What Sisters Say About the Path

As 2020 draws to a close, it is any goddess’s guess how it will end.  The rise of the CoVID 19 virus and the potential fall of the patriarchy have made 2020 the most tumultuous of times that I’ve currently experienced in this lifetime.  And through it all there has been the Enter the Mystery sisterhood.  The womxn of this special collection of people have huddled together and provided shelter for one another in a way that is truly rare. 

When George Floyd was murdered and the ills of systemic racism finally made its way into the hearts and minds of the collective, the womxn of ETM stood tall, confronted themselves and one another as only the Priestess can do and then we got to work to do what we came to do—be the living embodiment of the Divine Feminine in a way that honors all of Her aspects. 

The Sacred Agreements require us to alchemize the dross, the mundane elements of the human experience and and to allow and trust the process to do its magic.  My own experience in the cauldron has burned away nearly all the remaining residue of fear and inauthenticity.   I trust my sisters, because I’ve learned to trust myself more. 

I feel safer in the world, not because the world has changed, but because I have changed.   These are but a few of the amazing side effects of the medicine ETM brings to your world.

 If you believe, as I do, that we were each truly born for times such as these, then it is an easy distance to also believing that part of the work you have been called into doing includes being a part of a community that serves the highest good of everyone connected to you.   Investing in myself (financially & energetically) to be a part of ETM is one the best investments I made in 2020.  

Kimberly .A. Firewalker

Being in ETM has transformed so much in my life, both inside and out! ETM has brought me into intimate friendships with other powerful women, shifting my belief that I wasn’t “good at” friendships with women. This powerful program has developed my intuitive knowing and my trust in that knowing. It has brought me into awareness of and reverence for my feminine energy after a lifetime of living in my masculine in order to be “successful” in a male-dominated career. These internal transformations have resulted in more freedom, more love, and more personal power to create the life I am meant to live.

Jennifer H.

Within minutes of watching my first ever video with Elayne, I knew I had found my spiritual mentor. After a few years in the Artful Priestess offering (now Essence Circle), I was ready for the deeper dive of Enter the Mystery. I’m soon to be entering my third year in ETM, and the journey gets richer and more magical. Each moon with the archetypes I learn, heal, and grow. It’s truly an honour to be a part of an active Priestess sisterhood like this.

Flora Ware

 The very first time I stumbled upon Priestess Presence and heard Elayne Doughty speak about what it means to walk the priestess path, goosebumps ran up and down both my arms and I had a visceral feeling that shook my body from the inside out. I have to say that I have never before noticed or experienced anything like this feeling. I knew at that moment that I had to follow that part of me that lit up and said Yes! Yes! Yes! I recognized the part of my essence that was yearning to be revealed and treasured. Choosing to walk the priestess path through Enter the Mystery has helped me to alchemize the old parts of me that no longer serve, and to transform them into my own liberation and soul purpose.

Diane White

It is with great joy and great heart that I enter into my 5th year as an elder in the 13 Moon Mystery School; tho’ I consider myself forever young, I am, we are, eternal, after all.

What holds me to the practices and vast amount of Spirit wisdom that I receive and share every month for a year, is the community, the SisterHood of us.

There is not one sister in the deeper community that I do not trust to hold me in Love No Matter What.

I feel heard, held, witnessed, and reminded of my ‘Enoughness’, my wonderfulness, my challenges, and that I/we are here to hold Love in all its tenderness and fierceness.

In these times of great shifts, to know that I am in a community of women that hold radiance in the shadows, and hold that devotion with heartfelt clarity and love, well, I am all in.

Jeanne Adwani

I signed up for ETM in the fall of 2016 as a part of my ongoing professional development as a spiritual life coach. What transpired went far beyond my expectations! Besides getting a comprehensive training in the sacred arts, I gained a sisterhood and community that embraced me while I walked through one of the darkest periods of my life. This Temple was a lifeline that kept me moving forward into a full recovery.

Doing this work is life changing and allows the Divine Feminine presence to flourish in all aspects of my life.

Lettie Sullivan

Through this Priestess Presence Path – the temple, the sisterhood, and Elayne Kalila’s beautiful, bad-ass spiritual mentorship – I have re-membered who and what I have always been. For the first time in my 55 years I feel real and unwavering connection to Her, to my body, to the sacred alchemical mysteries – wombyn’s mysteries of re-member-ance and fierce love. I have learned that when you walk as love, your hands and womb are love creating; your mouth is love speaking truth; your hips are love, built for intoxication and built as well for holding worlds and babies. Your heart is the chalice which creates it all, radiates it all. This path is not for the faint of heart. But it is for the beautiful and the brave. And when you take your first steps upon this path, sister, you’ll realize that you are that. You are radiant, beautiful and brave and always have been.

