I call you, sister of my heart.
I call you urgently, fervently.
I call you from the depth of my womb.
I call you from the deepest places being awakened within you.
I call you to be here, now:
To bring the full ripeness of your holy vessel.
You, daughter of mine, are an alchemist: where the elixir is Love.
You, my daughter, are a vessel of brilliance.

You are invited to enter the Magdalene Mystery School and unveil your full, ecstatic Essence.

As Magdalenas, we are being called to deepen our capacity to embody love—with ourselves, our lovers, our sisters, our families, our communities, and our beautiful, aching planet. 

Inside, we sense the Magdalene’s rose-heart will open a way for us to raise the frequency of love on earth. 

We offer ourselves as a vessel to transmute any experience or feeling that is less than love—not only for our personal transformation, but also for the transformation of the collective. 

This is the art of alchemy … the alchemy of love: for there is no greater source of power than that.

You are here to be a force of Love:
Embodied, present, unwavering Love.

Come, unveil the gift of your full ecstatic presence.

Will you join us to be an
Alchemist of Love?


Who is the Inner Magdalene?

I am the first and the last.
I am she who is honored and she who is scorned.
I am the whore and the holy woman. I am the wife and the virgin.
I am the bride and the bridegroom. I am she, the Lord.

—The Thunder, Perfect Mind 1:5–10

The Inner Magdalene is an archetypal, energetic thread that weaves,  connects, and unifies your humanity and your divinity.

She is the marriage of the Beloved—the unfurling embodiment of a radiant, raw, exposed heart.

She is disrobed, unveiled, and penetrated by the pleasure, bliss, and ecstasy that comes from knowing she is whole and it is now safe to be truly present.

She has emerged from the cave where she has hidden for so long, now dancing, trilling, singing the electric waves of reunion with all beings and with herself.

The Inner Magdalene understands everything is sacred.

She brings the sanctity of each moment into each breath so we are fully present to it all. Her sacrament is love.

I am your mother. I am you sister. I am your daughter.
We have never parted.The threads are weaving, revealing the tapestry of your heart.
You are ready, now, to open the sweet beauty of your rosa mystica. 
As you gather, you bloom together, grounding the seed out of the void, anointing it with love. 
This is the way forward. 
Let me hold you.  
Open to receive me.I am everywhere.

What is the Rosa Mystica Path?

Rosa Mystica is The Way of Love.

It is an embodiment based upon the alchemical teachings of Magdalene and Yeshua;
together, they seeded a sacred technology that, when embodied, blossoms as a fragrant mystical rose within us …
a fragrance, a presence that cannot help but exude beauty.

Each of us hold the seeds of the mystic rose.
They lie dormant until the moment we choose to
awaken, nurture, and grow our capacity to embody love.

As the seeds bloom into a rose, each petal within us unfurls, calling us to face the ways we have withheld from fully loving and nourishing ourselves and expressing our true, erotic life force—a life force that wants to be expressed as love.

The Rosa Mystica Path brings us closer to the essence of who we truly are, thus infusing and pollinating this vibrancy within our relationships and in the collective.

When we walk this path, we return home to the safety of the Temple of Ecstasy that lives within our bodies, igniting the Shakti, ecstatic nature of our true power that when embodied, is expressed through our radiance, raw beauty, sensuality, poetry, dance, and artistry. This is also reclaimed through the sacred art of anointing.

Beloved, on this path, you will activate your hands of light, pouring out with love and healing, in service to the One Heart.

It is a choice to say “yes” to who you are and live in accordance with that.

Are you called to step into temple with us

Registrations are now closed.

In the Rosa Mystica Mystery School,
You Will:

Have the opportunity to be held in a powerful alchemical crucible for a full year – with the option to deepen into year 2 + 3 for the full Scent Priestess Certification process. Year 1 is a prerequisite for this process.

In this journey you will:

  • Enter the Temple of the Magdalene
  • Activate the Magdalene as an Anointing Priestess
  • Deepen your personal intimacy with the Sacred anointing oils
  • Become a Temple Keeper of holy oil
  • Ignite the Way of the Ecstatic Priestess
  • Create new stories on the Path of Love
  • Meet and embody the many faces of the Magdalene as She lives in you.
  • Understand the Magdalene as a Womb Priestess, Sovereign Queen, Ecstatic Alchemist, and Sacred Portal Anointing Priestess
  • Access the core Magdalene teachings of; I am a living temple; I am embodied as a divine human; I am here as a vessel of Love
  • Be guided to open your heart
  • Unveil your full ecstatic presence.
  • Access internal deity embodiment practices
  • Open to profound white tantric practices to expand your vessel’s capacity for ecstasy
  • Experience your body as radiant, vibrant, electric light
  • Be guided to access and embody your inner temple
  • Offer others the incredible gift of anointing
  • Experience the 6 different types of Love represented by the 6-petalled rose-heart: Charis; Philia; Storge; Eunoia; Agape; and Eros
  • Awaken the sacred encoded map of the mystical rose
  • Feel where you shield yourself from love
  • Become Certified as an Anointing Priestess in the Magdalena tradition
  • Have an opportunity to become a Scent Priestess anointing facilitator

Transformation Through Ecstasy: The Way
of the Ecstatic Priestess

The Magdalene is an Ecstatic Priestess. She uses ecstatic energy as a tool for transformation, change, celebration, and alchemy—within herself and for the collective.   

