Elayne is a true alchemist, brilliant in her mental insights and skills which mix with a depth of presence which is all too rare in this world.

Through surrendering to her wisdom, I have found my way back to my own inner guidance, my own deeper wisdom.

Leela Somaya

“I was so moved by our temple circle such a deep allowance of Precious Presence into the Dark. I felt so comforted, so protected, so connected to Her and to all of my dear sisters. As I listened to you, Elayne Kalila Doughty, our beautiful keeper of the temple, I was so touched by your incredible strength, integrity, authenticity and vulnerability, that I was left wanting more. Wanting to reach out to each one of us and just sit for a while longer in that special, deep cocoon of darkness, that somehow felt illumined with a subtle, deep continuous low flame of Eternal Light that never, ever goes out.”

Marjorie Gustafon Shalita

You know .. I don’t do a whole lot of promoting for a whole lot of other people but this woman, Elayne Kalila Doughty is epic. And I mean it. She is the real deal. Her training has turned my life upside down, right side up, inside out and back in again. I am entrenched in her training and doing more and more every chance I get.

Dana Damara

“I signed up for the Priestess Presence Sister Circle because your circle reminded me of the love and support that was all around me. There have been some tough times to navigate occasionally and your circle has been deeply helpful and supportive in this way, for which I thank you very much. Thank you for this beautiful temple, it has helped me over the last few months to have the sacred centering influence of you and the sisters who contribute. It has been very beneficial for me to have spent this time with you and the community that you have created and to feel and be reminded of the nurturing love of the Great Mother. Thank you for all that you do, it has made a difference for me.”

Robyn Stewart

“Elayne is a safe and soft place to land. However, she will call you out on your B.S. – which is the role of a coach. She is a fine blend of love, strength, compassion, and a total stand for everything that you say you want to create in your life. She can hold the space like no other.”

Vasavi Kumar

“Thanks for creating this space where we can come together as women and celebrate each other. There is a change in the universe that I feel so deeply and I want to feel supported and heard both for myself and for every sister in here. For the last few weeks I have had this deep feeling of such love and I want to take this opportunity to say wherever we are in the world and whatever is going on in your life just know that we are all connected and be kind to yourself – it matters.”

Melanie Whittaker

“Our work together has been incredibly healing, powerful and truly transformational. For me, Elayne has been a gentle, loving and yet powerful guide who has supported me in overcoming many challenges stemming from childhood and into my adult life. The most beautiful part of our work together is it has allowed me to step into my full potential as a woman, a wife, a teacher and coach. And it has allowed me to share this wisdom and these benefits with my family and community.”

Tisha Lin

“Working with Elayne is to have someone stand in total love, without fear, to help call out your own courage and fierceness is quite profound. She is a wonderful midwife in this process of self-transformation, as she goes about the work fearlessly, unflinching and compassionately, with a knowing that it can be done!”

Erin Rasmussen, Executive Producer, Owner Reframing Media

“Through this process, my life is completely transformed in every way. I have a real inner confidence now in who I am and why I’m here and what I’m here to do. I moved through all the shame I’ve been holding over the years of actually not wanting to fully show up; and something much brighter and lighter and more sparkling has shown up. Every area of my life has been impacted.”

Melanie Eclare

“When I joined this temple, I was always searching for a feeling of belonging. My parents are no longer alive and I have no siblings. So this feeling of ‘home’ was quite elusive. Through this temple, I created deep lifelong connections. I feel known, seen and held in a way that exceeds anything I have ever experienced. Having this level of unconditional support opened me to my dream in life to be a fashion designer, and my choice to move forward with it. Thank you for this incredible journey!”

Rana Satori Stewart

“In the nearly two years that we’ve worked together – both one-on-one and through the Priestess Mysterium – Kalila has midwifed me home to my heart on deeper levels than I ever knew possible.

Our work together has been one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever given myself, and it’s a gift that keeps giving, through the women I serve; I’m a more aligned leader, a more present and grounded coach, and a more peaceful and joyful woman.

Through our work, I’ve found access to greater comfort with my emotional range, and thereby more able to hold space for my clients and friends in their emotions. I could go on and on, but in truth, the impact has been immeasurable. If you’re curious about this work, trust your heart and jump.”

Nisha Moodley,

“When she introduced me to the world of the goddess, a whole new way of being and experiencing my life opened up for me.

When I moved to San Francisco from NYC, I was completely lost. My business was stagnant. My relationship wasn’t flowing. I felt insecure and lonely. Kalila was the light that helped me to climb out of that hole and create an amazing life, marriage and relationship with myself.

