from Elayne Kalila Sophia Rose

Enter a sealed container of alchemical love

Awakening Your Inner Temple

9 Deep Meditative Sessions to Awaken Your Inner Temple

Awaken Your Inner Temple is all about creating a place of refuge, deep soul beauty and connection within your own being … an Inner Temple where you can:

Access a powerful transformational space within your being.

Train yourself to “tune in” to your intuition and start decoding the unique metaphors, imagery, and symbols that are potent medicine for you.

Deepen into specific meditations and journeys designed to access and heal at a deep, unconscious level.

Remember the power of your inner healer who is here, ready to guide you at every moment.

Receive great healing and inspiration for your life.

I will guide you to:

Awaken your inner capacity to heal, transform, create, and generate from a place of full responsibility for yourself and the world.

Activate your soul’s encoded blueprint so that you can live a life of passionate service and meaning connected to your deepest purpose.

About Kalila

I am Elayne Kalila, Gatekeeper and Focalizer of the Priestess Presence Temple, a dedicated temple of the 13 Moon Mystery School. I believe walking the Priestess Path is about being willing to dedicate ourselves to deepening our practice so that we can be present and serve the world. I am passionate about opening the ancient mysteries of the Divine Feminine into our modern lives so we can all step more fully into serving from a place of love, presence, and purpose.

Because of the teachings of the Divine Feminine through the 13 Moon Mystery School, I have been able to priestess in some of the most dangerous and violent areas of the world, like the Congo. In those places, I have supported women to activate and remember their truth and power. I offer a real path of presence, empowerment, and transformation through awakening the Priestess within you. That is why I am delighted and honored to invite you to join me.If you have secretly (or not so secretly!) wondered about the Path of the Priestess, how to deepen in Her sacred realms, and bring the Goddess into the modern-day context of your life, this special program is for you.

-Elayne Kalila Doughty

Summary of What You Receive

Experience at your own pace, whenever you want…

3 Primers on:
Alchemy, Archetypes and
Divine Feminine Embodiment

9 core modules of the essential skills and practices for being a Priestess

Practical, yet esoteric, teachings, tools, and activations to support you as you remember what it means to walk as a Priestess

Sacred Call of the Ancient Priestess eBook: Our #1 best-selling book as part of your curriculum

Bonus: Awaken Your Inner Temple — a 9-part meditation series

Deepening practices to hold you on your journey

Safe, loving container of sisterhood in a private, alchemical Facebook temple

Private Membership portal to access all of your course materials and replays

Sacred Library card — a portal of expansive resources to support you as you remember who you are

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your refund policy?

Your sense of value with this beautiful course is very important to us.
If you find it does not align with you, then we welcome your feedback and ask that you reach out to us directly so we can address your concerns.

We offer a complete refund within the first 7 days of purchase. No refund is issued after day 8.

Simply submit refund requests at [email protected] with the subject line “Refund Request.”

Can I use PayPal?

Yes. PayPal is available if you pay in full only. PayPal is unavailable for payment plans.

You may go here to join with PayPal.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes, you may step-in here for 3 installments of $33:
Week 1: $33
Week 2: $33
Week 3: $33

You will be billed in 3 separate, 7 day intervals, beginning the date you made your first payment.

How are the temple sessions conducted?

All temple sessions are offered on video via your computer.

What is the online Facebook temple?

This is a private Facebook group that is for all sisters who have stepped into our deeper programs in the priestess presence temple. You will be able to meet and connect with sisters from all over the world.

Elayne Kalila will be an active member of this group, so you can ask questions and garner her support in this forum.

How can I reach customer support?

If you have questions, the best way to reach us is to email us at : [email protected]

Please allow 2 business days for a response during M-F.

We have customer service sisters that are on PST and an AEST time zone. Please note that means it can sometimes take a little while to get a response, but we do our best to respond as quickly as possible.

Over the weekends, we take sacred rest, so you can expect a response, if you email us over a weekend, we’ll respond as soon as we can during business hours.

Limits of Liability Waiver

The Answering the Call : 9 Essential Skills & Practices for Being a Priestess is an experiential course for spiritual training. This program is not designed to treat or diagnose any psychological disorders. If you have any mental health issues please consult with your medical practitioner before joining the program. It requires breaking through old patterns and ways of being–an initiatory process that can feel uncomfortable. Our work affects many levels (mental and emotional), is rigorous and not for those who suffer from mental disabilities, depression, or have suicidal episodes.

Each sister is responsible for their own actions and boundaries.Priestess Presence LLC and Focalizer Elayne Kalila Doughty, and The 13 Moon Mystery School and its founder, Ariel Spilsbury, are not, and will not, be held liable for any assumed damage that is deemed to occur at any time. Participants must accept that all knowledge is given in good faith and must understand that they are entering into training in a pioneer field and all such training is given in good faith to the highest known safety standards or perceived practices within this discipline.

Remembering the Priestess Path

Priestess Presence Temple: The School of Sacred Arts provides exemplary, all-inclusive training–from basic skills and practices to full ordination–to women called on the priestess path, supporting them as they embody the transformational power of their true Essence so they are impassioned and fully present, offering their gifts to the world.

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