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The wheel keeps turning.
Come, feel the warmth of spring on your cheeks.
Bathe in the emerging beauty of
tender, dew-dropped skin:
A first kiss on the lips of summer’s promise,
a shy flirtation with the divine
in each flower,
shaking her scent in the winds.


You are invited to enter the holy day of Spring Equinox and honor the arrival of spring.

Spring Equinox marks the point of equal day and night … a time of balance and celebration of all that’s being newly born into the supple arms of Terra Gaia.

During this sacred nexus, portal doors are held open, welcoming fresh, green sprouts and the arrival of flowers, adorning Mother’s velvety skirts.

We, too, are growing; the seeds we planted in the womb of the New Year are beginning to show …

And now, we come together with our ancient priestess sisters, Ostara and Mary Magdalene*–just as we have for thousands of years–to celebrate our emergence from the depth of winter and the promise of new life.

Will you join us to celebrate the early blooms of what’s growing
within you, this temple, and the collective?

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Feel the deep green grass between your toes,
the smell of dawn,
insisting that you awaken
the sap of new life rising:
Her divine pause within you,
as She once again calls to us:
The Expected Ones…

What is being resurrected in you, beloved?

During our Ritual Celebration you will:

  • Light the ceremonial hearth fire in celebration of Spring’s arrival.
  • Invoke the presence of Ostara, Sulis, and Grainnea—all faces of the Goddess of Spring—and receive Her blessings.
  • Feel into sense what She’s “springing” within our womb-hearts.
  • Feel how the “seeds” planted at the beginning of the year and quickened at Imbolc are now springing into life.
  • Deepen into that which is being called back into balance for your personally and the world collectively.
  • Weave the thread of the wheel of the year, feeling the pulse of life personally and collectively.

Come, take your place in the circle of light.


Aurora Anurca Farber, Priestess Presence Temple Guide Trainer, 13 Moon Mystery School Trained Priestess, Feminine Leadership Coach, Writer, Speaker & modern-day Priestess, is on a mission to help women ignite their “Feminine Fire” the 3 flames of POWER, LOVE and WISDOM that are the key to awakening the new feminine evolutionary consciousness that will heal our world. She helps women burn away limiting beliefs, align with their feminine moon rhythm, and embody their mythic purpose in the world.

Aurora holds honors degrees in Literature and Foreign Language, along with a professional certification in Coaching. She is a Priestess Initiate of The 13 Moon Mystery School, and as a Temple Guide Mentor of the Priestess Presence Temple, she mentors women in how to create sacred space and become Temple Guides in their communities. She is a co-author of three books in the The New Feminine Evolutionary series: The New Feminine Evolutionary; Pioneering the Path to Prosperity; and Sacred Body Wisdom. She is also a featured writer and artist in the book, Voices Of The Avalonian Priestesses.

Through private coaching, online programs, women circles and retreats, Aurora creates “sacred spaces” for women to be held, witnessed and loved exactly as they are right here, right now. Her guiding vision is a world of women claiming their creative powers, loving their body temples, and being beacons of fierce wisdom as they burn away archaic, limiting beliefs and light the world on fire with love.

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We’d love to celebrate with you during this free, live, online
Sacred Spring Equinox Ritual.

Join us on March 19TH at 12 P.M. PST with Aurora Farber
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