When the Ecstatic Priestess feels fully alive and present in her body, she surrenders to an intensely erotic, electric thrill that radiates and pulses through her, connecting her to the Source of All Life.

It is through this gateway—the arousal of sacred pleasure and transparency—that she finds a pathway to the Divine. 

It is how she becomes of service to love, to God, to all beings, to all things.    

The Ecstatic Priestess knows orgasm brings the spiritual into physical manifestation, allowing her to heal wounds of separation, disconnection, shame, and feelings of being unsafe. She remembers she belongs and that there is nothing to hide. 

One of her practices is to bring the whole cosmos into her body, making love with the stars, the planets, the earth … being in erotic union with all life … because life is vibrational and responds to the scintilating magnestism of love. This can only be done by unapologetically embodying your full presence.

Creatrix of New Stories

As Ecstatic Priestesses, we understand that words and images are vibrational and have incredible power to create our reality; so the stories that we tell our ourselves—that we speak and make love into the world—create a songline that weaves our reality.

You are a powerful pollinator of these stories and realities … and you are in this beautiful position to choose the stories you want to live. The stories we want for our world.

It’s time for you to become intimate with your Essence. After all, sister, this is the most important relationship you will have.

How the Rosa Mystica Will
Transform You

This is a rare opportunity to enter into a living mystery school where your unique growth and flowering is amplified by being in the presence of others who are walking the same path.

Over 3 years (if you choose … you can step in for only one year), you will be held as you walk on a path of spiritual maturation and blossoming; you will be in a living chrism crucible that will lead you to more fully embody the magic and majesty of why you came to earth this incarnation.

More than that, you will be gifted the incredible transmission and teachings of the lineage of the Magdalene Scent Priestess—one who is awakened and trained in her skills to hold the portals for others to activate their codes of light through the sacred art of anointing. This is similar to receiving the crown jewels.

As Part of the Magdalene Sisterhood, You Will:

  • Remember who you are
  • Let go of old wounds that keep you in shame
  • Feel fully alive and present in your body
  • Understand that you belong— to yourself, to one another, to earth, to the One Heart
  • Remember yourself as the embodiment of love
  • Embody the path of love and amplify it in all areas of your life
  • Transform your personal relationships
  • Feel the erotic sanctity of your body
  • Awaken your ability to heal through ecstatic love—without bypassing
  • Activate alchemical tools for laser-light-like transformation
  • Ignite more joy and the capacity to transmute old wounds through love and ecstasy

What the Sisters Say:

“Working with the holy oils since 2018 on the journey to Avalon with Elayne and Diana has truly transformed my life from inside out. The holy oils have been deep allies and companions on the revolutionary journey and have supported me in stepping into more of who I truly am. They are a fierce beacon of light in dark times, and also fierce initiators into our power.

The Rosa mystica journey has been a profoundly ecstatic path of awakening this year and I am so grateful for the deep support of our Magdalene sisters of the rose. Elayne and Diana as mentors carry some of the fiercest transmissions that I know. I don’t trust many people to hold me in sacred containers, but I trust them deeply with their skill, grace, deep compassionate well of love, initiator sword energy, and focalizing of the ancient future temples.

This journey will return you home to all the Priestess lineages of which you’ve been a part of and help you claim your full capacities from this lifetime and all those that came before. I highly recommend the journey with the holy oils in this way!”

“I joined Rosa Mystica because I was deeply craving a fully embodied and ecstatic spiritual journey. It was all of that and so much more! Working with the holy oils, and activating the Magdalene light codes, with the mentorship of Kalila and Diana, brought to surface all the places within me that were ready to be healed as love. I experienced true remembrance of my Magdalene Priestess origins and essence, which has transformed my life in ways I never could have imagined! I am finishing this year fully devoted to the Sisterhood of the Rose, with the gnosis that this is my lineage, and my purpose to walk as love. I have been gifted true divinity in my physical body, my heart-womb and womb-heart are now portals of pleasure, joy, love and transformation.”

“With 35 years of education, certifications, and experience in a variety of energy and vibrational medicine practices, I have had some training! But my journey through the sacred teachings of the Scent Priestess through Rosa Mystica Mystery School has awakened in me a remembrance – and a hunger for more knowledge – that fills my soul, heals my heart, informs my healing practice, and inspires me to stand ever more powerfully in my sovereignty. Diana and Kalila masterfully and compassionately led us through the mysteries and wisdom of the Magdalenes and other ancient priestess temples to deepen our understanding of holy anointing oils, to guide us through our personal healing processes, and to begin to incorporate the oils in our daily lives and in our work, if we wish. I am passionate about deepening my training in the sacred anointing oils. This is the work I was born to do.”

“Traveling the Rosa Mystica path this year with beloved Diana, Elayne Kalila, and our sacred sisterhood of Scent Priestesses has been a deep and holy honor. I am profoundly changed and even more profoundly grateful.