When she introduced me to the world of the goddess, a whole new way of being and experiencing my life opened up for me. For the first time, my spiritual practice felt complete. I have cleared so many obstacles, reached so much clarity and have had the coolest psychic experiences since being in this work.

Kalila is equal parts wise and witty, loving and blunt. Truly, the perfect guide to journey through our inner world.”

Sarah Jenks,

“My work with Kalila over the past four years has been crucial in my development as a human being, as a business owner and as a leader.

I often tell Kalila that I don’t know where I’d be without this work. It is crucial to my mission on this earth and if you have a calling to change the world, you cannot be without this precious work.

Through my work with Kalila, I’ve really learned what it means to be an authentic, aligned, humble, servant leader. I have stepped into my role as Priestess and seer while staying grounded. I have learned to embody compassion for myself and others, and I have truly come to understand what it means when I say ‘I am you and you are me’.

When I first started with Kalila, I was feeling called to hold large space for a lot of people and was afraid it would deplete me, leave me with a wobbly ego or be too difficult.

I am now able to approach the most difficult situations in my leadership without getting triggered, instead offering up deep humility, service and unconditional love.

If you’re here to change the world, this is the work you should be doing.”

Lisa Fabrega,

“I started working with Kalila because I desire to be of service in this world in a bigger way. I want to be a woman who can handle the hearts, emotions and fears of mass quantities of people, to be able to make an abundant income in my business while living a life that feels at peace, in flow, and in alignment with my unique offering to the world. I want to feel my feet upon the ground with a sense of my own power and a clear vision of what is best for the greater good in selflessness.

Learning to embody the Priestess Path has offered me the rituals, insights, conversations and sisterhood I need to experience my full potential in this life. It’s a fun and beautiful way for me to heal and release the wounds and patterns that innately hold me back with conscious choice.

Kalila is a beauty and genius to work with and her delivery is nothing less than a sparkly golden light that beams from her heart to yours to the goddess. And so your Path is the one less traveled but, with Kalila and this goddesshood, you are never alone.”

Jeannine Yoder,

“My love for the goddess has grown to infinite depths, my trust in my own journey has grown, and my commitment to the priestess path has been solidified. Infinitely (bold the infinitely!!!) grateful for this work.

I met Kalila last year and I knew that at some point I was meant to work with her. I trusted when the time was right, it would happen. Flash forward about 6 months, and I learned of the Priestess Mysterium and knew immediately: the time is right. Now. After studying mythology, archetypes, ritual and the Mysteries in a formal academic capacity since I was 17, and goddess work for the past 10 years, I was excited to dive deep into a more experiential and sacred container of work.

The Mysterium lived up to every dream I’ve had of going to deeper levels of the experience with these themes and rituals.

Through this work, I have found a deeper respect, enjoyment and community of other women on the same path. Words can not express how powerful my work Kalila has been, especially within the Mysterium container.”

Jen Blackstock,

“Elayne is a divine vessel for the goddess. She allows, supports and unwraps the authenticity in each member of her community. This temple is a portal to evolving our femininity and balancing our masculinity. This creates harmony within leading to harmony in our world. A must for any being desiring to uplift the feminine to bring the feminine in balance with the masculine.”

Irene Carr

“The Priestess Presence Path has opened my eyes and heart to a new way of living. A way that I have always known existed but had forgotten. Kalia’s nurturing, intuitive, attentive wisdom elevates your heart and connection to heights you hadn’t imagined for yourself. The sisterhood and space she holds for sharing is priceless. This group has become my rock, my space of solace and a knowing where I belong. I am forever grateful for this woman and her gift to this planet.”

Dana Damara

“I had such an amazing, eye-opening and healing experience in the temple I joined, which was Kali-Ma. The experience has been unfolding with me, and my life is changing in rapid ways. So I have to say thank you for introducing that much needed energy in my life. I also was changed by the temple just by seeing you show up, and as you say, have the courage to be present. Watching you in temple blew me away. You have so much courage to show up and offer what you are here to do in this world. You are not a follower in this life, but a pioneer, a creator of new things.”

Melissa Field

“Thank you Elayne Kalila Doughty for the beautiful container and being the beacon, reaching out to each of us today with a personal message, I felt your call, and am so grateful. Your presence warms and awakens my heart and gives my soul space to settle, and this collective medicine is so powerful – so much love back to you.”

Krista Kujat