What Elayne Kalila offers is distinctively different than what other programs offer, in that she is not trying to fill you with more information “about” the Divine Feminine, rather she is assisting you in emptying out and being a divine living embodiment! She is transmitting the mysteries as a direct energetic experience, metaphorically much the same way a young Balinese dancer learns temple dance by being held right next to the body of the elder dancer to FEEL the transmission in her bones. THAT is something that cannot be taught with the mind. One has to have emptied out enough to be an open channel for direct transmission to move through. Elayne Kalila has done that work in consciousness and you can FEEL the difference in its effects.

Another gift that Elayne Kalila has immense skill with is being a systems analyst. You might ask “What does that have to do with priestess/ing?” Actually a lot! She has the immense gift of being able to look at how to break down any given skill set, in this case: “The Temple Guide Training in the Art and Craft of Priestess/ing” into practical ways to train and embody those skills. This is possible because she holds a fine tuned balance in her inner male’s gift with creating clear structures and her inner female’s gift with offering feeling transmission for direct experience and embodiment of those skills.

If your heart is moved to do this work with Elayne Kalila, I can genuinely recommend it because I know you will find delight and with your commitment, the fulfillment your heart seeks.

Ariel Spilsbury

Elayne Kalila’s commitment to going the distance as a loving and powerful facilitator, who tells the truth with compassionate and precise skill and holds you to your highest, sets her apart as a teacher of teachers and a leader of leaders. Kalila was an instrumental part of my training to become a 13 Moon Mystery School Focalizer. She nurtured me with clear, consistent guidance and was fiercely devoted to my rising into my own self-trusting and sovereignty. The training I received from Kalila led to me confidently holding my own in person and online circles. She taught me, not only through her impeccable direct feedback but from witnessing her masterful skill at holding others through challenging moments and celebrating their strengths and essence beauty again and again. I trust her discernment and ability to navigate with grace and wisdom to guide others through complex energy dynamics that arise in groups and circles. I feel so blessed and gifted by her lionhearted presence as my teacher and sister on my path of personal empowerment. I am forever gifted by having witnessed her and learned from her what a living example of “embodied love in leadership” really looks like.

Sarah Eden Davis

Elayne Kalila has an amazing gift for creating sacred temple space. Whether in person or online, she’s able to create an incredible ambiance that drops everyone right into the heart of the sacred feminine and allows us all the access the divine together.

There’s actually quite a LOT of learning and “behind the scenes” planning that’s required to create a space that’s truly sacred. And Elayne Kalila is an incredible Guide who skilfully paves the path for others who want to create their own local temple circles.

If you are seeking to create a deep and soul-filled temple circle – instead of a more surface level “chatty” group that doesn’t drop to the depths that are possible – then you’ll want to learn from Elayne Kalila. She’s truly masterful at her craft, and she can show you how to enter the mysteries with grace and ease.

Devaa Haley Mitchell- Co-Founder of The Shift Network

When I first connected with Elayne online years ago, I knew I had met my mentor. She embodies everything I aspire to as a sacred feminine leader. Her work is so rich and relevant for our times, while also being steeped in ancient wisdom.

Every single thing her temple puts out — whether it’s a simple quiz, a free livestream ritual, her Rose Circle membership, or her other group programs — are of the highest quality.
I have learned and grown so much from her, well before I even began working with her 1:1 as part of Enter the Mystery. She is the real deal!!

The love you feel from her is genuine, and she is an incredible teacher and mentor for those looking to deepen their own sacred leadership, understand feminine archetypes, or simply explore the divine feminine in their creativity and lives.
I honestly cannot say enough good things about this amazing woman and what she has brought into my life.

Flora Ware

I have had some the most profound experiences my life through working with Elayne Kalila through being in temple circle, and learning how to guide temple circles myself. I have had deep potent experiences of my own healing from sitting in a temple circle where the focus is on the realm of the archetypal. Temple is the place where we can come to awaken and activate the most potent space for us to receive direct healing from the archetypal realm.