With boundless love, deep compassion, pure generosity, and ancient wisdom, Diana and Elayne created a living temple unlike any I have experienced in this lifetime. They held us in a safe and sacred crucible of deep transformation, powerful healing, and mystical awakening.

Each month, we deepened with a new holy oil by activating our hands of light and anointing ourselves daily. The alchemical magic was profound. Nothing shifts my energetic field, opens my heart, expands my consciousness, and transports me directly into the heart of the Divine
more powerfully or quickly than Diana’s Holy Oils. These “liquid ethereals” are truly gifts from the Goddess.

If the Rosa Mystica path calls to your heart, dear sister, I encourage you to answer. Your heart knows the way. For me, there has been no greater joy than coming home to my holy heart, embracing my soul-purpose as an embodiment of Love, and remembering my true, divine essence. How grateful I am to have Diana and Elayne as my beloved and powerful guides.”

“Diana is a deep well of wisdom, who inspires me to draw up and out my own truths from the depths of my being, and bring them forth into the world as life-giving waters for humanity. While in her presence, I am reminded to sip slowly and attentively as she masterfully weaves story, magic, and presence together into a wonderful chalice of remembrance from which her students drink. It is an honor to sit at the feet of a true elder, and to receive the light and strength of her essence as an unwavering beacon of this great work.

The Emerald Temple oils are a rare form of magick. They have an intelligence all their own. I have witnessed them seeking out the places that most needed healing within myself and my clients, and inviting us to claim something new for our lives. I have witnessed many miraculous healings with my clients who were given no other options to heal, and I have no doubt that integrating these oils into my life and my practice has helped to make that possible.

In my training in the Rosa Mystica Program, I feel that I claimed a piece of myself that was always there, yet hadn’t been properly honored and accepted for its raw and imperfect beauty. Through the process of keeping a particular temple oil- for me Blue Lotus- I have remembered so much of my unique essence and soul gifts. Now as a carrier of Blue Lotus medicine, I am in a more empowered relationship with my own story of what it takes to blossom from the muck.

It is with great heart that I endorse Diana’s teachings and oils, to all those willing and ready to receive them.”

“Rosa Mystica. I began a journey with Her long long ago, in lifetimes past, filled with hidden knowledge and secret rites. I found Her again in my childhood – that world of delighting in the magic of nature. I find Her now in the center point of my heart, where my soul has been waiting to unlock my true gifts. It seems Her call just gets louder, that softness of the Oneness I seek becoming a sharp yearning, a deep desire for filling a vacuous space inside. The scents arousing the memories, unlocking powers, linking me to my true self. I become more sensual, more in my body, more radiant, more whole.

Rosa Mystica is my teacher and my guide, reconnecting me with what’s been missing and what’s been hidden, replacing what was socio-surgically removed in an attempt to eliminate truth. But the truth is embedded in me, in us all, waiting to be re-activated by the alchemical catalysts of our planet. This is the secret garden. This is the fountain. This is the grail. I am deeply, profoundly changed by the power of the oils and this work in conjunction with the majestic presence and ecstatic guidance of Diana and Kalila. This program simply creates miracles. It is an incredible and transformative experience. Get ready to shed all that you no longer are, and step into who you are becoming.”

Entering this path will transform you in ways that are unknown; for when you enter the mystery, including the mystery of the sacred oils, everything in your life becomes clarified at an accelerated rate … for each activation, each step, and even each oil holds deep medicine, healing, and potential.

What You Will Receive

In year 1 of the mystery school you will receive a deep dive online initiation into:

  • The 12 sacred alchemical oils of the Emerald Temple
  • The one Temple Keeper oil
  • The special gift of the Rosa Mystica oil
  • The 12 gateways of the Magdalene
  • The 12 practices of sacred embodiment and dance.
  • A total of 36 LIVE temples throughout the year.
  • Deepening practices , beautiful handouts, and guidance on how to deepen with you one self anointing practice and build an intimate relationship with the oils.
  • Private FB temple
  • Sisterhood of the Rose Circles – an opportunity to be in a small intimate circle of other sisters who are walking this path. A place to connect, share and deepen on the path of the Magdalana.

In year 2 there will be 3 different in person retreats where you will be initiated into the hands on in person training in becoming a full scent anointing priestess.

In year 3 you can choose to return to assist our in person retreats and deepen in your path.

Our Gifts to you—$1,000 Value

  • Personal Temple Keeper Oil (this an oil that chooses you – it is an oracular medicine for your own soul initiation on this path) to become a temple keeper of an oil is to receive a powerful medicine that empowers and supports you in your initiatory journey as a scent anointing priestess.
  • Emerald Temple “Priestess Anointing Kit” includes 12 alchemical blends that are at the heart of the scent anointing practice. These oils are the amazing crown jewels of Moher Gaia – all hand curated and blended by Diana Dubrow. This an incredible opportunity to immerse yourself with these sublime alchemical blends.
  • 6 Faces of the Magdalene Deepening Bundle (Value $582) – access tools to support you to embody the Sophia Magdalena Consciousness that our world so deeply needs. Includes meditation, altar card and mini ebook on each face of the Magdalene.
  • Rosa Mystica Oil: an amazing blend that is called the “Queen of Queens” The alchemical formula for this holy chrism is a trinity of the rarest Rose oils; White Rose Otto, Pink rosa centafolia, and Bulgarian Red rosa damescena.

