Elayne is the total package.

She is stunning in her grace, ease and flow. She glides onto the stage and immediately jumps into a deep soulful transparency that is beautiful. She deeply connects with all, touching everyone in the audience, making friends across all barriers, she has a natural relay ability to touch the room. Elayne is effortless in her ability to bring depth, connection, the hard questions and delightful playfulness all in one package. She has it all. Whether to a room of 40 or a room of 4,000, Elayne can touch and transform your audience.


NY Times Best Seller of “No Matter What”,
Featured Teacher in “The Secret”,
and World Renowned Speaker

Elayne walks her path with passion, integrity and a truly abundant heart.

Elayne Kalila Doughty is the walking, talking, breathing embodiment of what it means to be a modern-day priestesses. Her decades of professional training, deep study, and commitment to women’s awakening is as obvious when you encounter her as her magnificent, red hair. Elayne walks her path with passionate integrity and a truly abundant heart.

Being a “priestess” isn’t some trendy new label to adopt; if you are a serious practitioner looking for mentoring on the authentic path of what it means to priestess, you would be well-served to lean-in here.


Awakening Shakti

Soul sisters.  Elayne Kalila Doughty is a true embodied leader of womanly Genius.

This Ma walks her talk with ferocity, intelligence and heart. Plus she’s got a wicked sense of humor. I bow deepest when I witness a leader like this one here – whose personal relationships reflect the living embodiment of what she teaches and holds sacred.

I am honored to sit in council with this one.

Mellissa Seaman,


The Priestess Presence Path has opened my eyes and heart to a new way of living.

A way that I have always known existed but had forgotten. Kalia’s nurturing, intuitive, attentive wisdom elevates your heart and connection to heights you hadn’t imagined for yourself. The sisterhood and space she holds for sharing is priceless. This group has become my rock, my space of solace and a knowing where I belong. I am forever grateful for this woman and her gift to this planet.


There are those rare individuals who truly walk their talk: Elayne Kalila not only does this with embodied grace, but equally with vigilant, tender consideration of the hearts of all who come within her community.

Being a part of an impeccable and profound container, especially now during these turbulent times, shall serve any who are called to walk the Priestess Path with the practical, grounded, and masterful guidance of one of the rare living priestesses of our time.


Author of Desire & Advocate of Sexual Sovereignty

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