After working the last 5 years with Elayne Kalila I trust that I will get the exact medicine that i need from going into temple circle. Last time i was going to a retreat to deepen my own temple skills for holding the women that i serve we worked with the archetype of the Queen of Death. And through this archetypal temple circle work i started to face my profound fears and discomfort. And literally in the temple circle that weekend i found something tragic had happened to my mother- and she ended up dying a week later. And on top of that i also conceived at the same time! So when I say there is magic, synchronicity and absolute need to have these kind of temple circles for us to listen deeply into our own lives and then come to deeper alignment.

Working with you Elayne Kalila – I learnt how to open my psychic channel and see energetically, I learnt how to connect more intimately to not being isolated – to feel my connection to the bigger patterns of all life. And this has helped me to access deeper relationship to my mission and purpose which helps me to be clear in my business- and conversations with my own clients.

I have gone on to bring some of this work into my programs and into my circles- helping them to understand archetypes. These skills have served me in a personal capacity and also really supported me to create a deep and powerful successful healing and service based business both online and in person. Elayne Kalila is really my go person for deeply transformation temple circle work and always will be.

Jeannine Yoder

There are those rare individuals who truly walk their talk: Elayne Kalila not only does this with embodied grace, but equally with vigilant, tender consideration of the hearts of all who come within her community.

Being a part of an impeccable and profound container, especially now during these turbulent times, shall serve any who are called to walk the Priestess Path with the practical, grounded, and masterful guidance of one of the rare living priestesses of our time.

Dr. Saida Desilets Author of Desire & Advocate of Sexual Sovereignty

I am seconds off of guiding a circle for my Whole Women Membership and I held my first etheric temple online; the level of healing that happened in the past hour for the 700 women who are in my program was incredible. They were able to access such depth and truth and simplicity just by stepping in temple space.

I would not have been able to do what I did today without the incredible experience of being in temple, the training of how to create a temple, how to tune into the container, holding that sacred technology, and how powerful it is.

If you create the container, those who come to temple will experience their own transformation that has nothing to do with you; they feeling their own power to heal. I have come to understand who I am as a leader; to be clear on the path of leadership that I am walking in this lifetime.

Feeling that power and truth and having clarity about my path makes decision making easier. I am more clear about the kind of relationship I want to have with my work, my family, my husband, and with myself. It has affected all parts of my life.

I am in deep deep gratitude to Elayne Kalila for creating the space for me to learn and step into my power and I couldn’t imagine having a more loving, kind, vulnerable, powerful, initiator than Kalila. She is pure love and I am always so grateful to have her in my life. I cannot recommend deepening with her training enough. It is important for you and your work and the world.

Activating, catalyzing, real!
Elayne Kalila’s work has led me into a deeper level of leadership in my personal and professional life. One in which I move with more confidence, inner knowing, deep soul trust, and integrity—with all that I have to offer the world. You cannot hide from yourself in the presence of this work. If you’re ready to know yourself more fully and powerfully step forward, this is the path.

Julie Santiago

The beauty and richness of this offering helped me create a clearer framework for my creation of temple circles.

Michele Gagnier

Thank you for this work! So beautiful. I am blown away. I’ve just started my first circle and I’m excited to deepen into how to hold it – loved listening to the differences between temple and circle. My experiences have been a mix of the two which is fascinating and I always wondered about what the differences were. My heart is definitely in temple!

Jacquie Shenton

Kalila is a master Facilitator. Her alchemical processes are like nothing I’ve ever experienced.She pulls together extraordinary women.!

Tanya Lynn

After completing the Temple Guide Training, I feel really amazed and really powerful … I went from not being able to talk to anyone about this work with, to having a new moon temple every month, deepening with the archetypes. Now, I have ideas for paid programs … so I’m making plans to start expanding my market.

Robyn Youngjohn

One thing that I incredibly value, particularly through your guidance, is the integration of all the psychological, trauma awareness, group dynamics, and relational dynamics. This creates a refined attunement that it takes to really create a different experience, offering space for a different experience for a lot of women and people that have often been a place of wounding in relationships and in groups.