O, Magdalene:
Let me enter the 
One temple of everlasting light.
Let me fuel 
the heart of union,
the electric fire.

Remind me:
There is nothing to seek.
There is nothing to know.

As I
enter your holy
open the doors to my ecstatic essence 
so I may 
surrender to the sacred currents of
pulsing through my vessel.

I am the holy temple.
There is only belonging in my womb of knowing.
There is only explosion of acceptance.

Let me
lay my head across your vast sky,
as I penetrate your depth of heart.

You are the Beloved of My Beloved:
My Beloved, Your Beloved,

—Rebecca Cavender


While greater mysteries “belong” to all of us, they are not free:
They are priceless treasures and this particular training provides an accumulation
of over 70+ years of our personal training & experience.


Deposit $300 (this covers mailing of your oils to you)
12 x $320 starting January 1st.
or paid in full balance of $3,697.

Registrations are now closed.



We are committed to uplifting and amplifying our BIPOC and other marginalized sisters. Your voice, your ancestry, your divergence, your priestessing, matters.

This temple has been on an active journey of unpacking—un-learning—racism and colonization for the past few years and we continue this, humbly.

We know that the work of decolonization, of all types, includes addressing financial inequities caused, in part, by generations of racialized resource theft, racial bias in public policies, and reduced access to resources for disabled and other divergent bodies; so we’ve created a limited number of scholarships specifically for BIPOC and other marginalized women who could benefit from this; we’re overjoyed that you’re applying.

Some examples of systematically marginalized people:

BIPOC (Black, Indigenous People of color, including: Asian, Middle Eastern, Pacific Islander, multi-racial, Hispanic/Latinx and other non-white populations)
Disabled, physically/mentally challenged, neurodivergent
Immigrant, refugee, migrant
Low socioeconomic status

Scholarship registration is now closed.

A Note About the Temple’s Lineage:

This temple is founded upon and deeply rooted in the 13 Moon Mystery School—a Celtic/Avalonian lineage.

However, we recognize we are but one of many surviving priestess lineages from around the world.

We acknowledge the incredible, timely importance of priestess sisters coming together from diverse temple lineages.

We actively seek to weave together a plethora of voices—especially with our sisters of color.

As a temple, we further commit to recognizing and neutralizing the privileges provided by systemic racism, white supremacy, and institutional/cultural imperialism, while alchemizing the truth that we, too, are all One—without spiritual bypassing.

Scholarship registration is now closed.

What is the 3 Year Rosa Mystica Journey?

This is a 3 year Mystery School training to live as an embodied, ecstatic Magdalena Priestess. The training involves a ful online training in year 1. Years 2 +3 are online + live retreats. You can choose how many years you are called to complete in the Rosa Mystica Mystery School.

Year 1: Awakening & Unveiling the Inner Magdalene

Join Elayne Kalila and Diana for this year long journey which is centered on unfurling the Rosa Mystica with your being; it is a personal journey of alchemy, opening to the teachings of the Magdalene as an Ecstatic Priestess.
Receive the core Rosa Mystica teachings each one transmitting the teaching of a different face of the Magdalene. This first year of initiation and study is the preparation for the second years where you can choose to deepen into hands on anointing and full practice of anointing priestess.

Read about the detailed curriculum here.

Year 2: Scent Priestess Anointing Certificate Training

3 in-person retreats in Nevada City, California & 1 group activation call/month

During year 2, you will reclaim the holy art of anointing. Receive the direct experience of the true kiss of spirit on the body, awakening deep initiatory frequencies of the rosa mystica within you.

Your training will be with the beloved Diana DuBrow, Scent Priestess of the Emerald Temple. For over 30 years, Diana’s intuitive and visionary gifts have been used to initiate women into the ancient art of anointing.

Enter the mystery and receive in-depth teaching on the ancient art of anointing. Step into the Magdalene and Egyptian anointing traditions as you move through the nine gates of energy activation. Awaken your hands of light as you work with the high frequency holy oils of the Emerald Temple. The oils enter the bloodstream and become symphonies of love, singing us into “The land of the Awake.”

You will both give and receive a full body anointing activated by sound through tuning forks and gem stones placed in the hands. Your gifts will become unveiled as you discover how to work with your intuition and move energy blockages in the body. You will become a part of the Scent Priestess lineage of the Sisterhood of the Rose with honor and compassion.

The Second Gateway opens as we immerse ourselves in the Egyptian Temple anointing traditions and the 9 sacred oils of Egypt. We will invoke the presence of the Goddess Hathor and the anointing temple of Dendara where you were trained to become a Daughter of Isis. Our sacred practices include activating the physical body as the Ba, calling forth our Ka essence as the spiritual body and working with the Uraeus as the symbol of the Cobra signifying royalty and sovereignty as we awaken our crown chakra.