Juanita Cheng

When I joined temple I was interested in two things: deepening my understanding of what it means to walk in love and how to work more intimately with alchemy. If you’re interested in creating a new story in your life, to alchemize fear into love, if you’re ready to choose to be conscious, to walk in love towards more expansive wisdom and growth, if you’re ready to see that everything you experience is an initiation, then you have found your home with Elayne Kalila.

My biggest transformation has been to really see my repeating patterns – not only to see them but to feel into why they keep coming up. Elayne has provided so many tools to work my own magic. I love how she draws out of me my power, my answers, my inner knowing. I feel I have arrived, that I am home in temple.

It is a feeling that’s hard to describe; if any of my words ring true to you then just jump in. I couldn’t really afford the financial commitment but looking back now, this truly is the best money I have ever spent and I would do it again a million times. My beliefs, patterns and habits have been turned on their head, and that is exactly what I needed. Thank you, Elayne!

Aimee Hanson

“I started working with Kalila because I desire to be of service in this world in a bigger way. I want to be a woman who can handle the hearts, emotions and fears of mass quantities of people, to be able to make an abundant income in my business while living a life that feels at peace, in flow, and in alignment with my unique offering to the world. I want to feel my feet upon the ground with a sense of my own power and a clear vision of what is best for the greater good in selflessness.

Learning to embody the Priestess Path has offered me the rituals, insights, conversations and sisterhood I need to experience my full potential in this life. It’s a fun and beautiful way for me to heal and release the wounds and patterns that innately hold me back with conscious choice.

Kalila is a beauty and genius to work with and her delivery is nothing less than a sparkly golden light that beams from her heart to yours to the goddess. And so your Path is the one less traveled but, with Kalila and this goddesshood, you are never alone.”

Jeannine Yoder, www.jeannineyoder.com

“My love for the goddess has grown to infinite depths, my trust in my own journey has grown, and my commitment to the priestess path has been solidified. Infinitely (bold the infinitely!!!) grateful for this work.

I met Kalila last year and I knew that at some point I was meant to work with her. I trusted when the time was right, it would happen. Flash forward about 6 months, and I learned of the Priestess Mysterium and knew immediately: the time is right. Now. After studying mythology, archetypes, ritual and the Mysteries in a formal academic capacity since I was 17, and goddess work for the past 10 years, I was excited to dive deep into a more experiential and sacred container of work.

The Mysterium lived up to every dream I’ve had of going to deeper levels of the experience with these themes and rituals.

Through this work, I have found a deeper respect, enjoyment and community of other women on the same path. Words can not express how powerful my work Kalila has been, especially within the Mysterium container.”

Jen Blackstock, www.unbridledlife.com

“Walking the path of the Priestess under the sacred guidance of Elayne Kalila has been one of the most profound awakenings of my life.

The moment I began this work, there was a sense of coming home to something I’ve always known.

Entering into Entering the Temple, I stripped away in a matter of days patterns and beliefs I’d tried shaking for years. I was given the tools to tackle everything, not just on the surface, but on higher planes. I feel incredible power behind the work I do. I am more divinely held and connected than ever. Every step I take closer to love is not just for me; it’s for the planet.”

Ginny Muir

“Before I started this program, I really wanted to step into my leadership and my power. I felt a huge calling in my heart that I could not ignore. I knew had to do something MORE with my life – which was not really working the way I was living it. Through this program, I was able to become the woman I always knew I was born to be. Things started very quickly falling into place in my life. For example, I lovingly ended a relationship that was no longer serving me. My new job became completely solid, and now I am the Vice President, managing a million-dollar business (which is still amazing to me!). I am part of an amazing new community of sisters, and the list goes on…

My life has taken a complete 180-degree turn for the better. And I know that I could not have done it without Elayne’s support. She is a truly amazing facilitator! The connections and relationships that I’ve made with the other women in the program are priceless. The learning, growth and development that I’ve experienced are more than priceless. What I’ve seen happen with other women in the program is nothing short of a miracle. I absolutely recommend this program! What are you waiting for? Just do it!”

Kim Carpenter, VP of Operations & Head Marketing Trainer

“When she introduced me to the world of the goddess, a whole new way of being and experiencing my life opened up for me.

When I moved to San Francisco from NYC, I was completely lost.
My business was stagnant. My relationship wasn’t flowing.
I felt insecure and lonely. Kalila was the light that helped me to climb out of that hole and create an amazing life, marriage and relationship with myself.

When she introduced me to the world of the goddess, a whole new way of being and experiencing my life opened up for me. For the first time, my spiritual practice felt complete.I have cleared so many obstacles, reached so much clarity and have had the coolest psychic experiences since being in this work.

Kalila is equal parts wise and witty, loving and blunt. Truly, the perfect guide to journey through our inner world.”


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