Dana Mariposa Schlick

The whole program has been monumentally impactful in my life, but I want to say that actually deepening into the nine core priestessing skills was a life changer. There was something about being held in a space where I could rewind, listen to that again, write a note about it. It was helpful for me to journal as I watched the videos. Then I was able to test some of my own limiting beliefs around my abilities around those skills—That was profound learning for me. I felt grounded learning and then directly applying the skills.

Elsa Dean Perez

Elayne walks her path with passion, integrity and a truly abundant heart.
Elayne Kalila Doughty is the walking, talking, breathing embodiment of what it means to be a modern-day priestess. Her decades of professional training, deep study, and commitment to women’s awakening is as obvious when you encounter her as her magnificent, red hair. Elayne walks her path with passionate integrity and a truly abundant heart.

Being a “priestess” isn’t some trendy new label to adopt; if you are a serious practitioner looking for mentoring on the authentic path of what it means to priestess, you would be well-served to lean-in here.

Lisa Schrader

There are beautiful moments in life when large shifts occur within profound and potent settings. These moments touch you deeply, and from that point onwards you feel yourself carrying what is a gift of yours to carry more fully in the world. These moments change you forever and pull you closer into yourself.

In every program and temple circle offered in her care, Elayne Kalila Doughty creates spaces of transformation and homecoming with such grace and beauty. She is the real deal, she is legit, and she is someone who holds a treasure chest of guidance regarding the art of mentorship. If you want to know what is possible for the one precious gift of your life, sitting with Elayne in temple circle is the next step.

Leigh Senna

Elayne Kalila is a wonderful mentor and Priestess guide – for the past 5 years, with her support and my involvement in the Priestess Temple, I have fully claimed my gifts and stepped out into the world as a priestess. Elayne Kalila has supported me to grow my own local Full Moon group— her temple guide training is a MUST for those who desire to lead and serve from an open heart and walk this path of love in their sacred work.

Jane Ashley

Sitting in circle with Elayne Kalila is an invitation to come home to your authentic self. The ease at which she holds a safe and transformational container unfolds naturally, as you feel the love, compassion and acceptance of all of who you are without judgement or ego. Her intuitive navigational skills create just what is being called for in the delicate balance of coming up against our edges in order for transformation to occur. My own journey through sitting in circle with Kalila has shown me what authentic presence looks like and how to create the kinds of Temple Circles required for the deep transformation under way at this time in our humanity. I have gratefully felt loved, valued and challenged!

Dianne Chalifour

Being in circle with Elayne Kalila is life-changing! She has the ability to be BOTH unconditionally loving AND a fierce advocate for soul evolution. She amazes me with her open-hearted presence. She delights me with her spontaneity and humor. She inspires me with her powerful stand for equality for all.

Since being in circle with her, my heart has expanded to include more love, more passion, and more possibility. I am forever grateful for her presence in my life, for her devotion to serve Love, and for the impact she has had on my life, my family and my sacred work in the world.

Aurora Farber

I have had the profound pleasure of sitting with Elayne Kalila in Temple many times, and each and every time has been a truly life changing experience. She exquisitely holds each sister with such love and gracefully guides the circle through discovery, remembrance, personal initiation, and deep alchemical transformation.

Through the Priestess Presence Temple Guide Training Program, Elayne Kalila generously, and with a joyful heart, shares what she has learned on her path as Priestess and Temple Gatekeeper with us so that we can fully embrace and step into our own calling with ease and confidence. The richness of the information she shares and the supportive container in which we are held while learning is priceless, and in my experience, a rare find.

The love and gratitude that I feel for Kalila and her open-heart-centered devotion to us as her sisters and her calling in the the world is beyond words.

Ari Haff
Gatekeeper, The Sapphire Temple

Soul sisters. Elayne Kalila Doughty is a true embodied leader of womanly genius.
This Ma walks her talk with ferocity, intelligence, and heart. Plus she’s got a wicked sense of humor. I bow deepest when I witness a leader like this one here–whose personal relationships reflect the living embodiment of what she teaches and holds sacred.
I am honored to sit in council with this one.

Mellissa Seaman

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