The Scent Priestesses of Egypt utilized a unique system of triads during their anointing rituals. You will become the holy anointer, the anointed one, and the Uraeus as the keeper of the crown chakra. The lemniscate, or the figure 8 is a form of energy that we will activate during this advanced anointing practice. This anointing is a rite of passage ceremony in the deepest sense of reunion with the divine. You will be guided as we work with energies of transformation and how to discharge and release energy from your body.

Scent Priestesses work with midwifing death and transforming grief by exploring the ancient death practices from the mystical temples of our ancestors. Experience the anointing techniques with the temple oils that help prepare us for our transition. You will learn how to create the coherent field of resonance needed to assist in all aspects of passage and transition.

In this gate you will have the opportunity to deepen with your own requests for your passage and learn the Maha Samadhi technique of training your awareness to release your fear of mortality.This is an opportunity to create your own sacred blend of holy oil to assist in your or others in their passage

The completion of this 2nd year and all evaluations prepare you to apply to become a Certified Scent Anointing Priestess.
(Please note that completion of all criteria is required, but does not guarantee that you will be awarded certification)

Year 3: Scent Priestess Guardian Mentorship

Be an assistant during our temples and be mentored so that you can become a Scent Anointing Priestess Guardian, holding the mysteries. transmission and mastery to awaken others in the art of scent anointing.

The completion of this 3rd year and all evaluations prepare you to apply to become a Certified Scent Anointing Priestess Guardian.

(Please note that completion of all criteria is required, but does not guarantee that you will be awarded certification)

You are my hands my eyes, my lips, my heart, in action.
Will you open to me?
Will you come sit upon the throne of your Essence
so that we may once again sit in rightful place in our hearts?
For in the end, that is all the matters…

Year 1 Temple Curriculum:
Unveiling the Faces of the Magdalene

I am your mother
I am you sister
I am your daughter
We have never been parted

All the threads are coming together of this lifetime, beloved

All the threads that you have been weaving
will reveal the tapestry of your heart,
fully opening the sweet beauty
of your Rosa Mystica

You will bloom my rose in every cell of your being
This is the way forward…


In this incredible year-long mystery school, you will be initiated into the transmission and remembrance of the Way of Embodied Love.

Together, we will immerse in awakening the sacred path of the Anointing Scent Priestess and create an intimate relationship with the many faces of the Magdalene.

When we walk this path, we return home to the safety of the temple of ecstasy that lives within our bodies, igniting the Shakti—the ecstatic nature of our true power—that, when embodied, is expressed through our radiance, raw beauty, sensuality, poetry, dance, and artistry.

This is also reclaimed through the sacred art of anointing.

During this year-long journey, you will receive:

  • 3 live temples per moon
    • Alchemical Oil of the Month—transmission, ritual + teaching with Diana DuBrow
    • Unveiling the Magdalene—Awakening the Feminine Christ transmission, ritual, embodiment practices + teaching with Elayne Kalila
    • Sha-Ma Temple Dance Alchemy—ritual, movement, mandala art and meditation with Jacquie Eva Rose
  • 12 alchemical essential oil blends from the Emerald Temple
  • A “Temple Keeper” oil—to journey and oracle with
  • Beautiful handouts + deepening practices
  • Sister Circle—to deepen into your anointing and Magdalene practices together
  • Opportunity to receive first invitations to any live retreats that we are able to offer (these are always limited to 22 women)


Live Transmissions, Rituals + Teachings

Each month, we will dive into ritual and transmission of one anointing oil that Diana DuBrow has created, over the course of 30+ years.

In total, we will be with 12 oils: the first 9 bring us through the 9 gateways of the body.

And the final 3—Release, Passage, and Peace oils—are the oils of the Transition Priestess, specifically created to aid in all kinds of transitions including, death, and dying.

Diana’s amazing alchemical blends bring together a complex and incredibly potent array of essential oils with depth and sophistication—activating, initiating, catalyzing, and guiding us as we travel through our sacred anointing practice.

Live Transmissions + Rituals

Each month, we will deepen with a specific face of the Magdalene, receiving embodied practices, meditations, and activations about the Way of Love.

This is about awakening the Feminine Christ within and experiencing a personal gnosis of what it means to walk as love, daily.

Live, Sha-Ma Alchemical Experiences

Enhance your devotional body practice each month a live, group circle with Jacquie Eva Rose.

You will be guided to practice anointing, share your experience of the sacred oils, deepen with your sisters, and practice alchemical dance.

You will use ritual, movement, mandala art, and meditation to tune-into each chakra in order to fully embody, cleanse, and awaken these powerful, energetic portals.

Year 1 Curriculum


Courage Oil—With Diana DuBrow

I call forth the Ruby Ray of Courage to transform and transmute negativity and fear into the highest vibration of love and acceptance.

Magdalene Feminine Christ—With Elayne Kalila

Enter the Temple of the VOID: The First Petal of the Magdalene Rose  – The Red Maven

Sha-Ma Temple Dance—With Jacquie Eva Rose Shenton

Base Chakra + The Red Rose

Rooted in Gaia


Intimacy Oil—With Diana DuBrow

I call forth the Orange Ray of Intimacy. Heal me of my fear of rejection and open me to receiving love and emotional fulfillment.


Magdalene Feminine Christ—With Elayne Kalila

Enter the Temple of the Yoni Womb: The Second Petal of the Magdalene Rose – The Ecstatic Alchemist


Sha-Ma Temple Dance—With Jacquie Eva Rose Shenton
Sacral Chakra + The Orange Rose

Rise of the Feminine Essence


Honor Oil—With Diana DuBrow

I call forth the Yellow Ray of Honor. Heal me of feelings of unworthiness. Awaken in me the strength and self-confidence to honor myself and hold my power.

Magdalene Feminine Christ—With Elayne Kalila

Enter the Temple of the Solar Plexus: The Third Petal of the Magdalene Rose – The Sovereign Queen

Sha-Ma Temple Dance—With Jacquie Eva Rose Shenton
Solar Plexus Chakra + The Yellow Rose

Warrior Priestess


Compassion Oil—With Diana DuBrow

I call forth the Emerald Ray of Compassion. Bring me into full acceptance of all that life has given me. I open my heart to you. I give you my pain and I give you my joy.

Magdalene Feminine Christ—With Elayne Kalila

Enter the Temple of the Heart: The Fourth Petal of the Magdalene Rose – The Rosa Mystica

Sha-Ma Temple Dance—With Jacquie Eva Rose Shenton
Heart Chakra + The Emerald Rose

Alchemical Marriage + Sacred Union


Truth Oil—With Diana DuBrow

I call forth the Turquoise Ray of Truth. Open my voice so that I may speak everything that is in my heart, fearless and free, creating honesty in all my relationships.

Magdalene Feminine Christ—With Elayne Kalila

Enter the Temple of the Throat: The Fifth Petal of the Magdalene Rose – The Sacred Orator

Sha-Ma Temple Dance—With Jacquie Eva Rose Shenton
Throat Chakra + The Turquoise Rose

The Expressed Ecstatic


Vision Oil—With Diana DuBrow

I call forth the Cobalt Blue Ray of Vision. Open me to the ways of intuition. Guide me on my visionary path. Be my companion, allowing deep insight and spiritual guidance to illuminate my life.

Magdalene Feminine Christ—With Elayne Kalila

Enter the Temple of Inner Sight: The Sixth Petal of the Magdalene Rose – The Oracle Seer

Sha-Ma Temple Dance—With Jacquie Eva Rose Shenton
3rd Eye Chakra + The Sapphire Rose

I Am the Visionary


Wisdom Oil—With Diana DuBrow

I call forth the Violet Ray of Wisdom. Guide me to my depths, revealing both my light and dark places. Connect me to my higher self and fill me with the knowing of what is right for me.

Magdalene Feminine Christ—With Elayne Kalila

Enter the Temple of the Crown: The Seventh Petal of the Magdalene Rose – The Holy Grail

Sha-Ma Temple Dance—With Jacquie Eva Rose Shenton
Crown Chakra + The Amethyst Rose

In Divine Essence


Prosperity Oil—With Diana DuBrow

I call forth prosperity into my life. Bathe me in the richness of abundance. Open me to clear insights and guide me in the direction that will bring prosperity, of all kinds, into my life.

Magdalene Feminine Christ—With Elayne Kalila

Enter the Temple of the Inner Moon: The High Priestess

Sha-Ma Temple Dance—With Jacquie Eva Rose Shenton
Avalon Remembered + The Fire Rose

The Swan Dance


Priestess Oil—With Diana DuBrow

I call forth the Sapphire Blue Ray of Priestess Light. Guide me to acknowledge the power and wisdom of the divine feminine. Activate my intention to be in service to love.

Magdalene Feminine Christ—With Elayne Kalila

Enter the Temple of the Inner Sun: The Melissae

Sha-Ma Temple Dance—With Jacquie Eva Rose Shenton
8th Chakra + The Pink Rose

Lakshmi Embodied


Release Oil—With Diana DuBrow

I open my heart and surrender my will to the divine will, removing all obstacles and fear that hold me in limitation and doubt.

Magdalene Feminine Christ—With Elayne Kalila

Enter the Temple of the Tomb: The Death Maiden

Sha-Ma Temple Dance—With Jacquie Eva Rose Shenton
Passage + The Gold Rose

Sacred Passage Guide + Rose Heart Closing


Peace Oil—With Diana DuBrow

I call forth and invoke the frequency of peace. As I breathe in, I feel a deep sense of tranquility and calm. As I breathe out and quiet my mind, I find freedom and harmony in the stillness.

Magdalene Feminine Christ—With Elayne Kalila

Enter the Temple Grace – The Transcendent Bloom: The Divine Sophia

Sha-Ma Temple Dance—With Jacquie Eva Rose Shenton
Peace + The White Rose

Sacred Passage Guide


Passage Oil—With Diana DuBrow

I stand at the gateway that signifies my soul’s journey and destiny through this rite of passage, knowing that I Am the Light that lives in the body and explodes into everything.

Magdalene Feminine Christ—With Elayne Kalila

Enter the Temple of Immortality: The Everlasting Bloom – The Pleroma

Sha-Ma Temple Dance—With Jacquie Eva Rose Shenton
Release + The Black Rose

Sacred Passage Guide

Be present.
You are coming in service to me.
You are already my emissary.
You are here to be that:

stay close to your heart
hold this for others as they enter the portal.
Open your heart.
Love them,
All of them.
Really love them.
Risk your own intimacy.

We don’t fall in love because we know how to love.

We fall in love to learn how to love.

During This Powerful, Year Long Journey You Will:

  • Be held in the Potent Sisterhood of the Rose
  • Enter into a deep and potent relationship with 12 holy oil alchemical blends.
  • Receive wisdom and guidance from many faces of the Magdalene as She lives within you.
  • Create a personal self blessing and anointing practice using essential oils on the body as prayer and blessing of light
  • Become the oracle and temple keeper of a sacred holy oil
  • Receive the medicine of being held in a deep alchemical space
  • Receive remembrances, activations and initiations.
  • Be initiated through an oral tradition into the many lineages of the Scent Priestess through out time
  • Activate your body as a sacred ecstatic chalice.
  • Awaken the lineage of the Grail Maidens.
  • Activate the Rosa Mystica Heart Center & our 6-petalled rose-heart
  • Enter Sacred Union of the Inner Beloved—meeting your inner Magdalene and Yeshua
  • Awaken your heart’s bridal chamber

You Will Receive:

  • 3 live temple offerings per moon
  • A total of 36 LIVE temples throughout the year.
  • 12 Holy oils + a Temple Keeper oil + beautiful silk carrying pouches (mailed to you before we start)
  • Gorgeous welcome packet & preparation guide
  • Activate the Rosa Mystica Heart Center & our 6-petalled rose-heart
  • Deepening practices, lushly designed beautiful handouts, and guidance on how to deepen with your own self anointing practice, and build an intimate relationship with the oils.
  • Private FB Temple
  • List of supplies & resources to enhance our sacred time
  • Spaciousness and time for meditation, reflection, heart-sharing, art, embodied practices, and journaling
  • Sisterhood of the Rose chakra activation—a guided meditation

Our Gift To You—$1,000 Value

Personal Temple Keeper Oil
(this an oil that chooses you – it is an oracular medicine for your own soul initiation on this path)

Emerald Temple “Priestess Anointing Kit”
includes 12 incredible blends that are at the heart of the scent anointing practice.


Deposit $300 (this covers mailing of your oils to you)
12 x $320 starting January 1st.
or paid in full balance of $3,697.

Registrations are now closed.

You, daughter of mine, are an alchemist.
The elixir is Love.
You, my daughter, are a vessel of brilliance—a vessel called
to be present to the most powerful and beautiful transmutation
inside your being, possible.

Leading You in the Rosa Mystica Mystery School

Elayne Kalila Doughty

Elayne Kalila is the Gatekeeper and Focalizer of the Priestess Presence Temple, a temple of over 70,000 sisters being called to remember the Essence of who they are while reawakening the path and vocation of the priestess in our modern day world.

She believes walking the Priestess Path is about integrating ancient Divine Feminine mysteries with modern life and commiting to spiritual practices that help you become fully present so one can serve from a place of love and purpose

There have been two distinct threads of initiation and training that Kalila has studied: The 13 Moon Mystery School (this path is available through the temple’s Enter the Mystery training) and the Path of Embodied Ecstasy (this teaching is available through the Rosa Mystica Mystery School).

Eight years ago, Elayne Kalila was deeply initiated in the work of Diana DuBrow into the ancient lineages of the Scent Priestess.

Through sacred anointing and a continued connection with essential oils, she experienced a profound remembrance with the Sisterhood of the Rose, The Magdalene, and the mystery path of Rosa Mystica.

This path has emerged as a central focus for Elayne Kalila and has been the impetus behind many of her sacred pilgrimages to Avalon, Southern France, and Egypt—all tracing the lineage of the Magdalene and the Scent Priestesses.

Throughout these journeys, she has been remembering and conceiving the teachings that make up the Rosa Mystica Mystery School.

Through the deep, alchemical collaboration that Diana and Elayne Kalila have experienced, they are now called to bring forth the Rosa Mystica Mystery School, which initiates and trains priestess who are called to embody the Way of Love as sacred anointiners.

Diana DuBrow,
Scent Priestess

Emerald Temple

Diana has offered her Priestess counsel, ceremony, and healing in retreats and trainings for over 40 years.

She is the founder of Scent Priestess, a sacred training that takes you into the heart, of the ancient art of anointing. Anointing is a 7000 year old practice of healing, awakening and consecration, passed from temple to temple, priestess to priestess. Using holy oils, and the laying on of hands, Scent Priestesses awakened the gateways of the body, and mind, to the healing life force of the divine. Scent Priestess are sacred passage guides, midwifing you from birth to death.

Diana has re-consecrated the Scent Priestess lineage of the sacred rose: Rosa Mystica. She has created the Emerald Temple anointing oils to empower modern day scent priestesses in their personal and professional work.

I have had the amazing pleasure and honor of receiving the bounty of her deep wisdom and gnosis with anointing; she has personally assisted me in some of my most challenging life transitions, including the miscarriage of my baby.
She has a fearless, compassionate heart with a rare and potent combination of divinity and humanity that takes your breath away.

Over the last few years Diana and I have been co-creating pilgrimages to the sacred isle of Avalon and it is from this holy work that we have been conceiving and are now offering the Rosa Mystica Mystery School.

Diana brings a rare and beautiful ancient priestess transmission as a potent oracle and masterful anointing priestess who has been walking the path of the Magdalene for aeons. It is an honor to have her with us as an esteemed elder and lineage holder of the sacred oils.

{More about Diana}

Jac Shenton

Jacquie Eva Rose Shenton is a Senior Priestess and dedicated sister of the Priestess Presence temple. She has spent the last 14 years growing, healing and developing herself in the field of Holistic Medicine with a broad understanding of Bodywork for trauma release, Reiki, Jungian Theory, Shamanic practices, Art & Dance as Therapy, Divine Feminine Embodiment practices, meditation and how the mind creates & constructs our reality.

Jacquie radiates Muse, Priestess and Alchemical Goddess energy and has a very big heart. She is a good listener and guide. A highly intuitive and creative awakening midwife who loves supporting women to step into and own their personal power.

Her strongest gifts are transforming poison into medicine, the ability to deep dive into the realms of unconsciousness to bring back the gems buried there, and holding space for others to do the same.

A lover of good soulful music, you will often also find her dancing around her kitchen whilst creating glorious food for her family or in nature with her beloved fur companions.

Connect with her at: www.harmoniousbeing.co.uk

We’d love to honor the Magdalene in you…

How delicious is your love, more delicious than wine! 
Your lips, my promised one 
Distill wild honey. 
Honey and milk 
Are under your tongue.
I eat my honey and my honeycomb I drink my wine and my milk I sleep but my
heart is awake I hear my beloved knocking. 
“Open to me, my love, My dove, my perfect one.”
On my bed at night I sought him, Whom my heart loves. 
My beloved thrust his hand 
Through the hole in the door; I trembled to the core of my being, 
Then I rose To open to my Beloved.
Myrrh ran off my hands Pure myrrh ran off my fingers And I opened to my Beloved.
— The Song of Solomon


The Priestess Presence LLC and The Emerald Temple is an initiatory process for spiritual training. This program is not designed to treat or diagnose any psychological disorders. If you have any mental health issues please consult with your medical practitioner before joining the program. It requires breaking through old patterns and ways of being – an initiatory process that can feel uncomfortable. Our work affects many levels (mental and emotional), is rigorous and not for those who suffer from mental disabilities, depression, have suicidal episodes or are presently in therapy.

Each initiate is responsible for their own actions and boundaries. The Priestess Presence LLC /The Emerald Temple and its founder, Diana Dubrow, and Focalizer Elayne Kalila Doughty, are not, and will not, be held liable for any assumed damage that is deemed to occur at any time. Initiates must accept that all knowledge is given in good faith. Initiates must understand that they are entering into training in a pioneer field and all such training is given in good faith to the highest known safety standards or perceived practices within this discipline.

Frequently Asked Questions


Your satisfaction with this course is our highest priority! AND we highly encourage you to enter into a deep meditation about whether you are called to this path at this time. If you don’t absolutely LOVE the Rosa Mystica Unveiling the Magdalene program with Elayne Kalila Doughty and Diana Dubrow or don’t feel that it meets your needs, please let us know BEFORE January 31, 2022 and you will receive a full refund of monies paid MINUS the $500 admin fee.


All temple sessions are offered on live stream video via your computer on an application called Zoom.  These sessions are recorded so that if you cannot attend live, you can access the recording anytime. During the live temple sessions you are able to raise your hand and be called to share live on video and also ask questions via the live chat.


This is a private Facebook group that is only for Rosa Mystica Mystery School members only. You will be able to meet and dialogue with your sisters all over the world. Elayne Kalila will be an active member of this group, so you can ask questions and garner her support in this forum as well.


Our usual class schedule will be: 2 Sundays per moon + 1 Friday a total of 3 LIVE sessions per moon.
There will be some weeks where we will shift this schedule to accommodate the times we have deepening practices. During those weeks, we will not meet live so that you can truly integrate your practices. We will have some breaks that are designated as “Alchemical Integration” time.
The program will run January – December 20, 2022 ( 12 Months)


Absolutely! You can download the recordings and transcripts of all temple sessions on the Rosa Mystica page on the Priestess Presence membership site, so you never need to worry about missing live calls. You can also engage the full sisterhood on the private online temple (on Facebook).


Please visit the Customer Support section on the homepage where you should be able to find help, whatever your question. And if you can’t, please submit an online request form and we’ll get right back to you. The email address again is: support@priestesspresence.com. We aim to respond to people within 48hrs but we don’t work weekends. If you do not get a response in that timeframe please resend your email.

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